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9/11 Truth - Hollywood Speaks Out

It sucks

that Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jesse Ventura have squandered their credibility.

There are some interesting segments here for sure, but I would not recommend this film to anyone wanting an introduction to problems with the original 9/11 story.

Wow - 2 1/2 Hours - Quite a Film

Hi, (couple of edits added for bad early comments)
I'd like to see this thing framed somehow. I just saw it here and watched it. Now I've seen it a couple of times. I'm certainly glad its there.

It starts out looking like a Sheen-led movement. Should it? I don't know, maybe it doesn't. I think the beginning sets that tone. It had me wondering during the course of watching about what kind of a production it was. Was it a few folks (Sheen, Jones, Ventura), or was it the voice of a whole bunch of people. Who takes the credit?

I had never seen the video of a high rise falling to the side - I've seen pics, not video, that was great. (18 & 1:02). I enjoyed seeing Esai Morales 35 min in and later. At 47 min in, there was that "how to cut a beam" guy and great sound and it came in great collapsing at 47:50. I hadn't know about Kerry's remark (1:12) "did it in a controlled fashion". Michael Moore got in there, and many others.

I have wondered about how dark it all seems, color-wise. Many of the video clips. Black styles for some things, but bright colors.... Bright colors come in the light of day and sunshine comes from people. Or maybe many of the things can be looked at for how dark they come out? I don't think its me. Like 55 min in, the pic is pretty dark, and a few other video clips.

The megadeath guy actually made me wonder if he should be in there, mixed with the enjoyment of him being there like everybody should be.

As long as that happens, where are the pics that offset and balance the backyard out? Celebrities watching very polished pros speaking.

Quite an emotional bit with Jeremy Glick. Would it be better (I have to ask I haven't seen it) to watch him receive the O'Reilly treatment straight out? I'm glad the progression is there with Glick in it. This is great copy for watching someone being put up and whipped.

What happened with Bill Maher was put up. Also with Geraldo. I like the way this comes out, because in the long run, it looks to me like people getting pissed off and creating problems for folks like Bill Maher and Geraldo Rivera. It works out in the end with Rivera, and I think it works out nicely in the end, here.

There is a feel to this that could play in the background while people are doing other things, it is also 2 1/2 hours long. It has lots of little bits. It seems to have a cult capability and flavor, I was going to say maybe too much, I don't know. I wouldn't want to see it lose mind-share to a sense of a lack of maturity. How could that happen? Because sexy people with sexy glasses who work in a lab at the bottom of the sea creating the chemicals used to make the world's finest shampoo are not being used). Or maybe celebrities watching David Ray Griffin speak.

But that is not what it is about. I just threw that in there as an idea for effect.

Wow - quite a time listening to Aaron Russo talk about times with the Rockefellers. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I jest. I liked it.

The Carlin at the bookstore bit showed up - its like this that is fun all the way through, are these bits. Bunches of bits are fun.

Really have to say, showing wtc 3,4,5,6 next to 7 isn't a way of putting it I've done, I like that, too. (57, demoing 6 at 1:05) But it doesn't have context. There needs to be an aerial view of the WTC complex to put it into perspective.

I enjoyed the nice words by Mark Ruffalo and Gary Busey.

On a matter of how I put things, at 2:18 Jesse Ventura is with Willie Nelson. Jesse is saying "Did we all go to sleep?" Yeah. I think we succeeded (and went to sleep). But whenever people go to sleep, they get a sled ride.

Great work, all!
Thanks for everything -

edit-add: Balancing it out: Another idea, there have been congresspeople who have asked serious questions about the 9/11 commission that add to an official documentary side, maybe balancing nicely with the rest. The original idea was a shot. I remember Ed Begley introducing Jeff King to speak, there's a bite.

edit-add-add: I think everybody likes seeing all the celebrities. (Maybe that's what I meant by "bits" after all)

When did this movie come out?

When did this movie come out? I can't find a single article mentioning it online yet...

