Several 9/11 truth books are in the pipeline here in Germany

Beginning today, there are several 9/11 truth books in the pipeline till this year 9/11 date.

The first release, today:

"Inside 9/11: Neue Fakten und Hintergründe 10 Jahre danach"
(Inside 9/11: New Facts and Backgrounds 10 years later)
by Paul Schreyer, who is the son of famous German author Wolfgang Schreyer and did write a 9/11 novel with him back in 2005, called "The Legend" in German language. If the facts in this new book mess with the one presented in the novel, this will be a fantastic read. And even for Jon Gold, because Schreyer did not touch cd in any way- but make his point anyway, even without it, quite impressive.

On the 14th of July, the new book by Germany's 9/11 truth icon Mathias Bröckers will follow, in cooperation with another well respected 9/11 truth researcher Christian C. Walther, who wrote two books on the issue so far, like Bröckers. These books are the best and most sold in Germany so far with editions in the hundred of thousands, and I am sure this one will gain similar attention.
It's called "11.9. 10 Jahre danach: Einsturz eines Lügengebäudes" (9/11, ten years later: The crumbling of a house of lies)

On Aug. 29th, the release of "9/11, Der Kampf um die Wahrheit" will be published. (9/11: Struggle for Truth) By German journalist Marcus Klöckner, this will be an interesting read, because he will report about the facts of the counter-publicness and how much the truth did have spread through the society and how the media is attacking this instead of addressing it. There will be also a chapter about Niels Harrit appearance in the Kronberg school back in march...

Back in march there was a release by a German sociology professor named Bernd Greiner, "9/11, Der Tag, die Angst, die Folgen" (9/11: The day, the fear, the results), in which he first shoots against "conspiracy theories" and how dumb they are without being rational, even not once addressing the most valid points, and then deliver a well-written account about the results of that day, aka the take over of the cabal to reach the Iraq war and all the lies they needed to achieve this.
I addressed his faulty research in a 3-star review published on amazon.

There also will be a release of Ventura's "American Conspiracies" here in German language, but I won't promote or review it with Ventura's last loops into space beams.

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"If the facts in this new book mess with the one presented in the novel, this will be a fantastic read."

Should that be "mesh"?

Similar, alike

mess is not right, I had "don't mess" in my mind, that's false.

Can you tell us, Sitting Bull?

How is the general attitude towards 9/11 in Germany? In Europe?
(Compared with American attitudes if you can?)

Thanks for all your work there! I know you've been at this for years and I congratulate your efforts.

And what is it that got the 9/11 awareness into the media? Pls be frank -- was it our scientific papers, or talks by Harrit, Gage and others? youtube talks? what has made the difference in YOUR country, my friend?

Very similar to the situation in the U.S.

The majority of germans do not believe the official account on 9/11, fueled by the early dismantled lies about the reasons for the Iraq war, which were properly covered by our media. But still the majority has no clues about your work, if we speak about the whole population. Only the internet users are mostly aware. Once we were called the land of poets and thinkers, and some rests can still be found- the earliest 9/11 truth I was confronted with was by Mathias Bröckers in the weeks after 9/11, the german peak point with endless debates and ad hominem attacks by the media was in summer 2003, even well before the US peak in 2005 with "Loose Change" and your breaktrough research.

Germanys media is totally silent these days about 9/11 truth in the last months, even with the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden and comments at our most important media outlets were 70-80% in favour for 9/11 truth with doubters and non-believers of the oct all over it (still the comments appeared to be the result of manufactured opinion, e.g. my comments are rarely published by Spiegel Online), whereas austrian media still attack 9/11 truth, see these examples:
"The most popular conspiracy theories and what kind of people believes in them"

"Once to Roswell and back" with the last chapter on 9/11 theories

I do not like to end with a negative bias, so this fresh swiss freemarket thinker article is worth a read, and hope for change.

Thank you,

Sitting Bull -- your update on progress in Germany is helpful. Please keep up the good work!

May I say in view of the enormous popular response to the couple kissing on the street in Vancouver Canada following "attack" on her by riot police, that the public will respond to "surprises" and persons helping others in such intimidating circumstances.

Let us keep the element of surprise and compassion in mind as we approach the 10th anniversary...

I reviewed

the second book here presented, this review will be online on sunday, and all I can say so far, this book will change everything here.

There's already a review announced on german first state tv network ARD on this coming sunday, 10.7.2011, 11pm, which should be positive. There are some audio dramas announced for WDR 3 and WDR 5, special-interest channels from the biggest part of the ARD network and as a whole one of the biggest media organisations in europe, eg. Andreas Westphalen with a presentation about this book, another one about the 9/11 novel "5th plane", and another one about "Terror", a Gladio inspired novel.

These were hopeful signs that something is different this year, and we may climb to the same awareness levels last seen in 2003 here in Germany.

First book now published

"Inside 9/11". Three main topics:

The intelligence forewarnings, e.g. Able Danger/ Shaffer, the california cell with infos about Abdusattar Sheik and Al-Bayoumi

The missing air defense, the main theme of Schreyer with some new infos, like Col. Marr was five times identified responsible for the delay of air policing.

And the absence of some of the most important persons that day and what could that mean.

Overall an interesting read. To reach the english speaking part the author did make a video with his main hypothesis in english, maybe that's even worth a new file, 911blogger should decide.

The book was on #11 of germans amazon last night

and M. Bröckers had several appearances on german media, more to come. His book is well received here as far as I can tell. Major news! First time since 2003 that the topic pops up in the mainstream with no against bias at all.