Help Contact Media Outlets in the Toronto Area for the 2011 Anniversary

Tenth Anniversary Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the International Center for 9/11 Studies will sponsor four days of citizen hearings at Ryerson University in the city of Toronto, Canada. These international hearings will be commonly referred to as the Toronto Hearings and more information can be found at .

Help Kevin and friends by contacting the media outlets up and around Toronto, including all Canadian, Rochester NY and Buffalo NY outlets, and politely yet firmly ask them to cover this important 10th Anniversary event.

This is a list of television and radio stations along with a list of media outlets in and around Toronto, Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area:

NBC Buffalo NY: (
CBS Buffalo NY: (
ABC Buffalo NY: ;
FOX Buffalo NY:
PBS Buffalo/Toronto:

Tons of work to do. Emails & Phone Calls. Follow-Ups.

Post any success stories, hurdles, and more contact information here in the comments. Thanks.

Write or Call the American Sunday Shows

Face the Nation: Carin Pratt, (202) 457-4481,
(202) 457-448,

Meet the Press: Iliana Drimmer, (202) 885-4598,
(202) 885-4598,

This Week: (212) 456-7777, (212) 456-7777 (push 5 and
address your message to Rick Kaplan, executive producer of This Week)

State of the Union: Michelle Jaconi, (404) 827-1500,
(404) 827-1500,

CNN: (404) 827-1500 or (202) 898-7900

Please consider taking the few minutes to contact C-Span.

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