Watched it with a friend

I watched it twice now, the second time with a friend. It seems that the context was missing when it got to Bill Maher. People forget. I generally do not. I remember what it was like across those years - 2002-3, 2004-5, into 2006, moving along to 2007 and later, the way things were in this country went through some changes. What I didn't get from the film was establishing the intensity of this topic in the air back then. People forget.

What my buddy missed was what everything was like when truthers were on Maher. He was so surprised at Maher's behavior. But I don't think it was surprising. I think it was in keeping with (the day).

I have enjoyed at least a few places in this film where different pieces were stitched together into their own larger pieces. Maybe there are places where attention to the context of the year, how it was at the time, along the way?

And I will continue to enjoy the film.

Cheers, Mark

Edit-ad: First idea, sprinkle it with intimidating politician sound bites. Want some celebrities? Try G W Bush, Bill Clinton and John McCain all telling Americans either to be ashamed of themselves or of being terrorist sympathizers. Really recreate the atmosphere.

The years (in my eyes)

9/11/2001: My brother was investigating this after it happened. I remember those early years. Very few people had encountered the idea of questioning the official story. Opposition to this questioning, as I recall, was also not nearly what it became. Prior to the state message rolling downhill, that being to oppose conspiracy theories ("truther" wasn't around until 2005-6, was it?), you could actually approach someone. Is that funny? There weren't any reactions yet for many people, in 2001 or 2002 or 2003. I mean a person could think it sounds crazy logistically, but there was no conditioning in the response. Crazy maybe, but not evil.

There was the PATRIOT act, and war in Afghanistan (as part of a GWOT) and Bush threatening Iraq. 4th Quarter '01 was busy (and probably hit like a cinder block) In 2002, I asked a bartender, with other customers around, to call an engineer friend of his on the phone to check if the official story on the towers was true, and the engineer said it made perfect sense. I left it as not completely satisfied, but people could talk about it. I also remember not knowing what it meant to talk about evidence of explosives (but it was very suspicious).

In 2003, publicly opposing the war in Iraq was a novel idea. The Dixie Chicks got banned for it. It appears opposition to the war came a little before opposition to the 9/11 story. I remember civilian sentiment having divided, notably, on iraq.

I recall things moving on to around the early days of the 2004 campaigns, in late 2003. I think most people were still prior to introduction to this topic. We watched congress give a blank check on Iraq to Bush, Americans felt disenfranchised, and there was the Howard Dean campaign and a big grass roots effort that emerged n the Internet. As I recall, that campaign cycle was the point where a million young Americans went out and got poltiical and became Deaners - I was one of them. I still like to stay young.

Entering 2004 seems like the year of the first wave of waking up; I think late 2004 picks up in the 9/11 truth movement as well. This is when it starts - public figures are first being approached by activists. I don't think the term "truthers" exists yet. The first parties have gained reactions to the idea of conspiracy theorists. The powers that be just heaped anti-conspiracy-nuts on top of anti-war nuts. It seems like pundits were more organized by that point, too, with all the media and propaganda coordination and control.

In the 2005-6 period, I had become accustomed to the atmosphere where mention of this topic in a public place was not going to work even in relatively informal circumstances. Only certain intimate circumstances worked at that point. By 2006, authoritarian hostility for raising the topic was practically guaranteed. There would be alienation between people not too far apart from one another. At a different establishment, I was the bartender this time. The idea of that bar scene from 2002 would have seemed ludicrous now.

In the 2007-8 period, the psychology seems to roll along to coping with this truther element in day-to-day life, in mostly pro-state ways. They certainly control all of the mainstream. At this point, entering the mainstream is suicide. Truther groups.. Maybe 2005 to 2008. Entering outside blogs (and the blogosphere).

Power to the people - Mark

Some corrections

I had a lot of fun just going down memory lane.

I have to say, the 2004 election years was so busy across the political spectrum, this is really still before a 9/11 truth movement. There were voting system problems. There were Iraq problems Bush and Kerry problems. The busiest year politically I remember.

