9/11 Explosive Eyewitness Testimony

I've been collecting videos of eyewitness testimony online for many months and I figured the best way to present them all would be to create a compilation of footage instead of keeping them all separated. Here you have firefighters, citizens, and news reporters all telling you about explosions. Some witnesses explain that they felt an explosion before the plane even hit the building. Others report explosions in the basement, and the lobby. News reporters report that they've been hearing explosions all day, and one reporter Pat Dawson, spoke with the Chief of Safety for the NY Fire Dept. who said that he thought there were bombs planted in the buildings.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in 9/11.


There's some very good material here, including some stuff I've never seen before. Thanks for the hard work. It is important that we collect every bit of this material and save it.

Poweful; riveting --

Someone might do well to post this on Eric Bolling's Facebook page. I would but I've been blocked.

These evidence can be

These evidence can be collaborated with the many written pages of eyewitness testimony of hearing explosions compiled by Graeme MacQueen.
Thank you for your hard work.


all independently testified that they heard explosions, that the floor moved under them, that they saw walls and ceilings collapse.

Phillip Morrelli testified that he was on B-4 and felt the floor below him move, that he was knocked down by some force. William Rodriguez , on B-1, testified that he felt the floor below him pushed him upwards, that he heard an explosion from below.

People in the basements cannot be subjected to forces coming from 95 floors distant. The basements had very few elevator shafts, so the idea that jet fuel raced down and chose to exit at a particular floor makes absolutely no sense. The elevators had door safety locks that would not release the doors unless the car was within 18 inches of the landing. Something not associated with jet impacts happened well below ground.

I believe there is evidence of explosions buried in the mountains of data collected by various agencies after 9/11. It is only a matter of finding it.

Thank you for this compilation.

I agree but what about the

I agree but what about the idea of the cables of the elevators themselves breaking (which did happen) and then the elevator plummeting to the ground and then causing the explosion in the basement? I would like to rule that out if at all possible.

Some of these explosions could be explained by gas lines, cars exploding, or elevators falling, etc. But I believe a majority of the footage here shows that these folks experienced bombs in the building.


do not explain what Morrelli and Rodriguez experienced.

Fact: There were no gas lines in the Towers. (There were a few gas-fired kitchens in the outbuildings) Even if there were, gas doesn't spontaneously explode, certainly not from activity 100 floors away. You have to have a correct mixture of gas to oxygen for combustion.

There were scant few elevator shafts that went into the impact zone from the basement levels,. Perhaps no more than one freight elevator. A very, very thin chance. Consider that the elevator cars would be at varying locations up and down the shafts providing an obstacle for fuel/air mixture to travel. Consider that any fuel mixing with air is going to fill the closest space first, such as the impact floors, an acre in size, Consider that the mixture would travel up as well as down any opened shafts and that when the jet opened the exterior walls a suction was created drawing air UP the shaft. Giant fireballs erupted on the impact floors immediately. Fireballs going down 900 feet of elevator shafts and opening locked outer doors is pure Hollywood.

Elevators have emergency brakes on them, so even if cables were severed it would stop. There is a report that freight car 50 experienced safety braking. Arturo Griffith was aboard car 50 when it dropped 16 or so floors and stopped below the B1 landing.

As for cars, how would a car explode from activity 100 floors away?

The witnesses are our best window into what happened in the basement. What happened there was a separate incident from the plane. Rodriguez confirmed this when he stated unequivocally that the under explosion was several seconds before the upper one.


Thanks for watching guys. I really need to normalize the audio on this one. I may reupload a new video later with this fixed. Stay tuned for my next compilation of footage of explosions in/around the Pentagon.

The 'gas explosions'

The 'gas explosions' explanation has been used by debunkers to explain (some of the) numerous explosions witnessed in the Twin Towers. I did read a couple of years back that the stringent NYC fire codes prohibited gas service in the Twin Towers (and other high rise buildings). I shall check on this because if true, its useful ammunition against this argument.

Apparently, those explosions

Apparently, those explosions weren't because of gas. Here's Rudy telling everybody at a press conference on 9/11 that they shut off the gas lines to the complex as a precaution.

Nice Job

After watching this video it is obvious that there were bombs everywhere. Probably nano-thermate like Steven Jones suggests. It's come to a point that it is so obviously an inside-job that it isn't even funny. Some guy in a cave sure never planted them.

Follow up interviews..

Are there any follow up interviews with some of the officials reporting devices such as Chief Albert Turi (sp?). At the 8:40 mark MSNBC reporter Rick Sanchez says police say they found suspicious devices, do we know what police sources he was quoting?

outstanding video, a great resource.


