Richard Gage Talk at Royal Institute of British Architects Ignites Firestorm



RIBA comes under fire for hosting ‘bonkers’ 9/11 talk
24 June 2011 | By Will Hurst, David Rogers

Institute reviews policy after controversial event booked by Zaha Hadid Architects associate

The RIBA is reviewing its policy on hiring out 66 Portland Place following a storm of criticism over its hosting of a group claiming that New York’s Twin Towers were brought down through a controlled explosion.

Leading architects on both sides of the Atlantic hit out at the institute this week after American architect Richard Gage, part of the group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, delivered a lecture at RIBA HQ on Monday night.

The venue was booked by fellow American and RIBA member Craig Phillip Kiner, an associate at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Gage claims that the fires caused by the impact of the two jets flown into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, could not have been sufficient to make the steel structure of the towers collapse, and he questions the collapse of World Trade Centre 7, a nearby 47-storey building which was not hit by an aircraft.

But critics claim his scholarly approach is nothing more than a cover for a “bonkers” conspiracy theory which ultimately points the finger at the US government and allies including the state of Israel.

Director of the American Institute of Architects’ New York chapter Rick Bell, who witnessed 9/11, expressed surprise at the event and said “no amount of money” would persuade him to allow the group to talk at his headquarters.

“The professional community discredits this guy,” he said. “We rent to just about anybody but if this guy came to me I’d say we don’t want your money, we don’t want you in our building.
“You have to draw the line somewhere… Not for any amount of money would we have that talk in our space. It gives it a credibility that it doesn’t deserve.”

KPF chairman Gene Kohn, who was the AIA’s spokesman in the aftermath of the attacks, called Gage’s theories “ridiculous”.

“There were no explosives planted,” he said. “The buildings were definitely brought down by the planes. This was not your typical fire. Basically they’re accusing the government of doing something so dastardly, to destroy a part of New York – it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

In London, figures including former RIBA president Jack Pringle and Stephan Reinke, founding president of the AIA’s UK chapter, criticised the event.

David Aaronovitch, Times columnist and author of Voodoo Histories: the Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History, was at the event. He said: “Zionists, Israelis and the Saudis were blamed for doing this, that or the other” by audience members.

He said around 230 people including 25-30 self-identified architects and engineers attended.

“It was every bit as bonkers as you’d expect it to be,” he told BD. “What they mean is that George Bush and the Zionists brought down the towers.

“The RIBA let itself out to a conspiracy theory organisation whose theories are utterly insane.

“The choice of the RIBA was not accidental… the RIBA should have made it clear that the vast majority of architects think these theories have no merit.”

But Gage said it was unfair of critics to attack his organisation without looking at its evidence, which he claims is supported by 1,500 people in both disciplines.

“Architects and engineers have willfully ignored the message that we’ve been speaking about for five years,” he said. “When is the RIBA going to take this seriously?

“It is extremely important that we understand exactly what happened on 9/11… the implications of the demolition of the Twin Towers are very disturbing – I’m not denying that – but to refuse to look at the evidence because it has dark implications is ignorance.”

Kiner said his membership of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth was a “personal matter” and had nothing to do with Zaha Hadid Architects.

In a statement, the RIBA said: “The RIBA never endorses, sponsors or publicises private events held in its buildings, therefore any perception that this event was associated with the RIBA is regrettable. We will be reviewing our policy on private hire of our building in the light of this event and reserve the right to review room bookings on a case by case basis.”

Who are architects & engineers for 9/11 truth?

According to the five-year-old group’s website, more than 1,500 architects and engineers have signed its petition calling for the US Congress to launch an independent investigation into what caused the buildings to collapse.

“We believe that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that three World Trade Centre buildings No 1 (North Tower), No 2 (South Tower) and No 7 (the 47-storey high-rise across Vesey St) were destroyed not by jet impact and fires but by controlled demolition with explosives.”

It says the Twin Towers’ collapse “exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosion” which include “improbable symmetry of debris distribution”, “extremely rapid onset of destruction” and “evidence of explosives found in dust samples”.

Spokesman Richard Gage, a San Francisco Bay Area architect, launched “his own unyielding quest for the truth about 9/11” after hearing a radio show in 2006.