The other thing... Questioning this country to such a profound degree was just not workable with the American mind of 2002-3. We bickered about things, but we didn't cry out any kind of corruption like the big crimes we talk about today. We loved this country. We were successful. It was great and had clearly done a great job. There wasn't any way it could be be that wrong. Somehow, after however many years, the people viewed government as the authority. We believed in the American system. In spite of any relative bickering, we collectively turned to that authority. The republican tactic of brow-beating was prevolent, in a landscape of fear and patriotism.

Dean was 2nd-half 2003. He was so weird out there. Nobody opposed the war but him. The populist enters and gives voice to people. Dissent against war and the powers that be take to the Internet. After the flurry of the '04 election, dust settles enough and ground is laid for an early 9/11 truth movement.

Truth groups: ae911truth looks like it starts around '07. I think that's more likely a starting point for a "movement".

Something like that -
Cheers, Mark

What happened after 9/11 truth began?

If we say leading figures emerged in 2005-6, and leading groups around then and into 2007, we next come to the 2008 election year. Who could forget!

IIRC, the Iran topic enters the mainstream in 2006, and adds a darkness of its own, as a lot of brinksmanship and possibly wolrd war III. 2007 is a very dark year on the Iran topic. I recall truthers being livid about Iran. Re 2005-7: Washington corruption, eroding civil liberties, expanded war powers, truther activism. It becomes illegal to oppose the Iraq war.

There was John McCain and Sarah Palin. Later, (2009 on) there was a tea party movement and a Fox parade that looked like something out of a declining empire. This leads to tea party hatred and domestic muslim hatred. Has talk gone up on domestic oppression - the border, the DHS and developments in domestic law enforcement activities?

Also in 2008, there was Barack Obama. Any mouse with a brain took the Obama cheese. Barack was unknown, but the alternative was terrifying. In 2009, people found out the Obama-cheese wasn't right. Perhaps this is reminiscent of 2006, when changing the congress to democrat was thought it might work, but didn't. In 2009, changing the White House might have worked, but didn't. The mighty power rangers morphed into a black man.

2009: NYC CAN Ballot Initiative - 70,000 signatures, spawns 'building what' campaign

I think from before I should correct - I think the 2006 mid-terms were where politicians were first getting hit by a few 9/11 activists. In the 2008 year, there was much more of this. There were elements to the level of celebrities and shows with millions of viewers talking about 9/11. In 2008, 9/11 truth is generally out of the mainstream, but its population is generally noted. Somewhere about the time of Charlie Sheen getting "82% of people agreeing with Charlie Sheen" on entertainment tonight. They put up a straw man in front of everybody. Was this an announcement of some kind?

The organization of this all seems reminiscent of or similar to the ensuing Fox parade. In 2008, there is a war of 9/11 ideas occurring on a national stage. Or being fired upon.

The Jersey Girls and the 9/11 Commission

My eyes have deceived me. I was not following the Jersey Girls at all in 2002, or 2003. I was following what they had done amongst other things. The investigation turned out t be a sham. I was somewhat on the fence before the report came out. I was conducting investigation into ground zero or matters in the ME, and war and Chavez and God-knows what... After the 9/11 Commission report came out (2004) is a good time to specify a rise in public 9/11 dissent. 9/11-related authoritarian figures were greatly strengthened by that report (which none of them read), and Bush was given "political capital" for winning in '04, and that real hard period began - Bush's 2nd term.

But we're not through with them yet.

Context for the context

Leading up to 9/11...

It was a bright, sunny day in America when the Bush-Gore election came around in 2000. Viscous campaign tactics led by Karl Roves destroyed the McCain opposition in the republican party. Bush wins the general election by a dubious Supreme Court decision. A shadow is cast across the land. Just a shadow.

Prior to 9/11, I was a programmer, and there was free trade, and a million technical jobs went oversees, the sunshine-of-the-90s dot-com bubble burst, and the US went into a recession. Then there was 9/11.

