Open Up 9/11 Conversations with Dramatic Yard Signs Now Available in Our Online Store

Written by AE911Truth

 The colorful weatherproof, Coroplast 24”x18” yard signs are now available from the AE911Truth online store


Start your own neighborhood 9/11 Truth awareness campaign with AE911Truth’s new yard signs. Your neighbors need it, visiting relatives need it, the postal carrier needs it, and passersby need it. Now you can take a stand for the truth leading up to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – and find out who is going to wake up to the implications of WTC 7 – because YOU took some action! Post them at your tabling events downtown and display them during your actions on the street.

The front of the sign features the second-by-second free-fall of this 47-story skyscraper that NIST explains was caused by “normal office fires.”

Back of sign

Just show the “film strip” photo to people on the street and ask them what could possibly cause 40,000 tons of structural steel to give way in just 6-½ seconds – more than two seconds of that in pure free fall. Then invite them to reconsider what might have happened to the Twin Towers. Now you’ve got a discussion.

The back of the sign features the inspiring three beams of light shining into the evening NY City skyline. Of course the third beam represents the third skyscraper to be destroyed at a rate exceeding many explosive controlled demolitions. “Ask Questions … Demand Answers” is the call to action here. (We’ve changed the wording “fall apart” to “collapse” in the final version.)

The signs come with steel “H” support stands and can be modified for hand-held demonstrations.

Prices are as follows:

Cost per sign
1 $25 $15 $40
5 $20 $15 $115
10 $15 $20 $170
20 $12 $25 $265

If you prefer to print your own you can download side 1 and side 2 of the artwork from us at no cost!


9/11 truth and social change

These signs are great. I do use my yard by the road as a place for homemade signs advertising websites and issues. As well, for several years I've marched in 4th of July parade, last year as the "911 truth fairy" and this year as Abe Lincoln ("History isn't history if it's not truth.") and handing out hundreds of 911 Investigator newspapers and other ae11truth glossy folders.

What does anyone think of joining/making a presence at this D.C. event? I know it's a commitment of resources and time, i n addition to the Toronto hearings which I'd like to attend, but which are looking at costing close to a $1000. between air travel and accomodations. Such an historical event I would love to attend (Toronto). Driving is more than 7-8-- miles from here in Easternmost Maine. Anybody know of ride shares from New England?Thanks. Lynn B