As an Architect and American, I am a signator of the petition for a new investigation. Thank you A/E 911 Truth and Richard Gage! How anyone can deny the many inconsistencies in the so called, 'official story' is beyond belief. When one looks at the evidence and events leading up to and after the demolition,
then, you must question the 'official story'. An official investigation must be conducted with witnesses and a jury.
Many will be held accountable! All those whom planned,
conducted and covered for this attack will be held accountable.
There is no statute of limitations for murder. In order to prevent further terror attacks such as 911, we must bring the perpretrators to justice and expose this evil cabal now operating within our government and its agencies. The truth will set us free and bring peace to our land!

Eugene Kohn

Well, it's clear where Gene Kohn is comming from:

He is in bed with the crooks!

Hopefully Max Keiser and his Silver Liberation Army puts JPMorgan out of business soon. I'm doing my part by buying physical silver too.

Best regards,

Gage Is Doing Great Work

He is one of the few people willing to regularly combat barriers and ignorance.

Pursuing the murder of nearly 3,000 people is vital to future law and order.

RE: Gage Is Doing Great Work

In case of Eugene Kohn i think it's not ignorance. It's probably self interest.

I wonder if the co-author of this article is the same as

the Dave Rogers who frequents the JREF Forum and is vehemently opposed for some reason to any new investigation of the events which occurred in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001.

The article above is essentially unprofessional and vile as it uses ridicule, in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate people from looking at any alleged evidence which would show that the investigations up to this point did not get it right.

Any honest and rational person would first want to view and hear alleged evidence before making a decision as to whether or not it is "bonkers", and anyone who would pronounce it "bonkers" to others without giving them a chance to see and hear all of it beforehand, like the two authors of this article, have to be viewed as having suspect motives.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to interrogate anyone who had access to the interiors of those buildings in light of the oral history testimony of over 100 emergency personnel who said they saw, heard, and/or felt explosions before and during the collapses of the towers.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to properly explain how Building 7 was caused to go into full freefall acceleration across its full length and width in a sudden way for over 100 feet.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to properly explain how the North Tower could have collapsed while continuously accelerating with no saw tooth motion in its velocity observed.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to properly explain what active thermitic material would have been doing in those buildings, since it has been found in all samples of the dust from the collapses of those buildings.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to properly explain how iron microspheres could have been found in all the samples of the dust from the collapses of those buildings.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to properly explain how large amounts of molten metal could have been found mainly under just the three collapsed buildings.

It certainly isn't "bonkers" to expect an investigation to save and properly examine and analyze the steel from such unprecedented structural failures and to justify why it wouldn't if it doesn't do so.

The investigations done thus far did not explain these issues or interrogate anyone who had access to the interiors of these buildings. It is thus necessary to conduct a new investigation to explain these problems as they do point to something other than a natural collapse and the involvement of others besides 19 hijackers and Al Qaeda chiefs in Afghanistan.

You're bonkers. Someone who

You're bonkers.

Someone who analyzes facts and evidence and comes to a conclusion (whether popular or not) using critical thinking and expert testimony is just a conspiracy theorist.

However someone who sides with the governments official story (whether popular or not) without even knowing the whole story or even really investigating it is just using common sense.

A man that may have weapons of mass destruction is an eminent threat to the world and must be stopped immediately.

However a man that drops bombs on another country and kills multiple civilians on a weekly basis is a hero and is given a peace prize.

That's the way America and most of the world currently is right now. We have to keep pushing to restore order and sanity. We will one day.

memorials too soon

Yes, it seems that some in official positions in architecture and engineering are on the "memorial" bandwagon now -- their utter intolerance of any questioning of the official story is likely tied to their deep involvement in enshrining the event, as with Rick Bell, who trashes the "conspiracy theorists" in the article.

Rick Bell, FAIA: Executive Director
Rick Bell is executive director of AIANY overseeing its operations and communicating its policies. A registered architect and a Fellow of the AIA since 2000 for his prior work in the public sector, Rick currently heads the AIA national staff association, CACE, and represents it on the AIA national board.

Since starting at the AIA in 2001, Rick has raised the profile and involvement of the architectural community on policy issues, including accessibility, affordable housing, sustainable design and waterfront use. . . . Previously, Rick worked in the public sector as Chief Architect and Assistant Commissioner of Architecture & Engineering at New York City’s public works agency, the Department of Design & Construction.

