Impulse Theater to present play by 9/11 Relief Worker in New York

Hello everyone,

I'm posting today to ask for your help. I was a relief worker inside Ground Zero in the days and months following September 11th. Over the past four years, I have developed and written a play called Hope in Chaos about the experiences of my Ground Zero team. It's the true story of our work on and around the pile, and what happened to us in the years since. It's about looking honestly at what happened to our city. We are producing the play in New York for the 10-year Memorial as a benefit for the Tribute WTC Visitor Center ( We have assembled an amazing production team, including Broadway director Holly-Anne Ruggiero.

You can view our media promo here:

*But we need your help to make it happen.*

We've launched a fundraising campaign called "The Power of Ten" to raise money for the production costs. Any amout, no matter how small, MATTERS. Just like a decade ago the dedication and selflessness of each first responder became part of the enormous Ground Zero effort.

Click here:

The campaign is based on the idea that the small things matter - individuals matter - and even if you can only give $10, you're still apart of what we are doing. All the little things add up.

Please help us tell this story.

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