Robert Greenwald and the Brave New Foundation are asking, "Are 1,500 Reasons Enough?"

I just got an email from Robert Greenwald with the heading, "Are 1,500 Reasons Enough?" Knowing that Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth have reached this milestone I did a double take and thought he was supporting the petition. Although this significant number is now the horrific number of soldiers KIA in Afghanistan that Greenwald is referring to, I think it is fair to pose the question to him in turn and inquire as to wether his logic also applies to the collapse of Building Seven; "Mr Greenwald, are 1,500 architects and engineers enough?"

Are 1,500 reasons enough?

I emailed them right when I got that...

This email worked for Brave New Films:
Thanks ahab7!!

form a delegation

I have a post months ago where I mentioned "high value targets" meaning, persons (and their organizations) we should focus our outreach toward. Robert Greenwald is a good example.

I think we need to be more proactive and focused. Imagine a delegation (5 or 6 members?) of our high profile leadership, a group of our scientists, architects, retired ambassadors/intelligence officers, etc, making a carefully calculated plea to meet with certain personalities in a private setting in order to be able to present a calm, nonthreatening presentation of our evidence.

How could this NOT be effective?

I've spoken briefly with and given DVDs to:

Chris Hedges
Jeremy Scahill
Russ Baker
Col Ann Wright
James Douglass (JFK and the Unspeakable)
John Perkins
Thom Hartmann
Adam Kokesh
Joe Meadors (Uss Liberty Survivor)

All of these VOICES would be powerful additions.

So what?

10,000 - 50,000 Afghans, is that enough?

A measly 1,500? Is this supposed to be shocking? Or are we going back to the "US soldier 3 points, enemy combatant 1 point" system?

Excuse the fuck out of me for hating on the double standard.


Yes, good word. And yet how prevalent is the "Steal their gas and kick their ass" mentality... and given the levers of power?