Perception, Deception Dollars - ­One Decade after September 11th, 2001

The first Deception Dollars were printed in the autumn of 2002. They were a collaborative effort to overcome censorship of the basic facts about 9/11 that were so well concealed by the mainstream media, and to drive people to check out websites challenging the official story. Their popularity inspired many people to create better websites, as millions of Deception Dollars were passed out at anti-war rallies and marches in an attempt to prevent the unjustifiable, immoral, heartbreaking, war upon Iraq. Canadian artist Blaine Machan did the artwork, maintained the Deception Dollar website, and contributed greatly to the budding 9/11 Truth Movement.

Donations for Deception Dollars helped keep websites and researchers going, helped fund documentaries and film screenings, and helped fund the first International Citizens’ Inquiries into 9/11 in San Francisco and Toronto. The Deception Dollars evolved over time. Eventually the portrait of George W. Bush was flanked by Rove, Rumsfeld, and Cheney, to be replaced by Cheney, and finally by an unknown character behind an Obama mask. Over nearly a decade, numerous websites were added and subtracted from the Deception Dollars. As new technologies have driven more people online, full- length films began to be posted online. The 9/11 Truth Movement grew and so did the problems that we faced. To raise awareness about these problems, we published Media Deception Dollars and Election Deception Dollars. As faith in government, the press, and the dollar waned, in 2007 the first Conception or “Hope” Dollars were printed, pointing towards solutions and “change” that people yearned for. In 2010 we printed an evolution of the Conception Dollars, the first Perception or “Love” Dollars.

With the tenth anniversary looming on the horizon, we have decided to publish a new edition which generally involves much collaboration between the artist, and the many people who contribute their thoughts, ideas, and website suggestions, as well as raising a printing fund, and figuring out the distribution channels. In addition, Blaine’s wife, Janelle, is expecting their first child in August, which means the artwork needs to be done before the end of July. This September there will be Hearings in Toronto,One the Event - Transforming Fear into Love organized by Firefighters for 9/11 Truth’s Erik Lawyer in Seattle, the Campaign to Remember Building 7 and air TV ads to draw people’s attention to the demolition of a skyscraper that was not hit by an airplane on the afternoon of September 11th, and multiple events in New York, Washington DC, and in the Bay Area.

We are running out of the 11th version of the Deception Dollars. I would like to create a new version drawing attention to the deceptions behind the nuclear, oil, monetary, and military industries the most recent crises threatening all of us that arise from the corporate quest for global dominance. While I deeply appreciate and respect the heroic efforts of many who devote the bulk of their time and attention to shattering the myth of 9/11, I can’t help but see 9/11 as one big lie amongst many, the unraveling of any of which might help to dismantle the dominant empire that has so thoroughly corrupted governments, courts, and institutions throughout the world. Opposition to the truth is fierce and the truth movement has been under attack for years. Decentralization and diversity have been a blessing as well as a curse in our efforts to pursue the truth. We have demonstrated over time that we can agree to disagree about certain issues, or where to place our greatest emphasis, and still recognize our profound common ground.

On September 11, 1906, Gandhi and three thousand others gathered together in South Africa to launch a campaign against immoral, racist laws. Although he was inspired by Thoreau and Tolstoy, Gandhi felt that the words “civil disobedience” didn’t adequately convey the meaning of direct action infused with spiritual commitment to describe their efforts, so he held a contest to find the right words to name
their campaign. In this way “Satyagraha” was born, combining “Truth” and “Force” in a new, powerful way, which inspired a successful struggle in South Africa and eventually the withdrawal of the British Empire from India. It is my hope that the 9/11 Truth Movement will similarly spark and grow into a global Truth Movement that challenges and dismantles, nonviolently, the mental chains of corporate dominance and the legitimacy of corrupt governments and military forces that oppress and destroy people and the planet, blindly, for profit. Sadly, however, the nuclear, military, and oil industries have created toxic legacies which they, themselves, cannot contain or control and which threaten current and future generations. In addition to exposing the truth about 9/11, it is up to us, the ordinary people, to halt the suicidal technologies while we can.

I hope that the combined forces of people infused with love and courage will overcome the institutions reliant upon fear, greed, and violence. I hope that people will reclaim their future, including gaining more control and responsibility for their lives. I hope that the Perception and Deception Dollars will nurture that effort, encouraging and informing the struggle and the shift in consciousness. Together we can do what no one of us can do alone, and I welcome ideas, insights, suggestions, and assistance in creating and distributing the next generation of Perception and Deception Dollars. I hope that the greater Truth Movement will succeed and that future printings will not be necessary. I dream of a world without war, without massive environmental destruction, without institutional violence, where all people and life are respected, nurtured and entitled to a fair share of the abundant gifts that have been showered upon this beautiful planet.

If you would like to help with this project, please send your ideas, suggestions, and offers my way. Carol Brouillet -


9/11 is one false flag among many. False flags is one amongst many tools of the NWO. In the NWO, everything is an "Inside Job". Some people do not like this term, others embrace it. Regardless of what you think of the phrase, it is something that has now been engrained into human consciousness and was finally solidified with the film Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon, which was probably the most mainstream usage of the phrase. It is for this reason everyday people can now easily connect with it.

You could make an "Inside Job" Deception Dollar that could still include 9/11 (after all it is the biggest deception) alongside the banking inside job, military inside jobs, oil inside jobs, etc. All these deceptions were after all deliberate conspiracies to deceive us at some level. I think a deception dollar with all these major deceptions would be great. If 9/11 is not being considered anymore because it is now "ancient history", maybe you could somehow integrate the underwear bomber / TSA scandal which is a way more current and relevant issue, but yet still connected to 9/11 in basic principle.

If we take 9/11, 7/7, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and possibly more, we see that false flag is still a very relevant issue. People like Alex Jones and Gerald Celente have also recently warned of false flag(s) as being a very real possibility again in the near future. Therefore I would think twice before deciding to exclude 9/11 altogether or at least the issue of false flag because it is quite possible the issue could become more relevant again in an instant.

Signed, a big fan of the deception dollar concept!

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The Deception Dollar artist, Blaine Machan and his wife Janelle are the happy parents of a son, named Greysen, who arrived in this world on Wednesday, July 13, 2011. Mommy and baby are doing fine. His early arrival, however, might mean that Blaine won't have much sleep or time to work on the tenth anniversary version. We had planned on a 12th edition of the Deception Dollar, in addition to a new MANY Deception Dollar and a revised Perception Dollar.... As progress is absolutely dependent upon the artwork/ideas... now I'm not sure if we will be able to reprint by the tenth anniversary.

Inspired by Graeme MacQueen, when I interviewed him on the Toronto Hearings July 7th (See Community Currency archive on Progressive Radio Network ), I've decided to throw my time and energy into organizing local events in the Bay Area, in solidarity with the larger Truth Movement's efforts.

If we can pull off another printing, in a timely fashion, we will try to.


Nice work. After seeing this

Nice work. After seeing this article I realized that I had one of these dollars in a book that a purchased online. I ran up searching for it to see which issue I had. It ended up being Issue 7. I don't really any suggestions but like the above poster mentioned I think you should still include something relating to 9/11 on the Deception Dollar.