Projection "The black box of September 11 2011" in Paris Friday 27/05/11

"The black box of September 11 " (The 9/11 black box)  

May 27 2011

This film gave me the same effect of an  energy drink; it achives (in my opinion) the rare combination of erazing the mountain of silly things and dishonest vindications poured on Theiry Meyssan since the beginning of his revelations embarrassing over  11-September!  It is, do not hide it, an ode on Thierry Meyssan, which is so pleasant for whoever supports this journalist with his exceptional  courage, known in the whole world for his work over  11-September.

The technical argumentation over 11-September occupies a significant  part of the film but this one is brought in a dynamic and convivial way,  in the form of an exchange with the Iranian personality who had invited  Meyssan.  The film also succeeds in bringing action, suspense and  emotion, in particular when it approaches the precautions which  Thierry Meyssan must take since he is regarded as a " threat for the  safety of the United States ".  In a word, we have a film  radically different from the documentaries a little bit  improductif which exist until now, including " Press for truth " and from " Zero " which have however already succeeded in adding emotion to a subject it is true  very technical.  

But the film is far from being just on September 11.  

A striking element, as a member of the public noted, is the  visit to the old United States embassy in Iran, fortress  techno-paranoiac which has become a spy museum.  Meyssan, hyper  documented, recognizes the place whereas it has never been visioned in France !  Certain  rooms resemble to immense safes, heavy door with an entry code incorporated..  The  paper shreeding machine having broken down at the time when the  Iranian students took control of the embassy, the harvest of documents was significant.  All the region was spied on.  

As was foreseeable, the Parisien cinéma was archi-full !  Even the alley was  occupied and sometimes 3 people tightened themselves to 2  places. Corto, you perfectly described this projection room with an incredible  charm, very comfortable.  Approximately 80 people, a public it seemed  enough varied to me but in any case, completely convinced of the  inside job.

The debate which followed did not relate to September 11, everyone  was convinced.  Perhaps some in ReOpen911 will keep their distances  by seeing Thierry Meyssan so affirmative, Meyssan who it should be pointed out is an actor here and not scenario writer. The debate was primarily related to the last part of the film, which gave a point of view  of religieuses believings, where it was a question of the return of the Messiah and  reconciliation between Islam and Chrétienneté.  Certain members of the audience regretted this part while others would have liked a deeper developpement.  Maria Poumier recalls the film is from an Iranian point of view and  that, in a certain way, the work of Thierry Meyssan is a small "  miracle ".

afsvfr, John MITCHELL, Matthieu, The Flipside and yvesduc represented  (with dignity!)  ReOpen911.  

One evening filling with enthusiasm!

The film will be projected in province after le holidays..  

It will be also put on Internet, for a maximum diffusion.  .

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‘The 9/11 Black Box’ wins award at Fajr Film Festival

Posted on February 11, 2011 by rehmat2

‘The 9/11 Black Box’ is a political documentary based on the research of the September 11, 2001 done by the renowned French journalist, writer and political activist Thierry Meyssan. It was screen for the first time in Persian language at the 29th Fajr Film Festival currently being held in the Islamic Republic of Iran from February 5-15, 2011. Watch a video below.

In addition to the annual prizes, the jury decided to allocate a special Human Rights prize, which it bestowed on Thierry Meyssan for his performance in “The Black Box of September 11, a critique of the Empire of lies and the culture of Resistance”.

Thierry Meyssan is founder of the Voltaire Net.Org website. He is author of 2002 book 9/11: The Big Lie.

The film title is borrowed from the term ’9/11 Black Box’ which has frequently been used by the Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad in his speech at the September 2010 UN General Assembly session in New York.

The film, which is directed by internationally known Iranian filmaker Mohammedreza Eslamloo, questions the official story of September 11, 2001 events and his journey to the landmarks of the Iranian revolution. Thierry Meyssan plays himself the role of an Iranian documentarian by the name Mohammad in the film. The full-length film, was shot in English in 2010, entirely in Iran. It will be shown in movie theaters in Iran and should come out in various foreign languages.

“Meyssan comes from Lebanon to Iran, since in his views, Iran is the only country in the world aims to reveal the truth and he cannot find facilities for his research in other parts of the world,” said Eslamlu.

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I look forward to seeing this film.. Thanks for posting.

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