Meet Richard Gage, AIA, of on Paltalk

Bloggers Tune in!!
To AE911Truth!!
Meet Richard Gage, AIA of Face 2 Face.
Along with David Chandler, Physics teacher ,
Sunday June 5th at 3 pm (pst)/6 (est)
Come to the 911Truth Movement room in paltalk for a live video chat.
This will be a fascinating 2 hour question and answer session.  There will be something for everyone, new comers and old timers. This will be fascinating for all 911 truth activists.
The 911 Truth Movement chat room can really use your support to spread the word in this arena.
Simply click here

For better results, you can download the Paltalk Client (Paltalk Scene) at the URL below, then type into the search field "The 911 Truth Movement". (Recommended) here

Please join us on not only the first Sunday of each month, but anytime 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
Thank you,  and we’ll see you there
"The 911 Truth Movement" Paltalk live chat team


THIS JUST IN: Atlanta Progressive News

This just in: Atlanta Progressive News Examines the Evidence of the 9/11 Truth Forensic Science. Please click on & comment.

This article is actually quite a breakthrough in terms of getting traditional 'alternative' press to take up the fraud-exposing physics of the Forensic Science 9/11 Truth Movement.

It has taken this editorial staff over 7 months of rigorous review of the basic physics research before they were comfortable releasing this story. In spite of a few misquoted technical errors this article presents a rare in-depth examination and intellectual curiosity in the science that has been urgently needed from the traditional 'Peace & Justice' sector. (Thanks Mikie S.)


Good link, RL. Kudos to Gloria Tatum and Atlanta Progressive News.

Thank you

for making this available for people to interact directly with the experts.

A little fine tuning might be in order for those of us without microphones or too shy to speak in public. Perhaps a text hand up that the guest can read aloud.

Overall, very impressive.

This room belongs to you too ....

Well, with Paltalk there is no "text hand up" so to speak.... however, our room admins are pretty good at paying attention to text questions, and comments. The problem isn't often encountered that people's questions aren't seen in text, the problem is that Richard Gage doesn't read the text, it just flows by too fast for him. That's why we're here, and you.... if you so choose to be.
Don't be shy, SPEAK LOUDLY. We need people to speak up, let your voices be heard. I think that's one thing that is holding back the 9/11 Truth Movement, too many people are waiting for someone else to speak for them. If more people spoke up, we could find solutions much more easily.

Great questions tonight, kawika


About 67 people there. That was the peak. Held at about 60 for the two hours. Awesome discussion.

When we first started with

When we first started with Richard Gage as our guest speaker, we had well over 100 people in the room. Unfortunately, we find ourselves preaching to the choir much of the time, as you know since you've been with us for a while now, Orangutan. We're still searching for way's to bring people in from outside Paltalk, and hopefully host some live chat debates.

Might I suggest

looking at the admins who run that chat room first? That is one of the ways to get more people to come.

I chatted there for a short time last year and was invited to be an admin. But all I saw in my short time there was admins attacking other admins, admins attacking and calling names to other guests in the room that didn't agree with their views. So, I quickly disassociated myself from that scene.

I started my own 9/11 chat room on Paltalk for a couple weeks just to gauge interest, and I literally had dozens of people from the aforementioned chat room come into my room and express their disappointment with how things were being handled in the aforementioned chat room.

It literally looked like JREFers attacking truthers, but it was the truthers attacking the guests.

And it wasn't all of the admins. It was only a few of them. A few bad apples that ruin it for those that would like to enjoy being there. Needless to say, since I'm in school, I didn't have time to run that room. Especially after seeing the astronomical prices Paltalk wanted for their chat rooms.

Then there were those admin(s) who were catering to the no-plane/CGI/tv fakery and "pod" disinformation.

I personally will never associate myself with anyone who attacks others because of disagreements in beliefs, nor will I associate myself with anyone that believes in deliberate disinformation. And both were going on there at the time I started hanging there. Most of us are far more professional than that.

I can't speak for how things are being run right at this very moment, but about 4-6 months ago, it was horrid.