Period Context: MSM

In 1996, the FCC deregulated American media like nothing before it, enabling corporate giants to take control of all forms of print and media in any given region. By 2001, media companies consolidate to 5 parent companies. I think there is some disorganization in total media control in 2001-3. After that, this whole period is marked by the public's loss of information infrastructure. People couldn't go to anything national or even local papers or TV. Some radio stations, not being as popular, could get in under the radar. We can't forget C-SPAN (government TV) as "under the radar" or mostly unseen or not repeated elsewhere. Odd slips here and there got into the media. The people are severely crippled, when following 9/11 they go to these sources and find themselves isolated. For 300 million people it is a black-out. The difficulty in this period is, "What do people believe?" All the messages from the MSM and anybody you would call a friend have gone their separate ways. Even a few million Americans could be on about something in America where it has been as if virtually blacked out in America. It even seems like 40 or 50 million Americans could hold a position that is being held outside of the American MSM, or at least at bay. Or maybe it's all make-believe no matter how many Americans know more. Well, you do need an audience, and the 3 big networks seem to carry the lion's share.

To the present day, it seems like people and awareness to its own extent can lead.

One thing I've always wonderd

One thing I've always wonderd about celebrities when it comes to 9/11 is that they never put their money where their mouth is. Some have made a lot of money from the truth movement. Although, I don't know of one who has put any money in. Some of these people have obscene amounts of money that they could use to really help the cause, but it seems like its always the little people who can hardly afford next months rent that give.

Agreed. I am quite sure that


I am quite sure that some have been silent "angels" to certain groups though.

It would be nice to have some serious funding, but then, who to choose to support when you are able to help in that reqard?

That is the problem facing many celebrities I imagine: They can't be experts on the subject, they play a different role in society.

A musician, Keller Williams sang "All the freaky people make the beauty of the world."

I was reminded of that song with this sentiment of yours:

it seems like its always the little people who can hardly afford next months rent that give

Yeah, fund some ads

That is so true when you put it a certain way. I would not give money to a lost cause, or something I didn't really know for myself. This thing is big and carries a lot of uncertainty and vacillation. Fear of reprisal keeps millions of people down.

The people who know factually enough I think is very high, compared to the people who are willing to know. In wartime, that willingness might be like the way civilians move to one side or another based on military presence. The latest Sienna poll shows enough numbers that this is starting to gain a head of steam, I think.

I also think some reactions here to the video are short-sighted. I had to watch a 3rd time before seeing it for what it was. I think it is well done, goes through a series of chapters, includes celebrity persons throughout, providing the 9/11 narrative.

But it has to be said... I think the idea of money for ads is new, and shown to work in NYC, and people with money need to know about this idea. The people who have money now should see this video. At some point, perhaps they should speak at that time. We've had 20 million lost mortgages, and a lot more people are going to go under the poverty line (soon).

Perhaps while it may be hard to believe at first that funding 9/11 truth is a good idea, when put this way it picks up a new meaning.

The Daily SHow

Want to see what happens when you get closer to the front-and-center? I don't know, but the daily show put up a sign, "9/11 was an outside job", which I think was a disinterested party venting steam, or a party with another agenda - Abbott and Costello for all. They had a Rally to Restore Sanity with 200,000 people in DC, they say. Steven Colbert just had an interview with Henry Kissinger. It's all so contrasting - these things happening in America, and spheres of sharing.

When confronted at the bookstore in NYC, Jon Stewart reacted to truthers (who were crashing the book-signing). Afterwards, the activists were outside, and came to blows with members of the show's staff.

Jeff Madsen, 2006 world poker

Jeff Madsen, 2006 world poker champion, from a post at my site last year:

From Wiki:

Madsen began playing poker at college and won a no limit Texas hold ‘em event at the 2006 World Series of Poker. At the age of 21 years and five weeks, he was about six weeks younger than the previous record holder, Eric Froehlich, who won his first WSOP bracelet in 2005.

