Middle aged, well read guy with too much time on his hand "Goin’ down the rabbit hole!"

Part 1 - Antisemitism and Cranks

Part 2- Conspiracy Theories & Controlled Demolition

Pt 3. 9/11 Demonized Muslims, Kay's Challenge

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John McMurtry:
Exactly. The greatest terror attack in reputation. One should say, What do cranks do in your machine world? But who denies the laws of physics?

Raymond Geisler : “If is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it” Upton Sinclair

Graeme MacQueen
: middle aged, well read guy with too much time on his hands…goin’ down the rabbit hole.


Jonathan Kay's website

Richard Gage AE911Truth.org

Dr. Niels Harrit- Recent Canadian Tour

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The Media know nothing (about 9/11)

National Post's Jonathan Kay Attacks a "Truther" to Introduce His Own Foxified Account of the 9/11 Attacks by Prof. Anthony J. Hall.


Related: Quoted by CBC's Heather Mallick
Thursday October 4, 2007 University of Alberta/ Mel Hurtig Lecture series. Heather Mallick quotes Pulitzer Prize Seymour Hersh during a Mel Hurtig lecture invitation at the University of Alberta. Transcribed by Richard D. Brinkman . Oct 25, 2010.

Audience Question: Why are we accepting what the American government is telling us what happened on September 11, 2001 at face value, when it's all over the Internet that it could not possibly have happened without help from the inside, especially the building called number seven that fell for no reason at all! (audience applause).

Heather Mallick: "So did everyone hear that, the question is why have we accepted the official explanation for September 11, the American explanation?, Well it's very interesting because even Seymour Hersh who I trust more than any journalist in the world says " I don't know what happened on 9/11?". I'm not sure but I think the main reason why we accept that version is because there is no one out there in mainstream journalism giving us any information on that, we are just told what governments and corporations want us to hear, we rely on corporate sources of information. In Canada our newspapers are owned by for instance Globe and Mail is owned by CTV, Global ( PostMedia) owns newspapers published across the country...I still can't believe that that is true...it's talking to me, but your never going to get alternative views of current affairs and of history as long as the means of transmitting information is so corporately owned."

It is obvious to me Jonathan

It is obvious to me Jonathan Kay is not "ignorant", "misguided" but is a shill working for someone, some group, some nation.


Jonathan Kay is a liar. He speaks, beginning at about 4:00 in part 2, of having read the nano-thermite paper. He claims Harrit used a "box" of WTC dust. I haven't read that paper in at least a year, but the authors spoke of four different dust samples, each from different providers. Each sample contained thermitic chips, and three of these dust samples were used by the authors in their paper. The provider of the fourth sample didn't want his/her name published so the fourth sample wasn't included in the paper's analysis.

The provenance of the samples included in the paper is meticulous, requiring two or three pages of text. So, when Kay questions the trustworthiness of the "box" of WTC dust he is lying egregiously.

If there is such a thing as a human soul, Kay is presently compromising his.


Kay is a putz............in a very powerful position in media

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16 June, 2011 - Caper1144 said: "I will actually say that I thought the truther was actually fair in the interview. I wasn't expecting that. Crazy, of course, but fair."