Canada Election Truth Action Report and Summary

Its election day, and we have reached a satisfactory end to what was likely Canada's biggest and longest running Truth Action. On March 26, 2011 at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Harper announced an election on May 2nd, 2011. As we know, this year mark's the 10th anniversary of the 911 Terrorist Attacks. 911 Truth Activists from across Canada came together to form a national campaign and make this an election issue.

This report summarizes the results.

We formed a new coalition of 911 truth groups as well as individual supporters. The plan was to create a united voting block which would only support the candidates we chose. This was based on statements and commitments we asked them to make if elected. We made this as simple as possible for them, and it came down to asking candidates to read the 911 petition in parliament. One of the benefits of all the activism on 911 in Canada is that we knew where we could find groups to work on this. Within days we had people organizing to contact candidates in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax as well as small towns such as Wawa, Ontario. We already had our latest 911 Petition to parliament under way - (now with hundreds of signatures), so this already had momentum when the election started. We were able to take advantage of this once we started contacting candidates. At this point, I would like to remark on the simple but effective methods used by the Civil Information Activist group in Edmonton (great name by the way). They used video, blogging, were patient, factual and listened to what all the candidates had to say (without interrupting). The results were a remarkable set of candidate comments, quotes, video and follow ups - all regarding the issue of 911 truth in Canada.

Here are my top three picks:
First Place:
"The right to read a petition to parliament is a fundamental right of all Canadians when it pertains to security and future decisions and commitments of Canadian resources and personnel."Chris Porter and the Canadian Action Party. The Canadian Action Party officially has supporting 911 Truth as part of their party platform. They are running 12 candidates in this election, and I am told that they plan to run candidates in all ridings (308) for the next one. This comment is right in line with our goal with the petition. We know we have an ally with the Canadian Action Party and they have a part of their platform that is sure to resonate with a lot of Canadians.

Second Place:
“If elected, I agree to read the Canadian 911 Truth coalition’s petition in the parliament of Canada. This petition requests a review of the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report. When Canadians organize petitions like this, it is our duty as a member of parliament to bring these matters to the attention of parliament. Like many Canadians, I support improved transparency in government and would like to thank these petitioners for their work in protecting democracy and a free and open society for Canadians everywhere.” Jen Hunter, Green Party - Ottawa Center. I met Jen along with her entourage while she was on the campaign trail. She looked at the evidence that I had sent her and was very interested. She understood the relevance to issues like transparency in Government, security, rights and the war in Afghanistan. Hers was the first commitment we received from a candidate to read the petition in parliament. This showed real leadership in my view, we need more Canadian politicians like Jen Hunter. I hope she does well today in Ottawa center.

Third Place:
You Tube Video - Lewis Cardinal, NDP Candidate, Edmonton Center: For sure, this was the best handling (and fearless I might add) of the questions asked by Richard Brinkman regarding 911. Lewis took the opportunity to put the issue of the 911 terrorist attacks in the context of what the current Canadian government is doing (purchasing F35 fighter jets and the war in Afghanistan). He didn't shy away from being on camera and he has now received the evidence. As we know, just at the moment the NDP are within just a few percentage points of the ruling Conservative party - so this is quite a break through with an important party,

There were a lot of other contacts with candidates, and it was hard to pick just the top three to highlight. This brings me to the new Truth Map:

I will explain the methodology here.
Like many countries, Canada has a large grass roots 911 truth movement. Our goal with this Truth Action was to connect this voting base with candidates in the election. The purpose is to create political power by letting voters know who they should vote for if they want to see progress with topics like getting a new 911 investigation started. With the Truth Map, voters can quickly see which party or candidate should get their support based on statements they have made. This works because we have 911 Truth activists across the country who will do the hard work of approaching candidates and MPs and find out what they have to say on the issue.

For the Truth Map, we gave the riding to any candidate that made a statement or commitment to support the petition or 911 truth. For ridings where we had not contacted any candidates, we gave it to the party with candidates in the riding that had 911 truth support elsewhere in the country. This worked to divide up the territory and gave a fair distribution to all parties. The map also gives a good spectrum of where we can expect to get support this year with future 911 truth activities including contacts with the government. With regard to contacting government officials, I would highly recommend this posting by the Canadian Action Party of Kip Warner's excellent open letter to the government of Canada: This letter mirrors what is in the 911 petition, but is much more detailed. It is making its way through a number of offices now inside the Government of Canada, including the senate. Kip is doing an excellent job of acting as a point of contact between our movement and government officials. Having this in place while we are working on the campaign trail is very useful. We are opening the lines of communication now between the millions of Canadians who support 911 truth, but until now have not had a significant voice inside the Government of Canada - where they ought to. Canada's political landscape is more diverse and variable than that of its close associate - The United States. I have felt for a long time that the likelihood of a new 911 investigation happening is better in Canada for this reason. This was also articulated by David Ray Griffin a few months ago.

Colleges, I think we have established a lot of momentum in this election, and we have real tools like the Truth Map which we can use to push forward with our 911 Truth Agenda. We are working better than ever internationally, and this really helps with building credibility with our message.
Richard Gage gave us support in the form of a customized quote on the important of examining the evidence for Canada:

From Richard Gage, founder of AE 911 Truth:
“People from all around the world are petitioning their governments for a new 9/11 investigation. It is extremely important for governments to become aware of the evidence for the explosive destruction of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. Almost every architect and engineer that reviews it agrees that they were in fact controlled demolitions. Please take the time to review the evidence that so greatly concerns the over 1500 architects and engineers to call for a new investigation. The most easily understood confirmation is the sudden free fall symmetrical collapse of WTC Building 7 in just 6 ½ seconds – in the exact manner of a classic controlled demolition. Yet we are told that the 47 story skyscraper was brought down by normal office fires – a first in history. We were lied to about this. And it turns out that we’ve been lied to about the cause of destruction of the Twin Towers as well. Yet 9/11 was the precipitating event to go to war. To politicians in Canada: consider your responsibility to your constituents regarding this issue. Isn’t it worth a re-investigation – given how many Canadians have already been lost in Afghanistan?”

This was used in the final 48 hours of the election as part of a social networking campaign on Facebook. It received a lot of responses which you can read on the We Are Change Ottawa facebook and other pages (its been copied now a number of times). We also effectively used radio spots from friendly local stations and shows - David Yazbeck's Special Blend on CKCU FM and Raymond Geisler's Unbossed and Unbought Radio on CHLY 101.7 FM in BC.

To summarize, we have come together to achieve well organized national 911 truth coalition that effectively uses media and communicates its goals to politicians.
Lets build on this new strength and push forward with our objectives now - getting the petition read in parliament and getting real action on 911 Truth under way in the next Government of Canada.

Best regards,
David Long