911 truth participates in Madrid Rallies for Change

You can see our 911truth signs briefly in this Video which was in the NY Times: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/05/18/protesters-rally-in-madrid-despite-ban/

And here is a clip that we made :


We have been going everyday to the continuing camp out in Madrid 's Sol Square , with signs and handing out flyers about 911truth.

First Egypt ... Now Spain?

First Egypt ... Now Spain?
Indeed, the protests in Madrid, Spain are eerily similar - if smaller and shorter - to Tahir Square, Egypt.

its not like egypt

Its not like egypt since its not all of the population that is there. its mostly young people although there is a bit of everything. but definitely not all of the population. What are they saying in the press over there?

puerta del sol in direct

you can see the puerta del sol here 24 hours in direct http://www.soltv.tv/soltv2/index.html

Help us spread the word

This is an enormous opportunity to spread the word about 911 truth, we are printing thousands of flyers we could use contributions, if you can please donate via paypal http://www.chipin.com/contribute/id/b127e4a7ba3747aa
thank you.

Found a link on Reddit to live coverage...

[Spain update] The Electoral Committee has forbidden protests on Saturday. When this submission is exactly 5 hours old, we'll see who backs down: the police or us. Here's a live video stream to see it yourselves.

some kids tried to cause violence

some young kids put on hoods and covered their faces minutes before midnight where we were last night. They were trying to start some kind of violence which would justify police intervencion. but there were so many people , that they couldnt get away with anything.

our corner of Sol Square

The wall is papered with information about 911 and people are constantly passing by to read.

That's awesome. Nice work.

That's awesome. Nice work. Glad you are getting a good response!!

I also heard, unfortunately, that the corporate party won the recent election there in Spain.

"This situation in the square reminds me of Tahrir Square in Egypt. We are brothers with them. We are brothers. We have the same problems." – Pedro Escol, young, unemployed scientist on gigantic protests against youth unemployment in Spain

"I brought bread, tomatoes, cheese and chickpeas. I feel we should all collaborate... I can't stay sleeping here overnight, but at least I can bring food. I don't have much, but I prefer to spend my money on this, than on going out at the weekend." – Leticia Moya, 28, unemployed nursery worker

the elections

I dont think anyone expected to change the outcome of this election.
we are hoping more for a revolution like iceland than the one in egypt