(VIDEO) We Are Change Atlanta Brings Love, Peace, and 9/11 Truth to the Inman Park Parade!

We Are Change Atlanta Brings Love, Peace, and 9/11 Truth to the annual Inman Park Festival Parade! The festival hosts around 10-20 thousand guests each year, we encourage other We Are Change chapters to visit their spring and summer festivals to speak out. We were greeted with love and support by so many, another sign of the critical mass that is being reached now for 9/11 truth. We handed out hundreds of flyers for our upcoming event “Engineering Change: A Blueprint for 9/11 Truth” and introduced the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to thousands of festival goers. Everyone was polite, warm, and even thankful for our sharing this information with them. Come join us as we show the world that Love and Creativity will expose the lies and bring about the peace we so desperately seek. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Team Up with We Are Change to create Local Action Groups to Engineer Change!

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really hot and really cool - we are change atlanta

great to see the color, love, and truth moving with people in the streets..

an example of what is great about this movement.

having fun is key for the truth movement to really grow and overcome the heinous lies..

thank you we are change atlanta and all supporting this outreach effort.

i hope we have such a march in nyc this 9/11 www.nycfor911truth.com


"having fun is key for the truth movement to really grow and overcome the heinous lies.."

This may or may not be true, but one of the reasons you always see people beating drums and dancing at anti-globalization rallies is because people have picked up on a simple fact -- change doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of hard labor. Unfortunately the festive atmosphere at said rallies sometimes alienates people -- hard at work. They resent that other people are having fun. This is a major problem.

Sut Jhally has repeatedly stressed the idea that movements for change have it all wrong -- they seem to emphasize ideas like "sacrifice" when people are already sacrificing far too much as it is.

Really, who amongst us wants to sacrifice YET MORE?

The truth, as revealed by David Noble (no relation) is that we could all work two days a week and have a great lifestyle. We work five days a week so people can get super, super rich and destroy our environment. Go back to the early 20th century; the justification for mechanization was that we would all have machines serving us, not vice versa. Unfortunately the logic of our society is endless growth -- so "time saving" measures end up working against us. Even Marx recognized this during the early phases of capitalism.

As productivity has risen, so have our working hours. How is that logical?

This is crazy.

And movements for change must recognize this.

There is absolutely no point in the mass of humanity working five days a week. None. Whatsoever. At least three quarters of what we produce is junk.

Recycled on. And on. And on again.


We do not need to work from dawn till dusk, no one does. Not even in the so-called "third world". We need to stop working and start relaxing. A little known fact is that we now work longer than people did in the dark ages -- peasants tilling the fucking fields. Again -- how is this logical? The only "logic" I see is the "logic" of endless growth and endless money. It is literally crazy.

As a coda -- many indigenous tribes didn't even have a WORD for "Work". If that doesn't blow your mind, go back to your shift at Wall Mart.

Guys...enough of the hot dancing chick. . .

Do you think you could have cut away for just a second or two from the hot, dancing chick to interview bystanders? Or, show the sign? Or show the crowd?

Awful video.


Great work being there, congratulations and thanks for that.

why limit the movement/?

at a moment in time, hopefully the movement will be diverse and open enough for all forms of communication and awareness-creating. Every point of view is valid, yours too, but when we open to one another and unite the movement, a greater change will benefit all. Step by step.. Now get back to work.. and reminder for onlookers who want to get involved, September 8th AE911truth is seeking those to share information with them all around the world at county courthouses. I bet WeAreChange Atlanta will be on the streets.. and September 10th will the time for be the world premiere showing of AE911truth's film with experts speaking out. Thanks for everyone participating, uniting for truth and freedom. I say youth embracing 9/11 truth is something to celebrate from time to time.. and in all ages..

What fun!! Fantastic 9/11 Truth outreach!!

Atlanta! ...You folks really know how to do it!
Excellent local exposure on a venue which reaches many folks who might never hear of AE911Truth.

Speaking from Dallas experience...parades and music and dancing are wonderful vehicles for outreach.

Thanks so very much for all ya'll do!!
Many appreciate it!