Michael Ruppert: Proof Obama Is Lying About the Killing of Bin Laden

Ghosts of September 11, By Mike Ruppert

Proof Obama is lying (as if we need proof!)

this is an excerpt:

Let’s start with what I consider the most-obvious proof that the Obama administration is lying. It comes from a world-class microbiologist who allowed me to use this quote on condition of anonymity. The simple proof of his accuracy is to just ask any microbiologist experienced in DNA sequencing about his statement. There are tens of thousands of them around the world.

Here is what he wrote me:

I am a molecular biologist and I’ve built a lucrative career in human genetics. I have run one of the world’s largest and most productive DNA genotyping facilities and now I am helping to build the global market for clinical whole human genome sequencing for the world’s largest human genome sequencing facility. I have worked with the absolute best genome scientists from the military, academia, medicine, and industry from around the world. I know DNA. And, one thing I know about DNA is that you cannot, repeat CANNOT: take a tissue sample from a shot-in-the-noggin-dead-guy in a north central Pakistan special forces op, extract the DNA, prepare the DNA for assay, test the DNA, curate the raw DNA sequence data, assemble the reads or QC the genotype, compare the tested DNA to a reference, and make a positive identity determination…. all in 12 hours- let alone transport the tissue samples all the places they’d need to have gone in order to get this done.

Some might try to argue that ruggedized, field ready kits could test a DNA sample- which is true if one is attempting to determine the CLASS of a bacteria. It is not true if one is trying to determine the specific identity of an individual. Any way you slice it, the real work would require days, and I find it unlikely (although not impossible) that an aircraft carrier would have a laboratory outfitted for this kind of work… it is not the Starship Enterprise out there.

So, maybe they did get Osama. But there is no fucking way they had any genetic proof of it by the time they dumped the body over the side. What is it that we are not supposed to see with all this distraction? I think the French call it “legerdemain”.

The only things necessary to prove or disprove this statement is to question anyone who is an expert on DNA identification.


Can we get a link to the article? Thanks for posting this, pfg.

Analysis time

I went looking for information on the amount of time required to properly perform a forensic DNA analysis. In the brief time I spent, all I found was the following, on a Wikipedia talk page:
"If you're talking about just doing the lab work, it is about a half day's work with current STR techniques. You'd go from some kind of sample, say a blood stain on a shirt, cut a portion of that and extract the DNA from the cells on the fabric using PCI, total time ~20 mins. Next you'd go to quantification of your extracted DNA -- a simple, rough estimate can be performed with a fluorescent method in about 5 minutes. Next the extracted DNA would be taken for preparation for amplification by PCR, total setup time about 5 minutes as well. A standard amplification takes roughly 3.5 hrs, then preparation/running on a CE instrument for roughly 1 hr. Just like that, you've gone from sample to genotype in about 5 hrs of work. The reason labs take so much longer to get results out is that in the forensic process, steps like accurately documenting evidence for future trial or chain of custody issues are time consuming and do not produce any of the required lab work for generating a profile. After a genotype has been obtained, it still needs to be interpreted by a DNA analyst, then those results need to be reviewed by other analysts and reviewers to make sure that everything was done correctly before any kind of results can be released to law enforcement or the public. Unlike TV shows such as CSI, most crime labs cannot clear their plates and devote 100% of their time and effort to a single case as it comes through the door. So while it's not as fast as simple blood typing, it's not necessarily as slow as you might think. Sekiyu (talk) 07:04, 14 April 2009 (UTC)"

This should not be taken as reliable or authoritative; but it does provide a second opinion on the actual processing time, and is independent of the Osama bin Laden issue (having been stated in 2009). Even if the basic processing can be done fairly quickly, it seems reasonable to expect that the subsequent analysis and review should take at least days to perform properly.

Something to talk about

From the post:
"The only things necessary to prove or disprove this statement is to question anyone who is an expert on DNA identification."


:"POSTED: 8:53 am MST October 28, 2010
UA Scientists Develop Quick DNA Test Device
Scientists: Results Returned In 2 Hours, Not 2 Weeks"

"Late in 2010, a University of Arizona team presented research on a machine that can do the analysis in just two hours in a largely automated way. It's possible that knowing they were engaged on a mission to capture Bin Laden, U.S. Forces arranged for access to a machine like this to be on quick alert--probably for flying blood, cheek cells, and other samples taken from the body to the lab for expedited analysis."

"But here's the thing: DNA matching isn't an exact science, and sibling matching is slightly more inexact. It all comes down to a probability, with a statement like "there's a one in one quadrillion chance this isn't the same person in both DNA samples." In other words: conspiracy theorists still have something to talk about."

Just like the pentagon let's be sure and ignore the witnesses that were there. And make up a conspiracy theory - that's always fun. And be sure to ignore the fact that Bin Laden was an intelligence asset of the Saudi's and the ISI....

"Shah was the ISI handling officer of the British-born international terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, convicted for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and part of the terrorist group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen as well as the handling officer for Osama Bin Laden and Mulla Mohammed Omar"

and the ISI has now been caught red handed protecting him because 9-11 was carried out by intelligence agencies--ignore all that and say it's all fake-it's the "truther" way. Saudi-ISI-CIA --- it aint the first time. They have a long history.

9-11 commission-"No Government involvement" <---BS


"Just like the pentagon let's be sure and ignore the witnesses that were there. And make up a conspiracy theory - that's always fun. And be sure to ignore the fact that Bin Laden was an intelligence asset of the Saudi's and the ISI...."

That about sums it up. Especially the making up a conspiracy theory because that's always fun part.

And boy does the USG like it when folks believe in the wrong conspiracy theory. Keeps us all ineffective.


"You see people will accept lies if their lives get better. As their lives get worse, they will inevitably ask questions. And as their lives disintegrate, they will start looking for both answers and suspects. That was and is the swimming pool full of gasoline that Barack Obama is lighting matches in".

Accepting lies

Like Dick Cheney supposedly saying in an interview with Tony Snow that OBL had nothing to do with 9/11?

Have you read Crossing the Rubicon, seen all of Michael Ruppert's presentations, seen "Collapse" and read FTW and followed Mike's blog? I have. He's very good, but his feet are made of clay.

Ruppert crash lands here with this DNA fakery malarkey. I'm disappointed.