Obama: Yes for Predator drones in Libya


Obama: Yes for Predator drones in Libya.

According to the Washington Times "terrorism scholars think Osama bin Laden" is "likeliest to be" in “mountainous regions” of Pakistan. This dubious speculation is part of the false "justification" for drone attacks on Pakistan.

Now President Barack Obama has sanctioned Defense Secretary Robert Gates to authorize the use Predator drones in Libya.

It is a fact that the drone operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan are headed and controlled by the CIA. An important and less reported aspect of these drone attacks is that the CIA relies on the private military/mercenary company Blackwater/Xe for its drone operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The act of using drone attacks in the "humanitarian" war in Libya is an admission by the US Administration that it is subservient to the goals of the CIA and the private mercenary company Blackwater/Xe.

The United States government, led by the CIA has attacked northwest Pakistan using drones since 2004. Estimated killed in these CIA unmanned drone attacks is between 1,435 and 2,283 as of March 17, 2011.

According to a report by Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC) more than 2000 persons have been killed by CIA unmanned drone attacks and most of those deaths are of innocent civilians. CMC showed that 2010 was the deadliest year ever of causalities resulting from drone attacks, with 134 strikes inflicting over 900 deaths.

How is it possible that President Barack Obama could condone the use of drones in Libya with the doublethink excuse of "precision capability"?

Libya: US to deploy armed drones - 22 April 2011

The BBC reports.....

Armed US Predator drones are to carry out missions over Libya, Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said.

Mr Gates said their use had been authorised by President Barack Obama and would give "precision capability" to the military operation.


Pakistan: US drone raid 'kills 25' in N Waziristan - 22 April 2011

The BBC reports.....

At least 25 people have been killed in a US drone strike in the troubled Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, officials told the BBC.

Missiles were fired on a large compound in the town of Spinwam, but five women and four children in a nearby house were also killed.


U.S. still has options for drones if denied use of Pakistani bases - 20 April 2011

The Washington Times reports.....

U.S. military forces will still be able to target al Qaeda terrorists in mountainous Southwest Asia with remotely piloted drones based in Afghanistan should Pakistan’s government deny the use of its territory to launch attacks.

Col. Dean Bushey, deputy director of the Army’s Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence, told an international-relations conference Wednesday that U.S. Reaper and Predator aircraft could still reach the “mountainous regions” of Pakistan without being based in that country.

In a subsequent interview with The Washington Times, he elaborated that “mountainous regions” referred to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, effectively a no man’s land and the place terrorism scholars think Osama bin Laden is likeliest to be.


Afghanistan: Drone missile 'killed two US soldiers'

The BBC reports....

A drone missile strike is suspected of killing two US soldiers by mistake in southern Afghanistan last week, US military officials have said.

US drones frequently target suspected militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Pakistan warns US 'to restrict CIA activities'

The BBC reports.....

Pakistan has asked the US to reduce the number of CIA agents in the country and to limit drone strikes along the Afghan border, US media reports say.


C.I.A. Said to Use Outsiders to Put Bombs on Drones


Note: Court documents made public reveal that Blackwater/Xe has violated US federal law 288 times. Blackwater/Xe has been shown to obstruct federal investigations into their activities, making numerous false statements to federal authorities including the State Department. In Iraq, the company diverted weapons intended for the U.S. military to the company's own private contracts.

On September 16, 2007, Blackwater contractors shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square, Baghdad. US military reports indicate that the US contractors opened fire without provocation and used excessive force. Videotape also shows the Blackwater contractors opening fire against civilians without provocation. The Blackwater employees responsible for the shootings never received sentences for their actions and were granted immunity by the Bush administration's Justice Department.

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is dead. Has been for years. Can't they think up a new boogie-man? Well Barack Obama is just like Bush. Just another NWO puppet. War and murder means nothing to him. He should spend the rest of his life behind bars. So should Bush. What a bunch of punks.

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Civil war

War is always a deplorable thing. However, I think it was (most probably Western-supported) rebels who started it, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't see what would have suddenly changed Gaddafi into a crazy mass murderer.

