Spanish press: bin laden dead foto a fake

In spain most of the press is pointing out that the foto of bin laden dead is a montaje of photoshop

El Publico : La imagen del cadáver de Bin Laden es falsa
La fotografía ya había sido utilizada con anterioridad y se trata de un montaje

HÉCTOR JUANATEY 02/05/2011 09:09
La foto del supuesto cadáver de Osama Bin Laden que ha circulado esta mañana por diferentes medios de comunicación españoles y del mundo es falsa. La imagen ya ha sido utilizada en ocasiones anteriores y se trata de un montaje hecho a partir de otra fotografía.

En varias páginas web (como ésta) se puede comprobar que ya había sido utilizada con anterioridad. Además, en YouTube, la misma captura aparece en un vídeo -ahora retirado- de hace dos semanas.

Entre otros medios, Pú también publicó durante unos instantes la fotografía, enviada por la agencia Associated Press.

In "El Mundo":

The body is real based on DNA

The body is real based on DNA analysis. What is the point of promoting the idea that the whole thing is faked?

No he died yesterday. Check

more info needed

there's conflicting reports on whether he was ID'd by DNA; probably this is in progress, seems way to fast to have completed the test already. Some official speculated that a corpse photo eventually will be released. The official story is plausible, but it doesn't mean it's true. I hope people will remain critical and observant, archive everything released/published and submit it or post links in the relevant threads.

So far no hard evidence has been released Bin Laden was there or was killed. While 'national security' and sources/methods related to this operation may plausibly claimed as justification for keeping certain details secret, it does not seem the US has a reason to hide any info related to proof of death, if this happened. Rather, it has an incentive to make this clear beyond doubt, as everyone paying attention knows the people running the US govt regularly deceive the public about important matters.

Conference call w/ White House:

I'm in the process of requesting all records from FBI, State, CIA, etc.; if he's dead, the justification for withholding info has been greatly reduced. If more people will do this, it will create more pressure on them to make stuff public


For me, DNA-analysis is not a good evidence in this case. The problem is the chain of custody. I am waiting for videos, photos and witness accounts, which could confirm the official description.

I am puzzled, that you are asking after evidence, that the official description would not be true. That is irrational. When somebody makes a claim, he/she bears the burden of proof.

CIA asset.. DNA taken before he died years ago..

DNA samples could have been picked up long ago. as bin Laden was a CIA asset..

They visited him in Dubai when he had kidney dialysis

You can read much of the evidence documented by David Ray Griffin in his book, "Osama bin Laden: dead or alive?."

This 9/11 more than ever.. take a stand for truth in NYC on Tenth Anniversary.

I am concerned that they have another false flag operation planned.. and that they will use this action as the reasoning for blaming it again on al Qaida.

The mainstream public is disgustingly gullible when the media harps a misleading message down the road to ruin..

Either there will be a new 9/11 Investigation or an ugly New World Order

I don't think the US has released any photos yet.

where exactly did this photo come from?

The photos are fake as is

The photos are fake as is being reported by major us news agencies, but it was not provided by the US so this doesn't mean there is an official cover up. Please read this story from NPR

no photos

so there is not a single picture and they buried him at sea and the us public is supposed to believe this? just like no photos of the plane crashing into the pentagon?

Hi Diana

Which photo of the Pentagon attack do you want to see?

The gate cam video shows, best it can, how a plane crashes into the Pentagon, just like many dozens of witnesses described. Just like the first responders reported. This video explains the gate cam video using different perspectives:

This is a picture of an imprint of AA 77's tail imprint into the Pentagon façade:


The question I have to ask you is: what evidence, if any, do you have for a missile strike or a flyover that I can't demolish in a heartbeat?

The reporting indicates that

The reporting indicates that there are pictures which will be released shortly. So it's kind of like the pentagon, a bunch of photos that confirm the official story in both cases. Why do you people think there are no photos of the plane crash at the pentagon. It's like really weird because THERE ARE TONS OF PHOTOS OF THE PLANE CRASH AT THE PENTAGON

has this become an official version web?

there is no convincing picture of a plane and of the 77 video cameras that surround the pentagon none of them got a video in which you can see an actual plane

there are national security

there are national security justifications for failing to release the full videos that are in US custody. But the photographs are convincing photos of a plane, and eyewitness testimony corroborates the photos. What you write is straight up false. You say there are no convincing photos, but there are. Don't you think the one's given by Snowcrash above are convincing?

enough; Pentagon crash is off-topic

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The only thing strange about

The only thing strange about the pentagon event is that a plane was ALLOWED to crash there. Isn't that good enough for you?

Fake fake fake

For those of you insisting that Bin Laden was not just killed and it's all a hoax - it would seem that if they were going to conduct a hoax they wouldn't be making it so obvious that the ISI was harboring Bin Laden. This pretty well proves the ISI is as guilty as some of us have been saying for years. The Saudi-ISI-CIA conspiracy has just been given more evidence. Pretty stupid hoax.

edit: yes the photos are fake and everyone knows it-so what? They are not official photos put out to show his death-they are fakes some dork made on the internet

Exactly Jim

And by the way... I'm telling people about your research; I was watching Dutch TV broadcasts (Osama Bin Laden was all that was on topic every single show) and I'm frustrated about how people (so-called 'experts') studiously avoid any mention of the issues you bring up ... and which MATTER.

One guy, well-known journalist and documentary afficionado, Twan Huys:

...who lived in New York and was a news correspondent there around 9/11, mentioned how the "conspiracy theories" were now a thing of the past.

Perhaps you are right

Or perhaps our establishment is looking to overthrow Pakistan next, and making it look like the ISI was harboring Bin Laden is a step in that direction.