9/11 Speakers Corner "Pro Life Activist speaks on 9/11 Truth & Retribution

Saturday July 2, 2011: 9-11 Petition Drive Edmonton- Add 9 more signatures ( 516 Edmonton Total ) 9-11 Speakers Corner Pro-Life Activist Jonathan shares with 9/11 Truth Activist Doug his thoughts on the wars of 9/11 retribution in Afghanistan and 9/11 truth.


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Additional Report July 2nd. 9/11 Civil Info Petition Drive/ Edm.

I also met today a towering gentleman Renny to whom I had the pleasure meeting for the first time as our paths crossed back in May 14 th when I was doing 911 civil information at the same farmer's market location. A burly retired blue collar worker on a bike with a new lease on life, by getting in shape riding his bike all over the map of Edmonton. Renny was full of wisdom and philosophy accented with the odd fuck'n adjective between his sentences. A proud family man with a zeal for enjoying the day chatted with me for almost a good hour sharing ideas on politics and questioning 9/11. I asked him several times to consider signing my petition but he boldly refused. "I need to look into this more before I sign" he said. Like so many who reach a point of hearing about the 3rd building world trade center 7, Nano Thermite, and many of the unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11 he needed time to research it more before committing his signature to a petition that demands for a public made in Canada investigation of 9/11. Well today I asked Renny again " would you consider signing my petition today?" He smiled and whipped my clip board from my hands and with-out a word of debate or second thought- signed my petition today.