Ed Asner TV Ad Promotes AE911Truth

A new TV ad voiced by Ed Asner has just been created with designs on running in New York and other major markets in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The 30-second spot combines Asner's narration with footage of the 3 towers' destruction and forces the viewer to decide what they are witnessing, as it promotes AE911Truth.

My idea for this ad was brought to life by Nathan Flach, (aka. Xenomorph911) who provided the editing and production skills to make it happen. It was a team effort. More information coming soon.

This is awesome! Thanks to

This is awesome! Thanks to the producers!

I have very much appreciated Xenomorph's detailed collection of videos on these matters.

Well thank you!

Thank you so very much, it is my pleasure trying to help out, and a great pleasure working with RL McGee and AE911Truth as well. Your comment is very much appreciated. ;) -Nate

Great work, however...

... I think there's a *much* better video about the North Tower - the one where one can see the entire tower coming down and see how parts of the facade are being ripped out at the same speed as the debris falling through the air outside it.

In this video, we only see the very top of the tower.

It would be cool to see an ad rendition with this clip


Great promotional tool for local truth groups!!

I have a feeling that some local 9/11 Truth Groups will try to get this ad to play on some of their local stations or local cable tv. $50 spots are often available, even on the Discovery channel. With cable, you can sometimes also target certain zip codes.

McGee, I just love all your contributions towards promotion and dissemination!
Xenomorph911, you are legendary with your videos!


I'm pretty excited about this one and hope that Richard agrees to run a chip-in for airing it. Otherwise I could fund some spots on NY1 myself. But to really do it justice would require the chip-in. I think it's a good idea to show the towers now along with Building 7. The bar has been raised with the Bin Laden story and people need to deal with the murders. With a celebrity like Asner it should spark media coverage that shows the commercial nationally.

It was great to work with Nate on this (Xenomorph911). His videos have been viewed 1.5 million times or more on youtube. He also volunteers with AE. The idea was to use an alternate studio take of Asner and put that to high-res footage from the LOOP videos with captions. I directed it and he produced it for me.

Absolutely, run this spot on cable TV in your local market. It can be very inexpensive with a few people pitching in. To do that you'll need the file itself - and we'll provide to anyone.


That would be great if that happens and Ed Asner is perfect for it. Thank you RL, It was great working with you as well, it would be a pleasure to help out again in the future, let me know. -Nate

Awwe thanks!

Thank you it's been an honor doing everything I've done and the unexpected attention I've recieved actually, when I started out I was trying to hide and remain anonymous, I guess that didn't work out eh? ;) Thank you and everyone for all your generous support. -Nate

fresh air in reality tv spot

Great video presentation that cuts through the garbage.. And the clincher of course is the video of the WTC-7 implosion. If available for community TV access stations, please let me know. They would welcome such spots when they broadcast the premiere of the new AE 9/11 film. You can check out my favorite community station and my interviews regarding 9/11 under Flyby News, here: http://www.gctv.org/Video_on_demand_gctv.htm

Congrats' all


Here's the LOOP footage...

FYI, here is the loop footage we pulled from. Nate just put these up. It's been hiding in file form thus far.

TT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=M4rjOhpCmCk

B7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbIaUbsFigo

The Music is WAY too loud

You need to pull the music back.

You also need to label WTC 7 (and maybe 1 & 2 while you're at it),
and note that it was not hit by a plane,
and maybe note what day and time of day it "collapsed",
maybe even note that it was a "classic controlled demolition",
because at least 80% of people still don't know about it.

Other than that, it's pretty good.