Public Canadian Investigation of 9/11- petition continues posting positive results

May 14, 2011 -
Supporters sign 9/11 Petition for Canadian public investigation.
Thirty-Six friends and supporters of 9/11 truth in Edmonton signed Saturday's petition during a civil action drive held next to the old Strathcona Farmer's Market in Edmonton. Doug reported the bulk of signatures were collected easily with-in a couple hours. "This accounts for the ever growing world-wide doubt of the official 9/11 story ." Today's 36 signatures brings the total count to 358 signatures collected in Edmonton alone since February 22, 2011. Doug also shared the usual Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth brochures and 9/11 Blueprint for truth DVDs with shoppers during Saturday's action. Doug says " We have shared thousands of free material at this friendly receptive location alone for well over a 4 years with our 9-11 civil information actions". David Long of truthACTIONottawa who initiated this new cross Canada petition drive along with Richard Gage of reported earlier this week that we have passed the first petition collection of signatures that was collected by participating 9/11 truth groups across Canada. That historical first petition count of 500 signatures collected by the “March on Ottawa 2008″ was read in the House of Commons in Ottawa before the Prime Minister and Federal Government of Canada. Doug says "We are well on our way to surpassing the 2008 petition drive regardless of a smaller group of activists presently participating with this new Canadian petition initiative."

Today's activist quote“If you want the public to hear you once, you have to say what you're saying five or ten times.” Izzy Asper

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Original Petition read in Canada's Parliament

Great work!

Great work!