Memorial Sites : New York to Nairobi
Photographs of memorial sites shot around the world from sites from NYC to Nairobi. Book made for exhibition at the Center for Architecture on the even of the anniversary of 9/11 in anticipation of the memorial at Ground Zero. Essays by Rick Bell, the director of the Center for Architecture, and Tracey Hummer, the shows curator. Tracey is a writer based in NYC. 80 pages 8 by 8 inches click here to see a 15 page preview
soft cover $23.95 hard cover $35.95

Editorial by Bell:
What is happening at the World Trade Center site? And why is there a need to get together on 6/11to turn 9/11 around, yet again? The memorial is proceeding, that we know. With leadership and fundraising oomph from the Mayor, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center (try saying that ten times quickly) is moving ahead.

Methinks, they doest protest too much

The kind of invective directed towards Mr. Gage and AE911truth is typical from those who fear the truth coming out. Listen to the rebukes, "Bonkers", “ridiculous", "utterly insane". Reading through their statements it is clear that it is not the evidence presented by Gage that they can't accept, but the implications of that evidence. The 9/11 Truth community believes that explosive charges can destroy buildings and other structures. There is nothing extraordinary about this claim. It is akin to saying that water will wet you and fire will burn. It is Gage's laser beam like focus on the evidence that is his strength, and his ability not to get distracted by whodunit questions.

Gene Kohn: “There were no explosives planted. The buildings were definitely brought down by the planes. This was not your typical fire. Basically they’re accusing the government of doing something so dastardly, to destroy a part of New York – it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I think the line "not your typical fire" is interesting. Fire is fire. It may burn hotter or cooler or it may burn different substances, but it is still fire. What specifically made it not typical? If it burned hotter than your typical fire then why doesn't he just say that? Because we could ask for specifics. Okay, how hot? By saying it wasn't a typical fire he gives the impression to the undiscerning reader that it possessed some magical properties that could do what no other fire in history could do.


Yes, and this:

"they’re accusing the government of doing something so dastardly"

No one is accusing "the government", of course, but rather, government insiders.

Government insiders are individuals with particular agendas who also work for the government and so have access to it's resources and tools. There was no "government order" in any government department for demolition.

Unfortunately, it's remarkable how gullible many academics, professionals and government workers are when it comes to taking orders from above and accepting the word of authority as gospel.

Well said, tanabear...

Richard Gage is a hero. The article is bullshit, as Princeton's Professor Frankfurt created as an academic term from his bestseller.

Step-by-step we move forward. We provide choice, stand for FACTS, and expose propaganda that detracts from the FACTS.

In my years of research I found

a testimony about an unusual fire in the basement level. That does not mean that I believe that fire has magical properties.

"I have never seen fire like that. It was thick with dark red and black colors." Roselyn Braud

A fire with black colours? Notice, she didn't say smoke in this regard.

Besides that the whole "unusual fire" is a double-edged sword. We know at least that there was an very unusual fire, hence the molten metal and the spheres, but what caused that is in doubt. Everytime they play the "Unusual Fire" card we should nail them how it could happen to a building with highest firecodes to have such unusual fires.

People wonder - shill or stoopid believer?

I think there has to be a range running from one to the other. A person can believe very strongly, which is what we see. Truthers tend to get rational, but that's not a guarantee. I tallied a couple hundred posts with people on both sides once and found 75% believers issuing the baseless attacks. I also found a couple of truthers doing the same - less than 25%. Is that a shill?

I don't think that is necessarily so. Remember, this is "believer" territory. That means "don't look (because you believe)". The behavior of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show seems like a "don't look because I live in an ivory tower and I am a believer and I have stronger feelings about it than you do so nyah", for example, more than that of a paid shill. Maybe not. I don't know how to know which it is.

And perhaps like Albury, (below), there are people who are stuck either having to believe the official narrative, or of facing the unthinkable. Whether it be their jobs, or actions they have committed, or the people close to them. Or he is one of those Intel guys - branded "shill". Emotionally, I think there are people who can't face the turn. These are the people who go to AA for a year and still don't do step 1. (Admit they were powerless over alcohol) In this case, powerless over one's own ego and beliefs.

Either way, the good things are what this movement is made of.

Speed vs Acceleration

In the article's comment section. There's a response from "Albury Smith | 24 June 2011 11:37 am" - which needs to be nailed. He gives a huge long response over times and distance etc and completely fails to address the difference between speed and acceleration. Plus NIST have admitted freefall. Guys like Albury - if he isn't just a socket puppet - should be publicly humiliated with him wearing a Dunce's Hat. Perhaps worse...

