Media Roots Radio - Bin Laden's Death: Government & Media Propaganda, CIA Ties, Mindless Nationalism

Media Roots Radio - Bin Laden's Death: Government & Media Propaganda, CIA Ties, Mindless Nationalism by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- Robbie and Abby Martin cover Osama Bin Laden's timely death in this breaking edition of Media Roots Radio. They break apart the government and media propaganda, expose Bin Laden's CIA ties, dissect his role as boogyman for the War on Terror and comment on the mindless nationalism and lack of critical thinking from fellow Americans following the news of his death.

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Either way, it is clear that we've been had ...

Bin Had

There are some bad guys out there, but their importance has been greatly exaggerated to justify America's imperial ambitions. No wonder former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative".

Bin Laden might have been a bad guy ... but the way his life and death have been used has been dishonest.

Luke Rudkowski is the man.

Here's what we are fighting against...

The Asch Conformity Experiment:

Tocqueville on the tyranny of the majority

'Monarchs had, so to speak, materialized oppression; the democratic republics of the present day have rendered it as entirely an affair of the mind as the will which it is intended to coerce. Under the absolute sway of one man the body was attacked in order to subdue the soul; but the soul escaped the blows which were directed against it and rose proudly superior. Such is not the course adopted by tyranny in democratic republics; there, the body is left free, and the soul is enslaved. The master no longer says, "You must think as I do, or you shall die"; but he says: "You are free to think differently from me and to retain your life, your property, and all that you possess; but you are henceforth a stranger among your people. You may retain your civil rights, but they will be useless to you, for you will never be chosen by your fellow citizens if you solicit their votes; and they will affect to scorn you if you ask for their esteem. You will remain among men, but you will be deprived of the rights of mankind. Your fellow creatures will shun you like an impure being; and even those who believe in your innocence will abandon you, lest they should be shunned in their turn. Go in peace! I have given you your life, but it is an existence worse than death."

Alexis de Tocqueville, 'Democracy in America,' volume 1, chapter 15.

Later in that same chapter, he says straigt out: '...freedom of opinion does not exist in the United States.' And also this:

'Works have been published in the proudest nations of the Old World expressly intended to censure the vices and follies of the times....But the ruling power in the United States is not to be made game of....No writer, whatever be his eminence, can escape paying this tribute of adulation to his fellow citizens. The majority lives in the perpetual utterance of self-applause, and there are certain truths which the Americans can learn only from strangers or from experience.'

I think that last sentence is especially pertinent to the experience of the 9/11 truth movement.

chilled to the bone.

We get dished up the specter of asset-Bin-Laden, delivered either from the freezer, or fresh from the chicken coup he had been kept in for ten years for the purpose,

either way,
Bin Laden© has been SERVED for the next propaganda dinner. Then dumped into the dark deep, with the last vestige of imagination.
If delivered fresh, then ISI and CIA knew he was there kept alive for this exact purpose.
Perception move malevolence to the next level.
In the madness of our time, the 'skeptic' now argues FOR the program.

great discussion. Thanks Abby.

The New Old Coke...

BushCo and ObamaCo switched over to KSM as being the 9/11 'mastermind' in the long years of Bin Laden's absence.

Now they switched back to him again.. This takes the pressure off of the KSM trials which might suffer from lack of evidence apart from torture 'confessions.' Heck, even if there is NO KSM trial at all -- either civilian or military - it almost doesn't matter at this point. We got Bin Laden!

But instead of making us safer by getting our #1 enemy (who was never indicted for Sept. 11) it actually, you see.... makes us LESS safe. We have now given Muslim extremists a 'motive' for wanting to harm us that wars and occupation and drone bombing didn't provide them.

Only now, instead of an inept AQ using defective shoe bombs, they suddenly have NUKES!