NFL Star Sparks 9/11 Demolition Controversy

PITTSBURGH -- Rashard Mendenhall has created a stir with comments made on his official Twitter page regarding Osama bin Laden's death.

The starting Pittsburgh Steelers running back on Monday tweeted: "What kind of person celebrates death? It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side..."

Mendenhall didn't hold back, even making a reference to the Sept. 11 attacks.

He tweeted:
"We'll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style."

Mendenhall, who profiles himself as a "conversationalist and professional athlete" on his Twitter page, turned some heads in March, as well, when he supported a comment by Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson comparing the NFL to "modern-day slavery."

"R_Mendenhall: There is not an ignorant bone in my body. I just encourage you to #think"


In my opinion, it's stuff like this that is the most ground breaking. This is a HUGE deal IMO! LETS GET EM GUYS! 9/11 TRUTH NOW!

YES! Watch as the floodgates

YES! Watch as the floodgates open up. Lets press our advantage! More statements like this help us to win. In 2011 we can do this, just don't fall for the conspiracy trap!


I take back everything I ever said against the Steelers.

I have a feeling

I have a feeling that this phony Big Bin murder by the CIA will backfire in their faces. I think that this so-called story is just being used to raise Obama's rating. It also could be used as an excuse to have another False-Flag operation. As everyone knows the Al Qaeda gang will want revenge. Perhaps a mini-nuke in one of our cities. Good to see sports celebrities stepping up.


I think it's another attempt to divert us, waste our time and may be a set up for another false flag.

But, it can provide a teaching moment, so we should use it in that regard and not put to much energy into it, imo.


Too Bad

I was going to ask you to go with me to Steeler HQ and refuse to leave. I'd have to do the year hanging on me.

Mark Stepnoski too.

Don't forget about NFL great Mark Stepnoski either.

We need to get Mendenhall and Friends to get together on this:

Critical Thinking Skills Can Develop With Anybody

Thanks Rashard for speaking out about what I'm sure you gave some thought to and for making a determination given what you observed and learned about the twin towers and their destruction.

Mendenhall remarks grow legs

NBC Sports News covers it as well.

"On Monday, Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall raised eyebrows with some controversial remarks regarding Osama bin Laden. Mendenhall also expressed doubt regarding whether a plane could cause a skyscraper to collapse.

The remarks created enough of a stir to prompt Steelers owner Art Rooney, II, to issue a statement via the team’s official website.

Which has caused the story to become even larger..."

More Coverage:
Fox Sports:

Be true to your school

Go Illini!

Another tweet from him,

Another tweet from him, quoting, 'For those of you who said you want to see Bin Laden burn in hell and piss on his ashes, I ask how would God feel about your heart?'

Mendenhall deletes his “truther” tweet??

"We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Twitter page of Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall for any further messages addressing his eyebrow-raising comments from Monday regarding Osama bin Laden and 9/11. Though no new messages have appeared, Mendenhall quietly has censored one of his tweets.

Gone into the Internet abyss is the following message, which expresses skepticism regarding the notion that hijacked planes took down the World Trade Center: “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”
(Doesn't look like he deleted it to me, check his account at the link below)

According to ESPN at 4:21pm et today Mendenhall had 13,631 followers on Twitter
As of right now according to his account he has 17,556 followers on Twitter!!!/R_Mendenhall

*Follow 9/11 Blogger on Twitter as well:!/911blogger

Demolition style

"I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style."

Well put.

I've been using this OBL psy-op a lot in the past couple of days. The overwrought psy-op does all the heavy lifting for us. Now that the official conspiracy theory is screaming in the headlines its easy to suggest something like, "Google Building 7 and you'll question the whole thing."

Cool! I agree...great opportunity for dissemination

I hear ya JohnnyMo.
The subject of 9/11 is no longer taboo at the watercooler.
It makes dissemination points very easy to work into the conversation.

Architects, engineers and new song by David Rovics

I learned about this when on a call with Richard Gage and others discussing plans for this 10th anniversary. I feel very heart-warmed by such statements from a football player. (I use to play in high school and wore number 34 on my jersey too.) Thanks for posting all these news resources, am linking from Flyby News. Also I wanted to share this following link to a new David Rovics tune posted on Youtube - Osama Bin Laden is Dead:The War on Terror is over...?