"Albury Smith" is on someone's payroll


RE: Albury

Albury is a shill if you ask me. He follows our posts wherever they may be and consistently aims to pick fights, discredit, distract, and reroute the conversation into TNRATS pseudoscience bunkem as a means to stop the logical progression of the conversation from awakening to the truth to then organizing to expose it on a larger scale. He routinely shows up on and plays this role for any post dealing with 9/11 Truth. Definitely feel free to expose his lies here.

Very True

Albury comments frequently at and he pops everywhere. As for being a paid shill?, take this for consideration. I was considering leaving a comment for this article after a free registration. However, in order to leave a comment, you must a PAID subscriber. Why would this guy actually pay just to leave comments supporting the NIST conclusions? Where would he get the time to leave all the comments he does all over the internet? I try to avoid at almost all cost calling anyone an agent or paid shill, but in this case, it seems to be apparent. Even though I am currently unemployed, I still barely have enough time to read and comment on articles here on blogger let alone each article that appears on the internet supporting truth. His comments always seem to attack the messenger as well.

There is one thing that bothers me with this article and I don't know if its Richard Gage's fault or not, but the paper cites some of his evidence as being the sudden onset of collapse, the pulverization of concrete, the dust. That response is just too detailed for a short broadly based article. His response should be much more general such as the plain and simple impossibility of top 12 floors ability to crush the lower floors without destroying itself in the process. Quit saying the phrase "near free fall" as well, it's too generic and is often misconstrued as to which building it refers too. There is no measurement of acceleration for the South Tower, the North Tower came down at 2/3rds free-fall which is nowhere close to "near free-fall" acceleration, and of course WTC 7 did come down at free-fall, not near it.

Additionally, I don't believe nearly enough energy is spent discrediting the NIST report as is spent by our opponents discrediting us. If/When Richard records the next version of Blueprint he should devote a significant portion of it to pointing out just how little evidence NIST has to support its own conclusions. He could tour with just Jon Cole's videos alone.

I don't want be too nit-picky but it always seems to me that the fundamental laws of physics the official story contradicts does not get pointed to in the media articles and that needs to change (IMHO) The details about how they contradict Newton's laws can be discussed at the event.

well that's my take on it.. thx for listening. peace all

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"I have known war as few men now living know it. It's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes."
-- Douglas MacArthur
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A paid subscription is not required

to post comments there.

subscriber benefits

The subscriber benefits listed here show comment X'd out on the free registration. I took this to mean the comments part of the article is not available to registered user. Forums is checked under the registered features but I don't believe that includes comment posting. I could very well be wrong on that point but I wasn't going to fill out the registration if I couldn't.


He gets around

I had a tangle with this fellow a few days ago (elsewhere). Could be someone who believes what he is saying. Google the guy, after the name you get "9 11" in the drop-down list... His name is in the drop-down list!

From 2009:

He goes on and on and on. In the exchange I had with him, he disregarded any point of evidence or link I provided. I would not worry about tangling with Albury as much as I would about staying proactive with my own posts.

EDIT-ADD: Well, there you have it. What do you think of someone via relations with Raytheon? From the link above, point 19...

" My brother was working on Hawk and Patriot missiles for Raytheon in Riyadh or Jeddah at the time, and we also had a military presence there until our bases became a lightning rod for extremists, "

I think it's a dumb kid who is messed up in the head and really needs to believe. Just look at the list (at link). If a truther writes a page, this guy will find a word and make a story out of it. If a truther writes a hundred pages, there will be a hundred points by Albury Smith. Since he makes bad ones, I think that helps. I also think it might help to just let him look bad. If two people put up words and links, let the better one win in the eyes of the reader.

RE: Albury

Yes, I think you are right, don't feed the trolls right.
Don't let him draw our fire away from those responsible and from sharing the truth with those willing to hear it.
Thank you for your comment.

"It is pointless to argue with a drunk" comes to mind.

Yes, please do so

I'm on page 6 with Albury now, and he seems to be looking for official support of there being an unusual amount of destruction that morning (9/11).

TomT has it right, below

It's on page 7, now. But the marketing aspect is important. We should not be something someone doesn't want to be. Like pissed or hating the guy or down to flames and such. That's not duplicatable. It doesn't spur interest. It doesn't invite people in.

And thanks to anyone who is pitching in. Cheers - Mark

On page 9, and...