Question about YouTube

How did you get a 27 minute video on YouTube? I thought the limit was 10 or 15.

My limit used to be 15 but a

My limit used to be 15 but a few weeks ago YouTube opened up my account to upload videos of any length. I'm guessing that certain users that post videos often they will do this for.

There was a post by ae911truth endorsing this that

has now been removed from the news page (?) but is on AE911Truth's home page.

Thank you so much for this. As others have noted, this puts to rest the lie that "no explosions" were heard, or that they were merely the towers collapsing. Amazing what can be erased from public memory by repetition, denial and suppression of evidence in a controlled media environment.

Not sure if this has been raised before, but a word uttered by the firefighter at 4:26 was edited out -- I'm assuming in the source clip. Does the video author know anything about this, and where did the clip come from? Thanks.

Yeah, not sure why the News

Yeah, not sure why the News page was removed, but thank you for watching and commenting on this!

The audio is slightly off for the firefighter interviewed at 4:26 in the video. He mouths the word "explosion" at 4:26 and then you hear the word spoken a second or two later, so it looks like it's been edited, but I think the audio was just off.

Right you are. Thanks. There

Right you are. Thanks.

There was another edit where he starts talking about the freight elevator being "...blown. It was just a giant--...." and his sentence doesn't complete. I don't know if that was you or the source clip. Not a criticism, because I know edits are to keep the relevant details; it just made that segment look like some parts were missing.

Yeah, that might have been

Yeah, that might have been edited, but if it was it was in the source clip that I used, not from my doing.

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Not sure if you've seen this... it only seems to have appeared in the last two weeks.


Wow, great clip!!!

Wow, great clip!!! Thanks!

I'm still collecting more eyewitness footage, I might collect enough newer footage to release a Part 2 of this video.

IranContraScumDid911 is an invaluable source for footage on YouTube. Although, I think he thinks the planes were faked somehow... *sigh*

Another one

This one could be interesting, if just for a single comment:


0:43 - 0:53: Doctors from New York University Downtown Hospital talking about casualties coming in, and right at 0:53, before he gets edited off, Dr. Lincoln Cleveland says "...things just stopped coming in, that had anything to do with the blast..."

Googling "NYU Downtown hospital WTC casualties" I came across this link:

Anthony P Azar - A Report from the forgotten Hospital at Ground Zero:


Next thing there was a low rumbling noise and a second explosion, followed by more chaos....

It had dealt well with the first WTC explosion in 1993, but two WTC explosions, in separate towers and two airliner crashes almost simultaneously? Everyone there was shaken, and jumpy.
How many casualties did we treat in those first few hours? 100-200-300, it’s a blur, and little was captured on paper. Patients had to be moved in and out as quickly and safely as possible. When faced with such an avalanche of causalities no serious attempts to register patients and generate charts can be made. Information was collected as patients were discharged.
No mention of our hospital. All the news was from other institutions. What is wrong here?.... Absolutely no mention of our situation.

Hadn't seen this one yet

From Luke Rudkowski.

Corroboration for the 20th - 30th level explosions report (0:45) may be found in FDNY oral histories - one from M. Yarembinsky.

Another collection

Some may have seen this page already, but there is a lot here. The sixth video down a witness describes hearing a third explosion "much lower down":


I was also looking at the 9/11 video retrospective from the Howard Stern show (scary invective issuing from these folks as it was happening live) and noticed they referenced two or three media reports of a third explosion that "brought down the tower". One report had it that the third explosion was actually a "fourth plane" that hit WTC 2 lower down, and that's what brought the building down. For those who haven't watched it, the video is at least an interesting record of events and live citizen reporting as it was happening.

Approx. times for those reports were 49:30, 50:27 and 1:01:42:


Some new footage I hadn't seen...

e.g., some lobby shots ~ 02:59... and others. Not sure who the 'CIA insider' is - ?

It's a shame

It's a shame that they chose to follow up powerful footage in support of controlled demolition with speculative plane-swapping (and, by implication, no-passenger) scenarios toward the end, then close by asserting, without any evidence offered, that 9/11 was the work of 'the Illuminati.' Way to keep the video's appeal as narrow as possible.

re: It's a shame.

For the record, I didn't get that far in the video. :o

I've just been posting footage I find that corroborates the evidence and testimonies of explosions. For my own knowledge and In case someone wanted to make a comprehensive and lengthy documentation of all available evidence and testimony of such.