Before the current war, Libya certainly was one of the most advanced countries in Africa. It had, for example, the lowest child mortality rate, the longest life expectancy, and the lowest incarceration rate in Africa. The last-mentioned was considerably lower than that of the USA and many European countries, by the way.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that Libya was singled out for the attack because Gaddafi had gradually nationalized its oil production. After all, the major schism began during the Reagan administration, when there was an attempt to frame Libya for the La Belle disco bombing (after Reagan had first bombed Libya in retaliation without presenting any evidence) and later for the Lockerbie attack (the person who provided the crucial piece of evidence now having confessed in an affidavit that he had stolen the evidence from his employer after the attack).

incorrect information!

In your comment, there are some incorrect information, I would like to address:

you say indirectly, that the rebels should have started the war.
That is incorrect. Quote Noam Chomsky:
"When a non-violent uprising began, Qaddafi crushed it violently, and a rebellion broke out that liberated Benghazi, (...)"
Here you can see a video, how soldiers are shooting at demonstrators:
... and Gaddafis violence was of course also not just an "answer" to violent rebels:
"International Criminal Court Says Gadhafi Planned to Kill Civilians"

you say "and the lowest incarceration rate in Africa."
First of all: How do you know that from a country, which belongs to the 10 most censored countries in the world? http://www.cpj.org/censored/censored_06.html
My answer is a quote from the jref-forum:
"Interesting way of trivialising opression and murder, really. Between 10 and 20 percent of Libyan work force is employed in state security. Public executions are common and broadcast on TV. Libya has consistently ranked as the worst violator of human rights in Africa. In 1996, Libyan state extrajurdicaly executed some 1270 inmates, which kind of puts your "low incarceration rate" in perspective, I suppose ..."
the jref-debunker is correct:
see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Salim_prison
Freedom House's 'Worst of the worst' list of human rights

you portrait Gaddafi as a man, who was opposed to the west!
That is incorrect. He had good business-oil connection with Italy, he was meeting Obama, Sarkozy ... , and we were selling him weapons of course:
"The United States was in the business of supplying weapons to Gaddafi up until the moment it got into the business of supplying weapons to his opponents. In 2009, Britain, France and other European states sold Libya over $470m-worth of weapons."

Depleted uranium?

And will these drones use depleted uranium weapons?

Children and future generations will suffer.



Depleted Uranium missiles used in Libya? YES

Depleted Uranium missiles used in Libya?

It is interesting to note that the official excuse for the use of Depleted Uranium missiles is for tank busting. The US claims it "is not aware Depleted Uranium is being used in Libya" yet on the 7th April 2011, NATO attacked rebel forces in a friendly fire incident and their target? Tanks.

The BBC reported that a Nato commander excused the incident because "the alliance had not been aware the rebels had tanks." 

On Friday, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: "We have seen in the past that tanks have been used by the Gaddafi regime to attack civilians. This is also the reason why our aircraft target military equipment that could be used to attack civilians, but I can assure you that we do our utmost to avoid civilian casualties."

So what armaments were used to bust these tanks?

Libya: RAF Tornados destroy seven Libyan tanks

The BBC reports....

RAF Tornados have destroyed seven tanks in Libya as air strikes there continue, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said. The jets hit two tanks in Ajdabiyah and five in Misratah on Friday. A spokesman said the Tornado GR4 planes used Brimstone missiles and Paveway IV bombs.


Investigation into Depleted Uranium use in these missile systems is needed. Raytheon's Paveway IV is a new-generation dual mode GPS/INS and laser guided bomb for use by military aircraft. Brimstone missiles are made by MBDA. In 2008, MBDA recorded a turnover of €2.7 bn, produced over 3,000 missiles and achieved an order book of €11.9 bn. MBDA works with over 90 armed forces worldwide.

Libya: Nato 'regrets' loss of life from Ajdabiya strike

The BBC reports....

Nato has said it "strongly regrets the loss of life" after a "friendly fire" attack on rebel tanks in eastern Libya which left at least four dead.


Libya: Dirty Bombs? Depleted Uranium: U.S. & UK's Dirty Tactics on RT

The US claims it "is not aware Depleted Uranium is being used". Christoph Hoerstel says "US and UK use Uranium weapons constantly. It is unfortunately their dirty habit. Libya will be no exception."


'We'll see depleted uranium missiles thrown by Western aircraft on Libya' says Marco Gasic on RT

Balkans expert Marko Gasic predicts Libya will become a new Iraq. The mission has now become compromised, he says, and should be stopped as soon as possible.