If you want more people to come, I'd suggest starting with management of that chat room first. It needs (needed) a little more professionalism. Secondly, I would look for a different venue than Paltalk because Paltalk is just horrid in and of itself. I would suggest Stickam.

On a side note, don't get me wrong: Some of the admins there are very knowledgeable and courteous. But the ones that aren't make an unpleasant atmosphere and distracts others from joining in the conversation or staying in the chat room.


I see where you're coming from, I have been in the room since October 2010. But from my experience, 80-90% of the time the admins are keeping things in check, making sure everyone stays on topic and that disinformation is not being spread.

Some of the claims in your post ASTONISH ME considering I have NEVER seen admins CATERING to no-planers, CGI, or pods!

There are a couple admins that are more aggressive than others, but the only one that ever was an issue has been taken care of. Even then, nothing of which you have stated has been happening to such an extreme extent that you've made it out to be. I've been coming to the paltalk 9/11 room daily since October, and I would almost have to say that MOST of what you're saying is false... but maybe you were in there in a time when things were different...?

If I were to personally rate the room, I would give it an 8.5/10 at minimum. They keep the topic on FACTS and PHYSICS only. They are very careful to keep things in line and root out the discrediting/disinfo-ers. The only real issue is that few admins come across as rude at times..which is very rare....but other than that, it's a great place...I'm sorry your experience was what you said it to be.

Hello Again Bonez

Let me explain this for anyone reading your reply. A voice activated chat room based upon 9/11 Truth is a fluid, living thing. It is something where accuracy is key, but opinions are welcomed. Live chat is something that offers clarification as the discussion continues. Therefore, the way a live voice chat discussion is conducted, is not the same as what you may find on a blog, or internet forum thread.
That being said, since you took time out of your day to suggest 911 bloggers not come to our Live Voice Chat room, lets set the record straight. You joined us for less than one week, over 6 months ago. You accepted our invitation to become a room admin, because we welcomed your help. Then, you didn't like the way a conversation about "Pods" underneath jet airliners was being discussed, and you chose to give up your admit status, in disgust. Apparently, you forget that debates can often go one way, or another depending on what is being discussed.

You said above...
"Then there were those admin(s) who were catering to the no-plane/CGI/tv fakery and "pod" disinformation."

Our room does not cater to any such "no plane/CGI/tv fakery" theory. Nor do we stick to "pod" evidence as a talking point at all. There are much stronger evidence available to bring about a new 911 investigation.

--- We do NOT do junk science ---

As for the no plane theory, consider this video...
--2nd Plane Impact - South Tower motion detection --

But, lets get to the point here, shall we?
This isn't the first time you've attempted this kind of CIT style attack on our room on Paltalk.
Consider the comments you made after our room owner, Bel_Fla took it upon himself to post on in an attempt to bring people in to listen to Richard Gage for the first time ---
Chat debates tend to get heated, that's expected. But, in the thread I posted above, you suggest that somehow our room being a "Green (Premium) Room" is somehow being funded by nefarious means? The answer to this is a simple one. One of our admins, as a businessman himself, took the initiative to contact a Paltalk Admin, and offer a deal that if we bring in more people to Paltalk with the 911 Truth Movement, Paltalk in turn would have the opportunity to make money from the new arrivals, in that they may choose to pay for a "colored nicname", allowing them to see webcams, with higher quality. Had you asked us, you would have gotten that explanation.

Then, maybe you could explain your removal as a forum moderator at the Pilots for 911 Truth Forum by Rob ---

Or, why you chose to delete your work after being removed as a mod from the same forum for not being "more objective on debate" ---

Thank you for your ad hominem attempt to discredit a move to bring credible people, and sources into the realm of Live, Real Time Chat. None of us claim to be experts, but we all are concerned world citizens, and we could use all the help we can get.

However, if you would like to discuss this openly, transparently, and publicly, feel free to join us anytime.

--- Rage

Thanks for your response.

I'm not going to turn this into an argument or debate, but I have to respond to a few of your points.

You said:
"you took time out of your day to suggest 911 bloggers not come to our Live Voice Chat room"

I'm trying to decide whether you are being intentionally dishonest here, or didn't fully read and comprehend my post above. Nowhere did I make any inferences of the sort.

