Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda

The Indepedent, 31 March 2011


Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda


Propaganda alert

compiled by Cem Ertür

29 April 2011


Out of Syria’s darkness come tales of terror

Witnesses who fled across the Lebanon border tell Robert Fisk what they saw.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 29 April 2011


Could Assad’s regime be on the road to civil war?

If the dead soldiers are victims of revenge killings, the opposition is prepared to use force.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 27 April 2011


Shifting blame to Lebanon may be the method in Assad’s madness

Many Arabs were appalled that Mr Obama would apparently try to make cheap propaganda over the tragedy

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 25 April 2011


Every concession makes the President more vulnerable

Every dictator knows that, when he starts making concessions, he is at his most vulnerable.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 23 April 2011


But what if the spirit of rebellion spread to Iran?

A new paperback thumped out of my mail package from London this week.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 23 April 2011


Can Assad do what it takes to cleanse his regime?

There are those in Syria who say it is over, there is nothing the President can do.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 20 April 2011


The Arab awakening

It began not in Tunisia this year, but in Lebanon in 2005.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 15 April 2011


Assad: The Arab Spring stops here

While Syria’s protesters demand freedom, the President has a stark message for his people.

by Robert Fisk, The Independent, 31 March 2011

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