ASK RICHARD GAGE--July 3, 2011-- 6pm Eastern

Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth, will be joining us in The 911 Truth Movement Paltalk Room at 6pm eastern on Sunday July 3rd.

This is a live, two hour Question and Answer session--Your opportunity to ask Richard Gage questions and hear him bring everyone up to date on what AE911TRUTH has accomplished recently.

Richard joins us on the first Sunday of each month.

Paltalk is a cool way to interact with other 911 activists through voice and text chat. You can also split off from the main room and engage in private chat sessions, as well as share files and video.

The 911 Truth Movement Room has over 200 important videos in its library.


PC users---

Mac Users---

David Chandler

There is a possibility David Chandler may be joining us as well.

Important Update 4PM

We just received a message from Richard Gage:

Chris Sarns will be my guest at 3pm PST today on PalTalk. He's quite detailed about the fires and the NIST fraud, etc. at WTC 7

Please join us at 6pm Eastern, Sunday June 3rd.