Anonymous group creates whistleblower sites by Elinor Mills CNET July 1, 2011

Anonymous group creates whistleblower sites
by Elinor Mills CNET
July 1, 2011

A subgroup of the Anonymous hacker group has launched two WikiLeaks-type Web sites where insiders and other hackers can expose sensitive information from governments and corporations.

The site is for information related to corruption and wrongdoing at a local level, while the site is for any other stolen data.

The HackerLeaks site, which launched on June 25, got its first submission on Tuesday--a list of personal details of Orlando, Fla., officials--though the data was posted to the LocalLeaks site, according to Forbes, which reported on the sites on Thursday. The Anonymous hacker group has shut down several Orlando-related sites to protest the city arresting several members of the group Food Not Bombs.

"Hackers helping hackers to leak material of interest," says the HackerLeaks site, which does not specify what "of interest" means. "You Download it, We'll disclose it for you."

The LocalLeaks site, which launched in January, offers a way for people to submit information anonymously that is related to police brutality, corruption, government wrongdoing, or workplace harassment, according to the site.

"Our first priority is to provide a safe, secure - and anonymous way for local government or corporate employees to disclose sensitive information," the site says. The site says it screens submissions to make sure there is no evidence of the submitter's identity and works with media outlets to expose the data.

"Commander X," who serves as the "editor in chief" of the two sites, told Forbes that the sites are legal. "We don't obtain this material," he said. "We merely publish it. This violates no sane law anywhere."

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