DNA identification and important implications

Four out of ten alleged hijackers (of AA 11 and UA 175) have been positively identified though we don’t know their names as the FBI did withhold them.


Extremely interesting is the statement of somebody who should know:

Robert Shaler, former head of the medical examiner's forensic unit.

In "Who They Were," his new inside account of the identification effort, Shaler writes that he believes the terrorists identified were in the back of the planes - and not the monsters who plowed the jets into the towers.

"I still doubt the pilots have anything remaining to collect or analyze," he writes. "Likely, they were vaporized along with many of the innocent victims."


Now, based on the phone calls by Betty Ong and Madeleine Sweeney we do know that neither of the actually saw the hijackers outside the cockpit during the hijacking.

So we can conclude that four alleged hijackers of UA 175 remained in the back of the plane during the final minutes. Is the believable? Especially as the passengers were thinking about storming the cockpit?

Or one or several alleged hijackers of AA 11 remained in the back of the plane without being noticed by Ong or Sweeney (keep in mind that other flight attendants kept them updated with information and none mentioned the presence of an alleged hijacker).

Or Robert Shaler is wrong though he’s an expert.

And last but not least:

„For the World Trade Center site, with a much larger area to search and an initially undetermined number of victims, the F.B.I. identified the 10 terrorists’ DNA profiles from personal items, Mr. Kolko said, which included recovered luggage and cigarette butts left in a rental car. The unnamed DNA profiles of those terrorists were then supplied to the medical examiner’s office.“


This sounds like a pretty obvious thing to do in an investigation.

Why wasn’t it done for AA 77 and United 93?


Hijackers duped into thinking it was a regular hijacking? GOIRCP

An obvious problem with the Official Conspiracy Theory is that the hijackers did not announce who they were, or why they were killing themselves. What if some other group got the "credit"? It does not make sense that anyone would die for nothing. Why would 19 or more guys volunteer for such a mission without a purpose. They could scare people in many other ways, without killing themselves, especially for no benefit.

A New Theory proposes that it makes much more sense that the hijackers were duped by their handlers into believing it was a normal hijacking, for some benefit, such as demanding that the USA get its military bases out of Arabia, $1 billion, or something like that, in exchange for the hostages.

Tanks of Cyanide gas could have been smuggled into the planes, in the luggage compartment (with the help of agents posing as airline workers). After starting the hijacking and allowing passengers to make phone calls to establish the official story, the gas was released by remote control. The deadly gas spread throughout the fuselage. The crew, passengers, and hijackers were all killed by the gas. The plane resumed course towards their targets by remote control (enhanced earlier by agents posing as airline mechanics). The planes crash, and everyone perishes.

The "Gassed Occupants in Remote Controlled Plane" theory (GOIRCP) would explain all the DNA and physical crash evidence plus eye witness testimonies.