Less than two weeks prior to his victory, Madsen finished third in the $2000 Omaha high-low split event, winning $97,552. Just six days after his first victory, Madsen won his second WSOP title, and $643,381, in the $5000 no limit hold ‘em shorthanded event. A few days later he finished third in the $1000 Seven-card stud high low split event, earning $65,971, adding up to an unprecedented four top 3 finishes, in four different poker variants, in his first year at the WSOP. His showing prompted Full Tilt Poker to bring him in as a sponsored pro.


notes by Naomi Breeze


Charlie Sheen (Actor: Platoon, Wall Street, Two and a Half Men)
Alex Jones (Radio Host/Film Producer)
Daniel Sunjata (Actor: Rescue Me, Grey’s Anatomy, The Devil Wears Prada)
Jesse Ventura (Actor, Author, TV Host, former Governor of Minnesota)
Dean Haglund (Actor: The X-Files/The Lone Gunman)
Willie Nelson (Singer/Actor)
Mark Ruffalo (Actor: Shutter Island, The Kids Are All Right)
Rosie O’Donnell (Actress/TV Host: The View)
Martin Sheen (Actor: The West Wing, Apocalypse Now)
Geraldo Rivera (TV Host: Geraldo at Large)

Also featuring:

Aaron Russo (Film Director/Producer: The Rose, Trading Places)
Al Franken (TV Host: Air America)
Bob McElwaine (Victims Family Member)
Christine Ebersole (Singer/Actress)
Dave Mustaine (Musician/Singer: Megadeath)
David Icke (Author, Lecturer & former BBC Sports Broadcaster)
David Lynch (Film Director: Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet)
Ed Asner (Actor: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, Up)
Esai Morales (Actor: La Bamba, Jericho)
Gary Busey (Actor: Lethal Weapon, Point Break)
George Carlin (Comedian)
Gore Vidal (Actor/Author)
Hal Sparks (Actor/Comedian: Queer as Folk, Spider-Man 2)
Henry Rollins (Singer/Actor)
Jeremy Glick (Victims Family Member)
Jim Corr (Singer/Musician: The Corrs)
Joe Rogan (TV Host: Ultimate Fighting Championship)
John Schneider (Actor: Dukes of Hazzard, Desperate Houswives)
Luke Rudkowski (Truth Activist, Founder of We Are Change)
Margaret Cho (Actress/Comedian)
Michael Moore (Film Director/Producer)
Prodigy (Rap Artist)
Sam Harris (Singer/Actor)
Tony Szamboti (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)
William Rodriguez (WTC employee 20+ years)

Other Celebrities who question 9/11 (listed at end of movie):

Dick Gregory (Actor/Writer)
Evan Dando (Musician/Singer: The Lemonheads)
Harry Belafonte (Singer/Actor)
Heather Thomas (Actress: The Fall Guy)
Immortal Technique (Rap Artist)
James Brolin (Actor: Marcus Welby M.D, Hotel; husband of Barbra Streisand)
James Cromwell (Australian Actor: Babe, The Queen)
Janeane Garofalo (Actress: The Truth About Cats & Dogs, 24)
Juliette Binoche (Actress: The English Patient, Chocolat)
Lou Dobbs (TV Host)
Marion Cottilard (Actress: Inception, Nine)
Matt Bellamy (Singer/Musician: Muse; engaged to Kate Hudson)
Michael J Fox (Actor: Family Ties, Back to the Future)
Michelle Phillips (Singer/Actress: The Mamas & The Papas, Knots Landing)
Mimi Kennedy (Actress: Dharma & Greg, Due Date)
Mos Def (Rap Artist)
Nina Hagen (Singer/Actress)
Patrice O’Neal (Comedian/Actor)
Peter Coyote (Actor: E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial, Erin Brockovich)
Roseanne Barr (TV Host/Actress: Roseanne)
Sharon Stone (Actress: Basic Instinct, Casino)
Spencer Pratt (Reality TV Personality: The Hills)
Tom DeLonge (Musician/Actor: Blink 182, American Pie)
Tommy Chong (Actor: Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke)
Woody Harrelson (Actor: Cheers, No Country for Old Men)

Thanks for this Naomi
Cheers to everyone in Australia for 911 truth