Albury Smith is new to me (past week), but google says he's been going on the same way since at least 2008. And he does it on a wild variety of 9/11 sub-topics. While it is possible some part of his brain is disconnected, he sure does make it seem nice when dreaming of getting paid to do this.

I'm making a definitive Albury Smith resolution. I will make my posts. I will not make personal references. Actually, I haven't made any references to Albury, but he has made many personal characterizations of the truth movement. I have listed out his lies and wild statements - and called them that (bottom page 6). But even that was too far into Albury.

No, the resolution here is to let him make his posts, make his replies, whatever, and to never respond. To just go on making my posts, and that should be fine. Even if I do refer to his post or ask him a question, I will stick to subject matter and stay specific and dissolve into the text. If he wants to be a robot, two can play that game. I will disappear as a person.

He might act like a dingleberry, but what can one do? Dingleberrys dangle, but they don't fall down.

Cheers, Mark

We only grow in numbers when they try to "hit us"

It is ironic that this publicized controversy will draw more attention to "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" than if there had been no published story about the event.
Now, after this article, more people are aware that there exists a group called "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth".
The "Powers That Be" can't win... ...if they try to discredit us, it brings people's attention towards us. ...if they try to "not publish articles", we will continue to disseminate. Either way, we win by getting the word out.

Two fundamentals to marketing:
Attract attention and instill interest.

A common denominator which exists with people who discover 9/11 Truth is their quest for more awareness. An individual desires to become more aware. Seeking more awareness is a common trait for anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement.
The honest intention is a greater awareness, a wanting to know, a curious about, a desire to find out, an interest.
Individuals choose one of two paths (there is no middle ground): either a direction/intention towards more awareness or a direction towards less awareness.
"Intent" shows itself when people do not seek a greater understanding.

I totally agree, Tom

The fact that Gage and ae911truth were able to illicit such a strong reaction is a big victory for us. One of our goals is to "shake things up" regarding the official lies, right? Well, it seems we just did that in a big way.

Your point about the emotional energy behind "intent" is key. Indeed, honest intention to seek truth and knowledge is a far greater energy than the weak position of willful ignorance. That's what makes our influence exponential, and there is nothing the PTB can do about it.

Where's the beef?

If anyone has proven beyond reasonable doubt that plane damage and fire caused the towers to collapse, and asymmetrical structural damage and fire caused WTC 7 to collapse, I want to to see that proof. These blanket dismissals are effective on people with compromised critical thinking skills. I don't say "without critical thinking skills" because lots of otherwise intelligent people approach 9/11 facts like the 3 monkeys: Hear, See, Speak no evil.

The Truth Hurts

and did we really expect anything other than this response? Of course not. And will we allow them to close the issue down like this? Of course not. Anyone interested in helping us in a mass leaflet/info distribution exercise right on the front door of these guys, let me know. Intending to head down that way in 3 - 4 weeks time. Got a few volounteers lined up but the more the merrier. contact for further details if you feel you can help.

This is a great satire piece!

This is a great satire piece! My favorite parts include :

1) The part where they quote the Times columnist as saying : "Zionists, Israelis and the Saudis were blamed for doing this, that or the other” by audience members".

When EVEN THE OFFICIAL STORY says they were mostly Saudis.

2) How they quote some other joker as being incredulous to assume that a government would attack its own people while at the same time constantly hyper-ventalating about OTHER governments (Iraq, Libya, North Korea, etc.) killing its own people and how WE MUST STOP THEM.

I just don't know who listens to these childish arguments anymore. I know we obviously see through them but, for the first time in a long time, I'm actually finally starting to see a lot of people wake up. They are just being so ridiculous. If you try to ban someone or call them conspiracy nuts while offering no evidence, people start to want to hear the other side.

Mainstream media and politicians = you're finally losing. Please continue being so absurd. You're waking everyone up!


Conspirers against 'conspirers'

By David Aaronovitch, June 24, 2011

The author and 9/11 conspiracist, Ian Henshall, announced his departure from the big truther's bash on Monday evening, by thrusting his bald head into my face, twice calling me a "f---g scumbag" and then flapping off into the wet night. It was a typically careless exit.

We had both been part of an audience at the Royal Institute of British Architects for Richard Gage, who is the American front-man for "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth".

Mr Gage had delivered a two-hour slide- and film-assisted presentation which convinced most of the 200-odd audience that they were right to go on believing that the 2001 attacks were an inside job, involving secret, controlled demolitions timed to go off at the same time as planes were flown into the World Trade Centre.

