Jesse Ventura in "Space Beams 2"

Editors Note: Dont miss Episode 1 of "Jessie goes Space Beams"

Jesse Ventura returns to the Alex Jones Show Tuesday June 7th and continues to ask Alex to consider beams as being the cause of toasted cars.

He also mentions "getting blasted by people" for bringing this up.

Burnt Cars

In addition to the numerous car fires before the towers were demolished.... The dust was still reacting as it moved down the streets.


"then the dust cloud hits us. Then it got real hot. It felt like it was going to light up almost." -Thomas Spinard, FDNY Engine 7

"when a wave — a hot, solid, black wave of heat threw me down the block." - David Handschuh, New York's Daily News

"the hot billowing cloud of death chasing us through the narrow streets of lower Manhattan" -Andred Fagan

"When I was running, some hot stuff went down by back, because I didn't have time to put my coat back on, and I had some -- well, I guess between first and second degree burns on my back." -Marcel Claes, FDNY Firefighter

"I was running, and stuff was coming down. This time fire was coming down, because I could feel the heat. I grabbed a firefighter's turnout coat that just seemed to be in front of me. I grabbed it. I threw it over my shoulders. I didn't make it much further than that. I ended up diving down next to some kind of truck. I think it was an ambulance, a van ambulance, of somebody's. I just waited there. I just covered up. This stuff was really hitting the ground. The heavy stuff was really hitting the ground. It was somewhere -- it was shy of Vesey. It really wasn't very far. I didn't make it to the corner. I just waited there for everything to stop. It was really hot, because this time there was fire. I know that because my neck burned." -Louis Cook FDNY Paramedic Division

"by the time it took me to break the back window of the suv my safety coat was already on fire my socks were on fire" -Ronald Thomas COYNE EMT BATTALION 44

"Sal ran west somewhere and got blown off got burnt on the back of his back" -JAMES CURRAN FDNY

"and then we're engulfed in the smoke, which was horrendous. One thing I remember, it was hot. The smoke was hot and that scared me" -Paramedic Manuel Delgado

"I remember making it into the tunnel and it was this incredible amount of wind, debris, heat...." -Brian Fitzpatrick FDNY Firefighter

"A huge, huge blast of hot wind gusting and smoke and dust and all kinds of debris hit me" -Firefighter Louis Giaconelli

"this super hot wind blew and it just got dark as night and you couldnt breathe" -Firefighter TODD HEANEY

"everything went black, it got real hot" -Fire Marshal John Murray

"After the first one fell I was running up Vessey, then I walked back down Vessey towards West Street where all the fire engines were. They were covered in debris and they’re smoldering." -James McKinley, FDNY EMTD

"the whole block I think was on fire. All the parked cars were on fire. There were a couple of firemen hooked up right to a hydrant fighting the car fires." -Firefighter Peter Giammarino

"Q. Everybody tells me all these vehicles were on fire. What do you attribute all these vehicles being on fire to?
A. I believe it must have been from the debris falling and the heat just started hitting the cars and starting cars on fire. There were an awful lot of cars burning, an awful lot. It had to be radiated heat or just stuff falling on cars and setting them on fire. There were numerous cars burning, numerous."
-Paul Curran FDNY Fire Patrol

Losing Patience With JV Very Fast

While JV has been quite helpful over the years, his Dr. Judy Wood based views have taken a serious turn for the worse.

Unless JV has an alternative scientific explanation for the burned (or corroded) metal car surfaces, he shouldn't be claiming that the views of those more qualified than him are "bogus". If distant burned cars are evidence of imperfectly used "energy weapons", where are the other conductive burned objects (living and not) that were also clumsily struck by these energy weapons?

And JV's apparent implication that flipped over cars is evidence of exotic weaponry use is extremely thin. How does he know that such vehicles were not placed where he viewed them by wreckage removers?

Downed trees are not necessarily evidence of Bigfoot!

These positions are comparable to the logic utilized by the video fakery crowd.

Same here.

I agree Aidan.

Jesse Ventura came late in the game. He needs to do a hard-study review of the time-line evolution around 2006 when the egocentric Jim Fetzer was trying to push Judy Woods and Morgan Reynolds into the limelight while also trying to invalidate Prof Jones. Infiltrators like Morgan Reynolds just love the Judy Wood types.

Fireballs at ground level

On the CBS dvd, WHAT WE SAW, not one, but two separate reporters (Marin and Pitts) said they were chased by a "fireball".

Here are their videotaped statements:

Carol Marin, CBS producer--

Byron Pitts, CBS reporter--

Seasoned reporters know the difference between smoke and fire.

Strange orbits

As someone who actually did help write that book (see documents 48 and 49), I can say that Ventura has done serious harm to the truth movement.

Years ago Ms. Wood claimed that undefined energy weapons destroyed the WTC but yet she could not begin to explain the physical principles by which that process, or her newly invented principle of steel "dustification," might have occurred. In her interview with Dr. Jenkins it is abundantly clear that she had not even thought about how those things might work before making her claims with no evidence or mechanism behind them. Oddly enough, this supposed PhD Materials Scientist also appeared to think that steel was composed of "molecules."

