We are seeking the assistance of a metallurgist or other professional to analyze samples taken from a cache of WTC steel wreckage.

I am updating this entry since accessing the steel cache on June 2, 2011 and obtaining 16 samples and 50 additional photos.

The samples include rust, SFRM fireproofing, steel shards, concrete, slag, dust and maybe some paint.

Some of the items have SAVE NIST or ASTANEH painted on them. Check out the weird evaporation of the top flange and discoloration on the web.

One of the pieces may be a match for a WTC7 girder seen in this 1985 construction photo. Compare the piece that the samples were taken from.

This piece has stiffeners, with a column seat above, a lifting eye and appears to be the same height, about 70". This piece has ~2-1/4" flanges, stiffeners, and left side web. The web on the right side cut is only about 3/4" thick as it tapers down just right of the right stiffener at the white vertical line/patches.



One of our excellent researchers in Europe has provided several photos showing NIST Core Column C-83 before and after their removal of a "coupon" for testing. Compare the photo we took on June 2, 2011. This is a perfect match. This C-83 core column is the same one taken to NIST and used for their tests.

Please contact me for more information.

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Great WATCHING, Kawika -- this is what we need!

At the huge meeting in Chicago in 2006, a prominent theme was: "we are watching you" (big gov't etc.). This important goal of our community has recurred over and over in the intervening years. We watched the NIST reports on the Towers and caught major blunders, which we published. We watched for what was really in the WTC dust, and found residue of active thermitic material. NIST has REFUSED to even look for explosive (or pyrotechnic) residues in the dust!

We watched the NIST report on WTC7 and found them assuming, erroneously, that the building came down at "constant velocity." What a blunder that was! David Chandler and I independently challenged NIST on that blunder, and pushed them to re-analyze. We were watching. In the final report NIST admitted in a detailed data-graph that WTC7 came down with FREE-FALL ACCELERATION for over 100 feet!

Yes, we are watching and scrutinizing. And gathering evidence and truth-seekers as we go along.

And now you are watching well, as you say -- "I have come across a cache of WTC steel wreckage from Hangar 17." Good watching, I must say!
By all means, acquire (legally only) whatever photos and video and small samples of paint and residue that you can. And please indicate where these samples are located...
We can go from there.

Thanks for watching!


whatever became of this? Please keep us updated kawika!


Still waiting for contact from experts. I need feedback on strategy, logistics and coordination.

Reach out to anyone you know at the earliest possible moment.


Thank you


16 Samples were collected and an additional 50 photos were taken on June 2, 2011.

Time to find experts who can analyze dust, concrete, SFRM fireproofing, slag, steel shards and rust..

Please contact me as soon as possible.

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