June Civil Information Actions Tops 500 Plus Petitions "Canadians Say INVESTIGATE 9/11"


On June 28, 2011 Garth Oxton's signature became Edmonton's 501st signature collected since the first 3 signature from the start that included Dr Niels Harrit, Professor Anthony J. Hall and Captain Bruce Sinclair back in February 22nd. Almost all signatures were collected by one lone activist working the streets of Edmonton streets using the highly successful civil information activism as his tool of choice. Doug alone managed to break the record of 500 in 5 months compared to the 2008 Vancouver truth bus cross Canada petition drive also which Edmonton911Truth participated too. The reason for this success Doug explains is more and more people are better informed to the unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11 including world trade center 7, that was not hit by a plane, but collapsed at free-fall speed like the first two towers.

Using the friendly civil information method Doug engaged himself with an estimated 2500 people in Edmonton (one on one) over the 5 months since beginning his petition drive late February 2011.

From his experience Doug breaks those numbers down like this ...

-An average of 1 in 5 would sign the petition immediately from already knowing the reasons why we must investigate the events of 9/11.

- 1 in 5 would hesitate, some saying they've never knew about world trade center 7, some would show some interest and say "I'll need to do some more research before I'll sign your petition"

- 1 in 5 Would take a close look at what the petition was all about- scoff at it and walk away, sometimes reacting rude or insulting ( I never try to engage or argue with a-holes like these)

-2 in 5 Would briefly scan to see what the petition was about , politely say "no thanks" and would receive a smile back in return with a "thanks for looking".

Edmonton Participates with Cross Canada 9/11 Petition Drive
Complete Timeline: http://911truthedmonton.blogspot.com/2011/05/twin-towers-sign-petition-for-public.html

Edmonton Signatory Number 500 - Young Aboriginal Girl Signs

June 28Th. 2011: Young First Nations Girl signs the 500th. petitioned signature during the EdmontonWORKS festival.

A mother who was enjoying the day with her kids by the City Hall's wading pool signed the petition that has Canadians demanding for a public Investigation of 9/11 across Canada . This Mother requested that her daughter age 13 sign this petition as she says her daughter knows more about 911 than most people . I thought why not, "the future belongs to young people." Indeed this young bright lady become the 500th. signatory to the petition. Note-Photo above is not this young girl. I don't think our Canadian Government would reject her signature as her right and freedom to express herself at the age of 13.