Blueprint for Truth airing on public access TV in SF


On Friday, May 6, Blueprint for Truth will be airing at 8 pm. on Public Access Channel 27 in San Francisco. (It played the weekend of April 23 as well, when their satellite was down.)

Public Access TV is a great way to reach a lot of people. If anyone is interested in getting "Blueprint" aired on their local public access TV channel(s), it can sometimes be as easy as filling out a simple online form if you are a local resident.

"For Channel 27 in SF, I didn't even need the form," Rebecca Coolidge, AE911Truth volunteer, explains. "You can direct the station to a free downloadable version at (click on the "Quick Lists of All Shows" link on the right, and then on "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth." There are shorter versions there that they can choose from as well.)

Blueprint for Truth will also be airing on Friday, May 13, at 12:00 am on public access TV in Houston, TX. It has aired numerous times this year in Houston according to Jackie Carpenter, another AE911Truth volunteer. "Last Sunday morning when I turned on my TV I saw Richard Gage talking about Building 7!" To see the schedule, visit Houston Media Source (What's on? click Here.)

There have been airings in Spokane, Austin, San Diego, NY, Berkeley -- and soon in Washington, D.C. Albuquerque, NM is airing 2 hours of 9/11 truth programming weekly, Mondays and Thursdays at 8 pm. The program is called '9/11 Myth vs. Reality,' which uses footage from BFT. A report and Action Alert is forthcoming with more details. For more information about putting Blueprint for Truth on public access TV, contact:

Please report any airings to the team!

9/11: Blueprint for Truth Airing Now At West Allis, WI TV

When Richard Gage was on his Midwest Tour I interviewed him for 20 minutes at our Public Access TV station (Channel 14) in West Allis, Wisconsin, a large suburb of Milwaukee. We also videoed his 9/11 Blueprint for Truth presentation in Milwaukee on April 8th. These two segments are now shown together for a two hour showing of a program I produce called "Meet The Truth". This program is now being broadcasted twice a week on the Community Media Public Access station (Channel 14) for the entire month of May.

Do you get any feedback?

Hey Nausea do you get any feedback as to how many viewers your show gets or other data? Do you offer a way for viewers to give feedback like a PO Box to write to or a number to leave messages? curious. kudos to all you do.. outstanding work..


Thanks! I better get to work in my area suburb...

Thanks for the reminder and also the scoop on what is happening with this Public Access line around the country.
I better get to work for my area.