I was there because I take an anthropological interest in conspiracy theories. Mr Henshall was there to reinject himself with the "truth".

Most of us can avoid sharing air time with known racists

Gage's lecture over, I got up to ask him some questions, none of which he felt qualified to answer. A few minutes later, Mr Henshall began to shout very loudly and very clearly, gesticulating in my direction. His complaint was that I had "libelled" him some years earlier by calling him an antisemite in the Guardian. Seeing that I was nonplussed, he then added (at the top of his voice), "you don't even remember, do you?" He was right, I didn't.

Well, I do now. It was in a 2003 piece about a careless toleration of antisemitic tropes among those who should know better. I cited, as an example, Ian Henshall's public suggestion that there was a link between my colleague Nick Cohen's "Jewishness" and support for a war in Iraq. And I also drew attention to his dissemination of stories designed to suggest a connection between Israel and the 9/11 attacks.

Nowhere had I called Henshall an antisemite. I am sure that, were Nuremberg-type laws to be enacted in Britain, Henshall would be against them. And perhaps, in the intervening years, he had become slightly less insouciant in his replication of anti-Jewish stereotypes.

A very brief wander round the internet, alas, proved otherwise. In 2006, Henshall has the conspiracist US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, being defeated in a primary, not because she is a flake, but "after Jewish groups, accusing her of antisemitism, poured in funds and encouraged Republican voters to support her unknown Democratic rival." Henshall reiterates his suspicion that Mossad is in some way involved in 9/11.

Henshall's book, restating much of this, came to the attention of Mr Martin Webster. In 2009, Webster wrote to Henshall expressing his interest. Henshall, knowing what younger readers may not - that Martin Webster is an unrepentant and briefly famous neo-Nazi - explained why he was not keen to foster that interest. "The main attack on the 911 Truth movement is that we are 'holocaust deniers' ie antisemitic," wrote Henshall, "and it is amazing to note the key media people who have attacked us are Johann Hari, Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch, George Monbiot, Mathew Rothschild."

He went on: "Although I am always keen to sell my book I think it would be bad tactics to be linked to your networks, because it would give these people more ammunition."

Webster obligingly published this communication on his website, where it has remained hidden until now.

You may think that some of the fruity language Henshall sent my way, could have been included in an epistle to a neo-Nazi. Clearly not. Webster is only to be discouraged for "tactical" reasons to do with what a number of journalists (including a Rothschild) may write.

After my questions but before Henshall's goodnight, Gage was asked a couple of times about the "Zionist" influences in the conspiracy, and the possibility of Israeli involvement. One woman near me, to her credit, disapproved of this line of argument.

Most didn't. Mr Gage himself has appeared on a US radio programme hosted by one Kevin Barrett, who has described the Holocaust as a "destructive myth", and alongside a copper-bottomed Holocaust denier, whose predilections were in the show's pre-recording notes.

Is Richard Gage antisemitic? No. He'd probably rather go to jail than bait a Jew. But most of us can avoid sharing air time with known racists. And just as careless is Ian Henshall. Which was the point I made about him all those years ago, and which he was still so angry about on Monday night.

Related- Jonathan Kay "Among The Truthers" Kay and his newspaper The National post in Canada have over several years aligned people who question the events of 9/11 as holocaust deniers..."Racists"

More holocaust denial / 9/11 truth reported by Israeli News-,7340,L-4086816,00.html

Iranian president questions Holocaust, 9/11

In Tehran conference, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says 'Truth would be exposed if black box of 9/11 and Holocaust were opened'

Dudi Cohen
Published: 06.25.11, 12:06 / Israel News

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioned the September 11 terror attacks and compared them to the Holocaust on Saturday.
Speaking at an international conference on terrorism in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said: "If the black box of the 9/11 incident and Holocaust were opened, then some of the truth would be exposed, but the United States does not allow this."He further added: "There are those who believe that the goal of 9/11 was to revive the Zionist regime, reinforce stability in the region, divert US public opinion from the poor economic state. In terms of reference and benefits, 9/11 is very similar to the Holocaust."Among the participants in the conference were Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who has been accused of war crimes and genocide in Darfur, and leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Iran claims more than 60 countries were represented in the conference including UN envoys. Earlier this month, the Islamic Republic convened an international convention on nuclear disarmament. A statement on behalf of Iran's Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei was read during the conference. "Reigning powers are using terrorism to achieve illegitimate goals as part of their policy," it said.