You said:
"Then, you didn't like the way a conversation about "Pods" underneath jet airliners was being discussed, and you chose to give up your admit status, in disgust."

I'm surprised you could remember why I left, considering I don't recall telling anyone I was leaving. Suffice it to say, I was attacked for attempting to debunk the "pod" disinformation, but that's not why I left. I left because a couple admins were attacking guests like JREFers attack truthers. When I talked to a few other admins in private about it, they said it happens frequently and that other admins turn a blind eye to it.

That was it for me. I don't associate myself with people who would disrespect others over a difference of opinion. And I most certainly wasn't about to associate myself with any admins of a 9/11 Truth Movement chat room that would talk to guests like JREFers talk to or about truthers. Those asking questions or seeking answers deserve to be treated better than that, and most people I know in the 9/11 Truth Movement have more professionalism and respect for others than that.

That's why I left. Because I didn't want to be associated with that. Not because I got called a little name for debunking "pods".

You said:
"This isn't the first time you've attempted this kind of CIT style attack on our room"

There was no attacking in my post above. I offered polite suggestions. Nothing more, nothing less.

And while we're on the subject of attacks:

You said:
"Then, maybe you could explain your removal as a forum moderator at the Pilots for 911 Truth Forum by Rob"

I don't see what relevance this has with the topic at hand, other than your attempt at character assassination, and/or attempt to damage my credibility. And why do you think I need to explain what happened years ago somewhere else that's totally irrelevant to this topic?

Suffice it to say, I was demoted after I suspended one of Rob's precious pilots. The pilot was warned numerous times to follow the rules of the forums by not only myself, but others as well. He was given far more warnings than anyone else because he was one of Rob's pilot members. But the pilot continued and I suspended his posting privileges. He went crying to Rob, Rob demoted me. Rob needs all the pilots he can get, so it's understandable when standing in his shoes.

And that brings us to:

You said:
"Or, why you chose to delete your work after being removed as a mod from the same forum for not being "more objective on debate" ---"

That was Rob's public excuse for my demotion. Do you think he was going to publicly state that I was demoted for suspending one of his pilots? Hell no. Rob had to post something that made him look like the good guy.

There were other things on top of why I decided to remove my work, but mostly because I felt stabbed in the back for Rob choosing one of his pilots over someone who had been a moderator under his administration for 2 years prior.

But it was my work to take with me. It's not like it was all that important anymore anyway because CNN did a story based off of that work, and a book was (being) written.

I then asked another admin to delete my account, and I never looked back.

All still totally irrelevant to this topic.

You said:
"Thank you for your ad hominem attempt to discredit a move to bring credible people, and sources into the realm of Live, Real Time Chat."

There was no attacking or attempting to discredit anything in my post above. You said the numbers were down, I gave suggestions as to why they could be down. I even gave a compliment in my post.

Seems to me like the truth hurts more than anything. That, and it would appear that a little constructive criticism can't be handled very well either.

Paltalk is not the most ideal place to have live chat sessions. There are far better places on the internet that can accomplish what you're trying to do, for far cheaper and with more people and better results. To be blunt: Paltalk blows.

You can take my posts here on 9/11 Blogger as attacks, or you can take some constructive criticism. What you guys are doing is a great thing (see, another compliment), but it can be done better. And that's only if you take the time to recognize what needs to be done better, and then take action to implement it.

I may have had a bad experience, came at the wrong time, whatever. Management could be much better now. But that is only one of the many reasons why you're not getting the amount of people you're looking for. And I, personally, would bet any amount of money that Paltalk is the #1 reason why.

PalTalk: The 911 Truth Movement Room

People should check it out for themselves and see what they think. Real time chat can offer things that other media outlets can't, and along with that it also presents some challenges as well. It's not for everyone. I recommend trying it out though if you want to connect in real time with other people interested discussing the truth about 9/11.

Also the event with Richard went really well in my opinion. I haven't noticed any of the problems that you are talking about. But we are all fully aware of the numerous problems we face in dealing with the Truth about 9/11. So go in there with that knowledge and you should be fine. Peace.

PalTalk: The 9/11 Truth Movement Room