Wood said that these unidentified energy weapons, working by way of inexplicable physical mechanisms, destroyed the WTC from a position "in orbit." Another dubious character, Jim Fetzer, called these claims "huge" and said they were “the most fascinating development in the history of the study of 9/11.”

Wood called these weapons "Star Wars Beams" (and still does) despite the fact that experts on that subject, like former SDI director Bob Bowman, have been very direct in their public renunciations of that possibility. All the while she ignored energetic nanocomposites despite the fact that she is, oddly enough, an expert on composite materials and her education and expertise have absolutely nothing to do with directed energy weapons. Reminds me of all those explosive experts who conducted the official investigations into the WTC but never thought to consider explosives.

Alex Jones is incorrect about the cars not having the plastic affected. In fact, in many cases the plastic headlights and the plastic door handles were gone completely (i.e. evaporated), as were the seats, the dashboards, the glass windows and the tires.

Maybe Ventura can help us understand how these imaginary star wars beams in orbit caused the roasting of cars in the underground WTC parking garages? How did these imaginary weapons miss the buildings yet roast the cars beneath?

That's a strange orbit, to be sure.

Hey Kevin

Ask AJ if you can be a guest on his show to set the record straight about the "evidence" of space beams. Please. We need to nip this in the bud every time it sprouts.

AJ is "trying" to remain credible

To his credit, AJ is trying to remain credible by saying "he won't go there" and reiterating the solid evidence of nanothermite, but he's gonna have to try a bit harder. He and JV have developed a friendship, and it's tough to put down the theories of a friend. AJ fans need to step up to the plate and encourage him to set Jesse straight -- no waffling. The stakes are too high.

And just when...

he was making some decent headway with his 63 documents book. When does Dr Steve Pieczenik tell us next that mini nukes were used? It saddens me.

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"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful." -- Edward R. Murrow
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Who the hell steered Jesse toward....

Judy Wood?

Ventura Apparently Closely Tied To Jim Fetzer

Both are from Minnesota and Ventura has reportedly read Fetzer's older books on the JFK murder.

Wood has close ties to Fetzer and video fakery's Morgan Reynolds.

It seems implausible that people as reportedly intelligent as them can honestly believe what they peddle regarding video fakery and space beams. So then, why in fact are they saying what they say?

the history is why

A couple of reasons that people new to the movement can easily mistake Fetzer as someone credible --

1) He continues to be listed totally uncritically on Patriotsquestion911, which links directly to his hoax scholars site, and,

2) His hoax scholars site was allowed to be listed side by side with STJ for anyone searching for "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" as part of an agreement when the Scholars group was forced to split (actually 80%+ of the membership chose to leave Fetzer's group) because Fetzer hijacked the website with nonsense claims and refused to remove them, then began attacking Steven Jones, etc . . . his friend Kevin Barrett, among others, was involved in ultimately in making sure that Fetzer's website would never lose it's prominence in searches for "Scholars" and "9/11" by allowing the original url to point to his site totally uncritically . . . forever.

So it's what people get when the do that basic search and all that does is create time-wasting work for the rest of us to debunk the false claims of DEW, nukes, no planes, etc.

The original domain --, should have never listed Fetzer's hoax website in the first place, and should stop listing it at all. But I don't have any control over that domain.


who was feeding him lines at 2:52 in the audio on 'Space Beams 1' (thanks Gareth):

Who turned Jesse onto Judy?

Richard C. Hoagland.


About Hoagland, from

"To the reader: For many years Richard Hoagland has been the most conspicuous proponent for the idea that the Face on Mars and various other formations in the Cydonia region of that planet are artificial objects constructed by an intelligent civilization that once lived there. Until the summer of 1996 I was completely unaware of this controversial issue. After hearing Hoagland discuss this topic on the Art Bell Show, I decided to take a close look at the evidence presented in his book The Monuments of Mars . This includes photographs (which come from the Viking mission in the 1970s) showing some formations, such as the Face and the D&M Pyramid, which do indeed look rather unusual. However, in addition to this photographic evidence, Hoagland discusses at considerable length various mathematical relationships, which he seems to regard as strong evidence for artificiality. But my intuition as a mathematician told me that the kinds of mathematical relationships which he describes are not at all remarkable. I then decided to do a simple numerical experiment with randomly chosen numbers. The results confirmed that my intuition was very well-founded and so, from my perspective, the mathematical evidence presented in Hoagland's book is quite fallacious and hardly worthy of being presented as serious evidence."

Well . . .

I guess if Jesse is of the opinion that people Richard Hoagland recommends are worthy, that pretty much answers it right there. I saw a video of him giving a presentation about the faces on Mars. It was revealing. If Jesse actually fell for that, there's likely no real hope of reaching him. And if he didn't actually fall for that, there's also likely no real hope of reaching him.