Buried at Sea?????

Are you kidding me? They buried him at sea? The most important enemy of our times and they don't bring the body back to the forensic pathologists at Walter Reed?
What a joke.

And no Americans killed? A gunfight so bad that they were unable to bring in alive the man with more information about the terrorizing network of al Qaeda than anyone alive, but nobody on our side was killed?

This is sort of funny.

Independent Verification Now Impossible

Without independent verification, there will be many who won't accept this official account. IMO, the destruction of evidence is a big red flag and is reason to suspect duplicity, given the US Government's track record.

Claims of necessary quick burial false

According to The Guardian, "Senior US officials initially told news agencies that [bin Laden's] body would be disposed of in accordance with Islamic tradition, which involves ritual washing, shrouding and burial within 24 hours."

However, The Guardian continued: "The 24-hour rule has not always been applied by the US in the past. For example, the bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein – sons of the Iraqi dictator – were held for 11 days before being released for burial." Additionally, "Burial at sea is rare in Islam, though several Muslim websites say it is permitted in certain circumstances."

Full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/02/bin-laden-body-buried-sea

I asked a Palestinian and

I asked a Palestinian and Jordinain about this today.

They both acknowledged the 24 hour range for burial, however the part about going to sea was not familiar to them. These are Muslims but not Islamic Historians to be sure.

One brought up the point of "bodies always go to families." I thought that was interesting because Bin Laden has plenty of brothers, sisters and children.


- There are reports that the hit team was ordered to kill, not capture, him.
- There are reports that his complex has burned.

So there is even less evidence!

A captured OBL would have been a treasure trove of info, if you believe the OCT. So will Americans be wondering why he wasn't captured?

We should all be watching the story of OBL's downfall, to see how the media and politicians will be spinning it. So far it looks like they are generating more fear through stories of a possible reprisal, and the time may be ripe for another false flag event.