Attendance at the Toronto Hearings

The organizers of the Toronto Hearings have received a large number of inquiries from people who want to attend the Hearings. As a result, we’re pleased to offer approximately 100 seats to members of the public to attend as non-participant audience members. Seats may be reserved for all 4 days of the Hearings for a donation of $200 per seat. Click here to make that donation and reserve your seats.

For those who are attending, various hotel accommodations are listed at the site as well.

Daily attendance at a lower cost may be available at a date closer to the event, depending on what seating remains available.

Since announcing the Hearings nearly one month ago, we have raised one-third of our $25,000 funding target. Work continues on finalization of the witness list and the panel.

We wish to thank everyone who has offered to help and all those who have expressed interest in attendance. Please check back with us for further updates.