Cindy Sheehan: A mother's war on war

Cindy Sheehan has turned her grief into an anti-war crusade, even questioning the death of Osama bin Laden. From HLN's Dr. DREW Show Thurs. 5/5/11:

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Thank you Cindy Sheehan.

I see it the same way.

Cindy Sheehan is...

So awesome!

Well spoken, Cindy Sheehan

You know, when they put Cindy Sheehan's words or protests on CNN, I wondered why, but then I saw, "questioning the death of OBL" and I understood why. They're putting her in front of the public for those words.

I'm going to pass this one along, because I think she spoke very well of this topic. I have been working a lot lately, and I haven't read up on this new death of OBL event, but this interview was just plain enjoyable.

There are people who wonder, "Why do people question the death of OBL?" And I have said to them, "Do people believe anything they see or hear anymore?" Particularly after the last 10 years, with all of the effort that people have put into their own inquiries, and after all of the results of those inquiries that have found the government to be wrong, along with what everybody is being told. It is precisely this sort of thing that has happened too many times.

Cindy spoke well on the topic. If I want to look into it further, I know where to start.

And thanks, CNN, for making this video available.


p.s. Updated CNN link:

Bravo Cindy

You made wise and patriotic statements.
We are totally entitled to a Government that tells us the truth.
It has lost credibility by lying again and again.
Thank you for pointing this out to America.