Could You Be the 100th Monkey?

Hello friends. As I trust you are aware, the 9/11 Truth Movement and our demand for a new credible investigation of the events of 9/11/01 is growing by leaps and bounds! This mailing contains a wide array of reliable resources for understanding 9/11/01 and expanding your 9/11 Truth Activism. You may wish to file this mailing and digest it in small bites. However, I can also resend this mailing to you at any time upon request.

The 1,500 (and growing) Architects, Engineers and Licensed Building Professionals of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( have thoroughly debunked the pseudo-science of the sham formal 9/11/01 “investigative” bodies. You are invited at their site to participate as a professional member, or simply as a concerned citizen. Introducing your friends and family to the work of AE911Truth is an effective and credible strategy for disseminating 9/11 Truth! Also, here is a link to a brief (3 Min) video that details the multiplicity of additional professional associations in which you have the opportunity to participate as a 9/11 Truth Activist: .

Beyond building support via development of professional associations, we are also finding our place in the broader movement for peace and justice. Here is a 9 minute video that will give you a feel for the impact and challenges involved in that process: .

If you are personally involved in peace and justice groups that need to hear the message of 9/11 Truth please consider forwarding this, or related mailings, to your friends and allies in these groups.

Now, with the support of U.S. Senator (emeritus) Mike Gravel, we are on our way to the ballot box to demand the real and credible investigation into the attacks of 9/11/01 that will ultimately lead to the conviction and sentencing of the traitorous perpetrators of those attacks:! You will be hearing a great deal more from me about this campaign in the days ahead.

We are very close to the tipping point friends. All we need now is to find the “100th Monkey”

(see )

, and that monkey could be YOU!

Below you will find multiple resources to support your 9/11 Truth Activism. In particular, if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the “Why” of 9/11/01 be sure to explore the new resources section below entitled “Means and Motives”.

“Be The Change!” and look to the Spirit of Truth,, along with all of us here in the Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice, for encouragement and support.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC

(Secretary for the Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth & Justice)

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