Thank goodness for the sane and free people in our world.

Steelers are my team and I

Steelers are my team and I was thrilled to see his comments! WOW. The insane response by the media and management is extremely Orwellian. There is THOUGHT CONTROL in the United States that's for sure. I side with Mendy and professionals like this have put a lot on the line to make such comments. Truth movement needs to mobilize and support this kid for sticking his neck out. That means letters to the Editor and fighting the Info War in the digital arena.

Rashard's Latest.

His detractors must have been more influential than his supporters sadly:

We need to figure out how to best support these types of people who come out for 9/11 truth in the public sphere.

His clarification comment was well worded

and appropriate but he did not back off of his intention with his original comments, as he reiterated that they were intended to make people think. He originally provided a little prompting with the secondary comment about his problem with the demolition style collapse of the towers, and he did not back away from that here either.

The guy is an obvious intellectual who also happens to play football, so it isn't any wonder that he has some problems with the stories we have been told about 911 given the evidence which has come to light about it.

Hey Tony!

Tony, BuildingWhat should try and get in contact with him and show him some support. privately maybe?

That would be a good idea

but I don't think he can come out on this alone again, or he will get smeared and taken down by the emotional naysayers who have bought the present incomplete and somewhat fraudalent story about what occurred on 911 hook, line, and sinker. The Steelers can't afford to go out on a limb with him. Even if they privately sympathized they would have to break their association with him as much of the public has bought the Osama bin Laden did it alone with his 19 hijackers line, and the behind the scenes perpetrators and their minions have the microphone.

In order to get past the blaming of Osama bin Laden, KSM, and 19 hijackers as the sole perpetrators of the 911 attacks you have to do a little work on your own to see that it was impossible for them to have done what is actually observed, and most people haven't or won't do that. It is too easy to blame someone you don't know who has been demonized so heavily and when the story provided about their guilt has some plausibility.

The moment anyone with any notoriety and a public voice, like Rashard or Rosie O'Donnell, bring up their doubts about the completeness and accuracy of the present official story, they and anyone immediately associated with them, who doesn't denounce what they have said, are smeared and ridiculed. This works well with the many who have only heard the present official story and the person who spoke out is overwhelmed.

Their is safety in numbers, and groups like the Remember Building 7 campaign and the AE911Truth organization are the only way the present incomplete and somewhat fraudalent official story about 911 will be exposed for what it is and a new investigation intiated.

All I think people like Rashard Mendenhall, and others in a public position with money, can safely do is to contribute to organizations like the Remember Building 7 campaign and AE911Truth. Otherwise they jeopardize their careers by coming out alone. What I would like to see done is for a behind the scenes effort to have these people contribute in a way which protects them.


Champion has dropped Mendenhall

like a hot rock.

"Champion is a strong supporter of the government's efforts to fight terrorism and is very appreciative of the dedication and commitment of the U.S. Armed Forces. Earlier this week, Rashard Mendenhall, who endorses Champion products, expressed personal comments and opinions regarding Osama bin Laden and the September 11 terrorist attacks that were inconsistent with the values of the Champion brand and with which we strongly disagreed. In light of these comments, Champion was obliged to conduct a business assessment to determine whether Mr. Mendenhall could continue to effectively communicate on behalf of and represent Champion with consumers. While we respect Mr. Mendenhall's right to express sincere thoughts regarding potentially controversial topics, we no longer believe that Mr. Mendenhall can appropriately represent Champion and we have notified Mr. Mendenhall that we are ending our business relationship. Champion has appreciated its association with Mr. Mendenhall during his early professional football career and found him to be a dedicated and conscientious young athlete. We sincerely wish him all the best."

Time to drop Champion

Anyone buy Champion products here? Time to drop 'em.

Wished AJ and the info wars

Wished AJ and the info wars crew would have picked up on this story. It is incredibly relevant for what is occurring right now. It represents a very deep line in the sand as to what is considered to be acceptable speech. They've picked up on Cindy Sheehan's comments but have missed the boat on a popular millionaire athlete sticking his neck out on this issue.