Very rare video interviews on the RFK Assassination:

From Black Ops Radio:

Hello Everyone,
As a special exclusive, I'm releasing this week's show EARLY...
Very rare video interviews on the RFK Assassination:

This show was shown "once" on network TV never to air again... here is the only copy I recorded.
Enjoy it while its available. Interviews with Scott Eyart, Dr Thomas Noguchi, Sandy Serrano and many others.

Original airdate: June 9, 2011
Guest: Archived Video/ Fletcher Prouty
Topics: RFK Assassination

Play Part One -

Investigative Reports researched the RFK Assassaination
Show was only played once... then pulled.
76 people in the pantry contradict the official story
RFK's last interview states he will withdraw from Vietnam if elected.
Witness testimony differs from LA police and District Attorney
Sirhan always in front of RFK wounds from behind
Balistics expert lied

Play Part Two -

Rare footage of Paul Sharaga, Booker Griffin, and Sandy Serrano
A couple man and woman, were "handling" Sirhan
11 people witnessed the Woman in a polka dot with Sirhan
Paul Sharaga reveals LP police lied and forged his report.
Listen to Hank Hernandez badger and browbeat Sandy Sirrano
Makes the case that the CIA murdered Bobby Kennedy...
Details Project Artichoke and Mind Control assassins

Mainstream media sure has changed over the past decades.

Thanks so much Joe! This was really good, especially considering that it was a mainstream show!
The last segment of "theory" was pretty cool.
This show fits well with all the more recent forensics and revelations.

I bet that the producers had to leave a lot of data on the edit cutting-room floor in order to fit things into the show's time format.

I still remember

sitting in the school bus the very next day after RFK's murder, all of us kids sad and quiet, not knowing what to say. And for so many years I believed that 'official' story, too.

Well, now it's clear that the RFK story has as many holes as the 911 story. Thanks very much for the post, Joe.