AE911Truth - Experts Speak Out

This is raw footage from some of the experts appearing in AE911Truth's upcoming, hard-hitting documentary of evidence for the destruction of the 3 World trade Center skyscrapers -- "9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out"

Kamal Obeid, C.E., S.E. -- Civil and Structural Engineer

Richard Humenn P.E.E. - WTC Chief Electrical Design Engineer

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Jerry Lobdall, C.E. - Chemical Engineer : Physicist

Lynn Margulis, PhD - Scientist

Michael Donly, P.E. - Structural Engineer


This is the future

of the 911 truth movement. It is here we draw the attention of academics. Given the presence of people like Judy Woods this is more important than ever.

Yes, this is the future...

especially with 1500+ architects and engineers at AE911Truth. I love that group. Support for them is essential.

Thanks for these videos, NP. I will be sharing them!

I was very impressed by Prof. Lynn Margulis

in her cogent remarks regarding science as a way of knowing, and how NIST has not been "playing by the rules of science" in its analysis of the fall of the WTC buildings.

She speaks favorably of the research on the red+gray chips found in the WTC dust and how this is science -- which unfortunately is ignored by NIST.

Well done, Prof. Margulis, and thank you for speaking out.

Lynn Margulis Astounding Credentials!


Wife of Carl Sagan

FYI.... Lynn Margulis was Carl Sagan's wife. Superb bio:

Their son, Jeremy Sagan, is also an AE911Truth petition signer. We have both the wife and son of Carl Sagan on our side.

Proud of Mom

Yes, mom (she was Carl's first wife) did a great job. I am proud of her.

Thanks Jerm for joining us on 911blogger.


You are welcome

However, thanks are not necessary for doing the right thing. Pursuit of truth. Science.

Music Intro is a Poor Fit

Please select better music intros for these interviews. I found them a poor fit with the material. This series is not a Noir film production from the 40's.

Music is a little too filmic

I agree 7man - if you close your eyes, you might think you were watching some suspenseful, dramatic, emotional whodunit.
Trying to get hard science facts across to an audience, I think the music must be a little more sober, thoughtful - less LA filmic. Just my opinion.


but that's not 40's Noir music, it's more like 70's moody sci fi guitar (I'm quibbling now ...).

I would say some confident classical piano would be the way to go for the score to this.

Lynn Margulis ROCKS!



With both of you; the music is off, and LeftWright pigeon-holes it better.

This is how it's done:

I love Bob...

He is so much the "genuine man". If I were to ask God to grant any human a would be to return his son to him. I'm not religious but I think about that every time I see Bob speak.

Raw edit leaves inexperienced viewer uncertain

I'm well versed with 9/11 truth and here we have these amazing people coming forth to be interviewed. I understand that these clips are in a "raw footage" format but the way the one sided statements are being cut together, I am left feeling uncomfortable.

If I were on youtube searching for 9/11 truth, (and not knowing any better) I would likely dismiss these amazing interviews because without the interviewer's questions being posed, it feels as though the interviewee is being prompted by a script. All sense of a candid discussion is tossed into what looks like one talking point after another.

Devotees might vote this comment deep into the ground but I am only conveying my immediate reaction with each edit I perceive (to shorten the time?) and the strong desire I feel in wanting to hear the question posed (by the interviewer) before I hear the answer.

I am suspecting that other people (in the blogosphere) might feel the same way. I'm willing to put these thoughts out there because I would hate these interviews to be discredited by the debunkers for the reasons I mention above.

It might be a best to not publish these interviews publicly until they are edited to a complete, candid exchange between the interviewer and interviewee. It would lend to the credibility of the piece. In this case I think it would be worth the wait.

All Good Points

I have to agree with you on everything you stated so clearly. I too wanted to know the questions that were posed to those being interviewed. It's very important to have smooth presentations or they will come off as overly edited, contrived, and perhaps misleading.

Good things to consider

I just watched the Marguelis interview and didn't get the impression that it was overly scripted.

Btw, what about showing that interview to Michael Shermer? I'm wondering what kind of cognitive dissonance it might create in his mind if he ever agreed to watch it. But could he, on the other hand, dismiss someone of her stature as a crackpot beforehand? Worth a try. ;-)

Michael Donly is strong..

Here's a structural engineer who lays it on the line. Bravo, Michael, and thanks for taking part in the RB7 TV ad! $100,000 raised now... almost.

Thanks to all these Intellectual Professionals!

If we are ever to get a new independent investigation into 9/11, it will be because of the courage of all these
intellectual professionals who have spoken out. I recently read two articles , "Energetic materials a potential cause of 9/11 first responder illnesses" written by Kevin Ryan, and "FDNY Rescue Workers Show Lasting Lung Damage From 9/11 World Trade Center Dust" by Montefiore Medical Center. From my understanding of these articles there may be evidence of thermite or nano-thermite in the lung tissue of the many of the tens of thousands suffering one form or the other of respiratory illness. I would like to see some medical researchers step forward and speak out about this. Almost 1,000 9/11 responders have died to date and if
these red/gray unignited aluminothermic explosives dust particles can be positively identified in the lung tissues of any of the other 60,000 who are presently suffering respiratory illnesses maybe the American people will open their minds to why the need for a new investigation is so important.