Archie's Creek Comment: as an activist here in Canada I have actively applied ZERO tolerance to hate and racism to our activism actions and publications in Edmonton. I have always hoped that leading voices in the 911 truth movement would do the same. I believe the 911 truth movement has always been under attack by Jewish interest groups and some corporate media in Canada and Israel. I think as we enter into the next 10 years for 9/11 truth we MUST nip racism in the butt for the sake of integrity of the 911 truth movement to continue to grow. My motto is and has always been " Blaming Jews and Muslims for 9/11 is a Losers Script to follow" I will continue to encourage leading 911 truth voices to try to understand that getting to "first base" involves A TRULY OPEN INVESTIGATION OF 9/11 or TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION as proposed by the Honorable Dennis John Kucinich ... You can't steal 2nd base and run all the way to home as"Judge, Jury and Hangman with-out going to FIRST BASE with a proper investigation. The bulk of the 911 truth movement understands this.

My Proposal to the 911 truth movement for the next 10 years ZERO TOLERANCE TO RACISM AND HATE ( Enshrined ) - and becoming active to applying this policy.

in Edmonton the popular PEACE MOVEMENT is known to our city as ECAWAR
ECAWAR stands for Edmonton Coalition against WAR and RACISM

We need to adopt this "against RACISM" with more enthusiasm from 911 TRUTHERS

Thanks Archie's Creek. Here

Thanks Archie's Creek.

Here is STJ911's statement, as an example:

Statement Against Racism

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice utterly rejects racial discrimination, as defined and condemned in the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

Our organization does not engage in denunciation of any group based on that group's race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, or religion. We do not engage in denunciations of the Jewish people or deny the Nazi genocide, and we do not support the current Western attack on Muslim societies promoted as a "war on terror." We accept Dr. Martin Luther King's vision of a society where people are judged by the content of their character rather than by such superficial qualities as the colour of their skin. While strongly asserting our right to criticize any individual, state, idea, ideology, practice or policy, our organization does not tolerate racial discrimination in its membership and does not promote racist theories, but dedicates itself to the discovery of truth through unbiased scholarly research.

Crank theories?

Einstein had a "crank" theory that got him a Nobel prize in physics.

"This was not your typical fire!"- gene kohn.

LOL. Gee, what kind of fire WAS it??


NanoThermic fires OR Bush Fires of the NeoCon Kind.

Either way, onward with the 911 Wars................

Word is is that we will have boots on the ground in Libya by October..... Thanks to the Noble Prize Winner........ and his bosses......

9/11 truth and peace

the depth of control and deceit in our civilization is beyond most people's grasp. Science and civilization is at risk, which is why I appreciate Richard Gage standing up to these clowns. I am hoping AE911truth will successfully help us gain more than credibility, but an investigation that is independent of the rampant corruption. the only plan for this to actually come about is in the one proposed by former Senator Mike Gravel - The AE911 petition to Congress is for show, and Senator Gravel says that a Congressional investigation into 9/11 could be the worse thing to happen. Repeating their manipulation of the truth as we witnessed by the Warren Commission. A citizens commission based on Commissioners proven trustworthy and sincere, can take the control of this issue by using the rights issued to we, the people, as granted in the US Constitution. Senator Gravel explains this campaign briefly on youtube - and Carol Brouillet posted more background last October on 911blogger

I believe the official kick-off date for this campaign will be around July 4. If successful, a Commission could be enacted from 2012 elections in Oregon and Alaska, but other states and municipalities can join in, too. This is for subpoena empowered Citizens 9/11 Commission. Here's hoping Richard Gage and 10,000 other truthers kick in $10 by this 10th anniversary of 9/11 to make this campaign really happen.

9/11 truth connects the dots and our best chance for a sane and more secure future.

Thanks for everyone's comments.. will link to this article-thread from Flyby News.

The Citizen's 9/11 Commission is not the topic here

and should be discussed in an appropriate blog.

You and they are asking for $100,000 for this. I would like to know (on another thread) what this money would go for and how it will be accounted for, as I am having a hard time finding this out. I will post on the October thread and we can continue this there.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hey, why not...

... thank RIBA for allowing this event to take place, and give some reasons for our thankfulness?

The article was not so bad, ending with Gage's remarks and description of AE911Truth, even though it doesn't link to AE911Truth (I thought it does based on the 911Blogger rendition of the text).