Mike Ruppert comments on dead of Osama bin Laden (DNA proof?)

On the day Osama bin Laden was announced killed, there were reports about DNA tests being made and resulting in a positive match, beginning in the morning here in Germany, likewise 7-9 hours after the raid. On midday, 12-14 hours after the raid, there was a slightly change, they said DNA tests had been made but the results are open, in the afternoon, 16-19 hours after the raid, they announced a 99,9% positive match.

Only a single newspaper magazine here in Germany had the guts to question a DNA-expert themselves, the SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung). The expert said, such a fast result is unlikely. And a 99,9% match too, especially if DNA of Osama bin Laden was extracted first out of the death body and the checking sample was from a relative, not by him himself, taken earlier. If the referring probe came from a woman, half-sister, it would be nearly impossible to reach 99,9%, most likely 90% at most, if he was her half-brother, but then, Osama did have lots of other brothers, it could still would mean no positive identification.

Now Mike Ruppert turns in after a long time absent from 9/11 truth. He did ask a DNA expert himself, too. Look what this expert has to say:

"I am a molecular biologist and I've built a lucrative career in human genetics. I have run one of the world's largest and most productive DNA genotyping facilities and now I am helping to build the global market for clinical whole human genome sequencing for the world's largest human genome sequencing facility. I have worked with the absolute best genome scientists from the military, academia, medicine, and industry from around the world. I know DNA. And, one thing I know about DNA is that you cannot, repeat CANNOT: take a tissue sample from a shot-in-the-noggin-dead-guy in a north central Pakistan special forces op, extract the DNA, prepare the DNA for assay, test the DNA, curate the raw DNA sequence data, assemble the reads or QC the genotype, compare the tested DNA to a reference, and make a positive identity determination…. all in 12 hours- let alone transport the tissue samples all the places they'd need to have gone in order to get this done.

Some might try to argue that ruggedized, field ready kits could test a DNA sample- which is true if one is attempting to determine the CLASS of a bacteria. It is not true if one is trying to determine the specific identity of an individual. Any way you slice it, the real work would require days, and I find it unlikely (although not impossible) that an aircraft carrier would have a laboratory outfitted for this kind of work… it is not the Starship Enterprise out there.

So, maybe they did get Osama. But there is no way they had any genetic proof of it by the time they dumped the body over the side. What is it that we are not supposed to see with all this distraction? I think the French call it "leger demain"

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So it looks quite clear, the government was lying again. Instead of arguing against another if bin Laden was death or not, we should demand accountability from the US government to hand out the DNA tests results- and insist on that. There can be no excuse why the couldn't release it, and a DNA proof is a scientific, official document, able to falsify. Most likely there is none and we can call them on that.