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                  sorry for the black out since nealy 6 months but I will catch up with you on the 911 truth movement in France.

Since the successful General Assembly of the French association ReOpen911 ( ) the 7th of Mai 2011, the French truth movement is starting to move more strongly towards the public to inform them what's at stake with the 911 crime and why it is important that we must have the truth.

A look back at the mobile exposition  of  20-10-2010 see annex °1.

This mai 2011 we have a new mobile exposition see annex °2

Below and in the annex °3 you will find an excellent power point "11th of September 2011 for Dummies" ( please a translation in english of
this good work would be welcome ! ) "

Last Friday there was a projection of the Iranien film "The black box of the 11th of September 2011"

which was a good success even though the film is very different than all those that we have so far. I will be back in a couple of weeks with a report and photos.



°3 _ _ _ _

Excellent "The 11th of September 2011 for Dummies" ( see below and at annex °3

1) … rtie-1.pps

2) … rtie-2.pps



°1 Paris 20-10-2010  = = = = = = =

The Parisian expo, in its current form, has the advantage of  being transportable by a person alone, in the subway.  

With the red straps it is very easy to carry  wink :

The assembly starts with the wooden framework :

tool is necessary, all is done by wing nuts:

fix the panels on the other hand, a second nobody is necessary, to  hold the panel ( I will have to tell Yves that by puting the wooden frame against a wall you can assemble it by yourself. This is the way I do the same modèle on the Herblay market )

is held by large transparent Scotch tape, which one withdraws to  dismount.
 It falls apart very well on the plastic.  

Once the folded up expo it is still Scotch tape which holds the  elements, panels blue and pieces of wood, as the first photograph  shows it.  

John MITCHELL is congratulated, who is the inventor of this simple and  solid assembly!!  


Cadre en bois, une fois monté (L x h) : 1m85 x 1m77
Section des pièces en bois : 35 x 35 mm (pièces verticales) ou 20 x 25 mm (pièces horizontales)
Équerres : 28 cm de côté, 45 mm à l'endroit le plus large
Panneaux bleus : 2m20 x 1m20 x 2 mm

 Thank you Arnaud911 for the photographs, taken on his portable  telephone because my batteries did not resist the temperatures!  

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°2  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ New mobile expo _ _ _ _ _

The news expo appears of a great simplicity in its  implementation:
 two trees (or standard lamps), two people and an end  of string are enough.

Rolled up, the expo is transported in one hand without effort.  

This  expo is very "professional" and at the same time requires only a small team (2 people), ideal for the towns of  average importance
where the militants want to move for the 10th  anniversary.  With more people one can bring a table ( a wall paper paste table for exemple),  another hang up banner, etc

    On the contents:  the photographs take up less place compared with the  preceding expo (Parisian), so that the ring binders containing the important collection of full page photographs is even more important than before. We are even thinking of organising the photos par topic because to explain a subject as we dog fight over them. ; -)   ;-)

°3 _ _ _ _ _  source  

1ère partie : 
Version définitive.

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2ème partie : 
Version définitive.

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2ème partie : 
Version définitive. Plus 'sérieuse' : sans Loose change, ni Bigard.

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(Au total pour les différentes parties et versions, environ
1500 téléchargements/rechargements)

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