9/11 and Who Rules Saudi Arabia


Madawi Al-Rasheed: The Saudi dictatorship was the incubator of al Qaeda.

Al Queada had nothing to do with 9/11 so. . .

. . . why bother with all the discussion about the Saudi's being linked to Al Queada? It doesn't exist. It never really did. 9/11 was the work of rogue elements withing our own government. Everything else is irrelevant.

Those who were behind 9/11 must love hearing all this conjecture about who was associated with Al Queada and who may have aided them, pre-9/11.

Nonsense. All of them, the bin-Ladens, Al Queada, the Saudi Ruling class, all of them are just fronts for the CIA and MI6. And now, we're supposed to believe that the Saudis are now the victims of the "incubator of violence." Hah?

These groups are OUR bitch, not the other way around.

Conspiracy theories Vs Research

Your post shows you are a conspiracy theorist with basically no knowledge of the events of 9-11, who were involved, and what led to it.
And a plane hit the pentagon.


As remo pointed out in this thread, Sibel Edmonds stated in her last podcast that none of the FBI translaters she worked with had ever seen or heard any mention of "Al Qaeda" before 9/11. I'm not taking sides in an argument - just wondering what you think about why they hadn't.

I posed another question at Sibel's site

According to this document from the Congressional Research Service (http://www.fas.org/irp/crs/033104.pdf), Al Qaeda was responsible for attacks going back to 1992.

How does that jive with none of the translators hearing/seeing the term "Al Qaeda" before 9/11?

The simple answer

is that "al Qaeda" was not mentioned in anything they were translating, either by chance OR design.

Translators can be compartmentalized, too.

As for the general question of the relative importance of this issue, anytime we further deconstruct the official narrative and/or the layers of the back story for said narrative AND who is creating said back story, we get closer to finding the perps who planned and executed the crime.

Always a good thing, imho.

Be well and keep asking questions.

The truth shall set us free, but sometimes the truth can be a puzzle.

Love is the only way forward, and through love we have the patience to put the puzzle together.

She said

She said that was all of them - 250. All I can think of is that they made the term backwards compatible when they started using it.

NYCGuy -

Do you really think that all of the crimes of 9/11 were committed by U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, AND that ALL these people were also in the government?

What I think now...

... having looked into these issues since early 2005 is that the "major players" responsible for the devastation that took place on September 11th were not Saudis, Iraqis, Pakistani or Afghans.

Agreed, Vesa ...

having followed the players in the region (especially the Israelis, Saudi's, Iranians and Pakistanis) since the mid-1980's, I have come to the same conclusion.


I agree. It's all a diversion

I agree. It's all a diversion from what we already know : 911 was an INSIDE job.

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