Depleted Uranium: A Strange Way To Protect Libyan Civilians by David Wilson of Stop the War Coalition

In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads. 

In the first 24 hours of the attack by the US and its allies £100 million worth of ordnance was used on Libya. No doubt much of it destroyed armaments and military installations sold to Libya by the very same countries now doing the bombing. The European Union's arms control report said member states issued licences in 2009 for the sale of £293.2 million worth of weapons and weapons systems to Libya. Britain issued arms firms licences for the sale of £21.7 million worth of weaponry to Libya and were also paid by Colonel Gadaffi to send the SAS to train his 32nd Brigade.


Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja

The Guardian has reported....

Iraqi former battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities by Martin Chulov in Falluja Friday 13 November 200


Silent Killer: NATO denies depleted uranium bombs blasted in Libya


'Depleted uranium's toxic legacy to poison Libya for 40 years'


Marine's confession: depleted uranium affected my family


Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War


Destroy a village in order to save it...

To those that say this is a 'humanitarian' war to 'prevent a bloodbath' by an evil dictator - I really think one has to exercise more critical thinking here.

War launched to prevent a hypothetical future bloodbath - helps facilitate a present-day bloodbath. There's a failure of rationality and logic there, somewhere. ..

Gaddafi's a bad guy (though his countrymen were well off with free education and health care) - but what about the other bad guys - the Prez of Bahrain, Yemen and the Saudi elite - all handsomely supported by the US?

Humanitarian war 'to protect civilians' - with US, UK and French politicians roundly denying there would ever be 'boots on the ground' - has morphed into a Predator Drone war with - you guessed it - boots on the ground.

Drones (run by CIA and privatised mercenaries) have killed 2000 people in Afghanistan-Pakistan so far - a high percentage being innocent civilians, women, teenagers and children.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner owns this war - deeply ironic.

The world at large is getting a bad headache from all the hypocrisy, Orwellian doublespeak and cognitive dissonance.

Never has the graffiti held such truth: "If you are not outraged, you haven't been paying attention."

Today's 'hero'.....tomorrow's enemy

How the insanity just keeps rolling along in this f*cked up country we live in.

On Friday, Senator John McCain became the highest ranking American political figure to meet with the Libyan rebels. But while his declaration that "they are my heroes" doubtless was well received in by the anti-Qaddafi fighters in Benghazi, McCain's track record should give Americans good reason for concern. After all, this is the same John McCain who called Ahmed Chalabi a "patriot," offered cash and support to the Nicaraguan Contras, defended Oliver North and casually declared, "we're all Georgians now."



are making this insane stuff.

Our brothers and sisters kiss their children goodbye every morning, go to work at their fancy offices and factories, make hardware and software to kill brown people half a globe away. Then they come home, kiss their children hello, make their dinner, sit in front of the TOOB for a couple hours and sleep.

Why they continue this charade year after year, I'll never understand. They do not choose to make the connection that their sustenance comes at an unacceptably high price for many others. They do not give the others the same consideration they expect for themselves.


US Predator drones first strikes "near" Misrata

In less than 24 hours after MSM news reports stated Obama had agreed to use of Armed US Predator drones in Libya, the first strikes have begun "near" Misrata according to the BBC.

Ten paragraphs down in the BBC report "Libya: US confirms first Predator strike" is an admission that "Predators have previously been used in Libya only for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions".

The BBC also states the Predator drones are "precise", which is clearly untrue.

The BBC correspondent adds "It is certainly a further attempt to protect civilians who are under attack from Libyan government forces."

The MSM reports claiming "Misurata, '10,000 killed'", a story emanating from Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, is now being contradicted by this BBC report stating "Human rights groups say more than 1,000 people have died there".

How a figure of 10,000 deaths could be substantiated while conflict and chaos are escalating is impossible to say but the MSM repeated publicity of such a rounded and unsubstantiated figure is unjustified.

The BBC ends the "article" with a regurgitation of the misinformation and fabrication so prevalent in MSM reports;

"The popular revolt against Col Gaddafi - inspired by similar uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia - began in February and a UN mandate later sanctioned air strikes against Libyan state forces to protect civilians. Nato took full command of the mission on 31 March, and since then more than 3,000 sorties have been flown."

Libya: US confirms first Predator strike


Libya: '10,000 people killed since February'


UN workers get 'safe passage' to Misurata, '10,000 killed'