80,000 Facebook Fans for AE911Truth-World911Truth Combined


In just 8 months the number of Facebook followers for AE911Truth and World911Truth has doubled from 40,000 to almost 80,000. This demonstrates the power of social networking and the steady growth of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Much of the success can be attributed to timely updates of quality postings by JF Ranger, Facebook administrator for both sites - as well as the A/E web team. Here's to continued growth and reaching 100,000 this year!


Facebook and Twitter Tools...

If you are interested in the Facebook thing.. Check this one out too: http://www.facebook.com/911blogger
We almost have 1,000 people who are liking us on Facebook, and we have over 1,200 following us on Twitter

it looks like there are hundreds of other 9/11 truth groups...

on facebook.

Facebook Does Not Work in China-Dr. Harrit Presents in China Aug

Facebook does not make through the "Great Firewall of China."

Somebody please post the link of Dr. Harrit on China's "youtube" "youku."


Dr. Harrit will present in Beijing and the event will be put over the net, live. You can find out more by going to www.ae911truth.org

Facebook Does Not Reach China

Someone please help.
Facebook does not get through the "Great Firewall" of China.
Dr. Harrit is on China's "youtube."
I would like our Facebook supporters to see it. Someone place get the link out them.

It's very important to us to see Dr. Harrit get a lot of hits at this moment. We are trying to place Dr. Harrit on CCTV9 like we did Richard Gage last year. The hits would help CCTV9 make the right decision.

Thanks in advance.