Richard Gage Live on Irish TV3

Richard Gage, a member of the American Institute of architects, has been an architect in the San Francisco area for 23 years and has worked on multi-million dollar projects. He is the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and explains the physics behind the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9/11 and the reasons why the official story of how these buildings collapsed is impossible.

Now if only

If only a media outlet would allow Richard, and AE911Truth, and others in the 9/11 Truth Movement more time "on air".... perhaps we could make bigger strides. Considering that we all live in the information age, access to mainstream media is a must to get this information taken seriously by the masses who ONLY watch TV.

Gage's interview skills are impressive

Richard Gage is continually improving his delivery and ability to field the questions of interviewers.
I am impressed. Fielding hostile or challenging curve balls is no easy task.
Handling TV and radio interviews is something that I am sure is not part of the curriculum in architect school, nor part of an architect's career trade.
I am impressed.

I am so glad that we have Richard Gage.


he takes the job very seriously and works very hard to improve where he needs to.

I was working on his office computer network the night before he left for Europe and spoke to him, he was quite excited to be heading out again.

He has never been comfortable in the spotlight, so this is really forcing him to work against his natural inclinations, which makes his undertaking even more impressive.

That said, we need more architects and engineers to hit the presentation/interview circuit (especially women and non-English speakers), as Richard can only do so much.

Richard Gage and are the point of the truth spear (whether some like it or not), and we should all help them in any way we can.


The hosts

are thinly veiled TRUTH advocates.

THANKS AGAIN and AGAIN Richard Gage!

I think he did very well Richard

For one I think most of the questions were very good, to the point, where Richard was forced to talk about the greater implications, because that's what this is ultimately really about. He held very well, and the footage they showed was very solid, got all kinds of evidence out, good job.

The Cork News

More decent coverage from Cork. (Cork is the 2nd largest city and 3rd most populous according to wiki... Southern Ireland). Hoist a pint for Richard!

great! here's how I respond to "why" questions...

I'll also contact my friend, Richard, directly for this suggestion. As a history teacher, when I teach that US wars are not close to lawful, I get the question of "why" in many forms. Here's what I see Richard could say; you're all welcome to run with this as you see best:

"'Why' people acted one way or another isn't an appropriate question for architectural and engineering analysis. We can tell you what the evidence shows. We can provide explanation of what happened consistent with that evidence. We can refute other explanations that become impossible from the evidence. Those answers can trigger criminal investigations where professionals in other fields can respond to the question of why people acted. Our contribution is to explain, document, and prove that the three WTC buildings' destruction is completely consistent with controlled demolition and that all evidence refutes the government's explanation. That's the limit of architectural and engineering analysis. "

The people in the interview assume the US government is honest and care about American lives to then frame their questions. With a little research into specifics, someone could sharply expose the irony of that assumption when reframed upon English government actions against Ireland.

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