'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6', secret cables claim

'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6', secret cables claim

The BBC reports.....

An alleged al-Qaeda militant suspected of bombing a luxury hotel and two churches in Pakistan in 2002 was an informer for MI6, it has been claimed.

Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili was detained at Guantanamo Bay between 2003 and last year when he was sent back to his native Algeria by President Obama.

Wikileaks released the files of 759 Guantanamo detainees at the weekend.

They included unverified claims that al-Qaeda had hidden a nuclear weapon in Europe for detonation should Osama Bin laden be captured and attempts by al-Qaeda to recruit workers at London's Heathrow Airport.


addtl. confirmation US and allies infiltrated Al Qaeda pre 9/11

From the doc:

6. (S//NF) Evaluation of Detainee’s Account: Detainee has a long history of involvement
with Islamic extremists and extremist groups. Detainee has admitted to his affiliation with key
terrorist groups including the GIA and HIG, traveling to Afghanistan to participate in combat
(initially against the Soviets), training at terrorist camps, and of being involved with the Taliban
Foreign Ministry and Intelligence Ministry. Detainee has provided a good deal of consistent
information regarding his activities for earlier periods of his life, but has omitted key details of
his pre-arrest history. The significant gaps during key parts of detainee’s timeline make it
difficult to fully assess his threat and intelligence value. Detainee has provided little information
about his activities between November 2001 and his capture in Pakistan in June 2003. Upon his
transfer to US authorities, the CIA, after numerous custodial interviews with detainee, found
detainee to have withheld important information from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service
(CSIS) and British Secret Intelligence Service (BSIS) (for whom he served as a HUMINT
source), and to be a threat to US and allied personnel in Afghanistan and Pakistan.15

Analyst Note: According to OGA reporting, in December 2000 detainee was recruited as HUMINT source for the
CSIS and the BSIS because of his connections to members of various al-Qaida linked terrorist groups that operated
in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Detainee was a HUMINT source until his capture by Pakistani authorities in June
20003. The reporting noted detainee withheld important information during his service as a HUMINT source (see
001452 FM 40 OGA CAP DOCS).
Source: http://wikileaks.ch/gitmo/pdf/ag/pk9ag-001452dp.pdf

This is one example; how many others were there? How far back does the infiltration go? More info:

U.S. and Allied Intelligence Services Had Penetrated The Very Highest Levels of Al Qaeda Prior to 9/11

Nafeez Ahmed - "Ties With Terror: The Continuity of Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period"