Media Roots Radio- News Censorship, US Wars, Charlie Veitch, 9/11 Truth, Be Your Own Leader

Media Roots Radio- Nuclear Energy, War & Revolution, 9/11 Truth, Be Your Own Leader by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- This episode covers sensationalism in the corporate media about meaningless issues, media censorship about nuclear energy and the terrifying reality of Fukushima, issues surrounding war and US imperialism, the global democratic revolution, Charlie Veitch's 180 regarding 9/11 and the importance for us to be our own leaders in our quest for truth.

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Can someone tell me why this blog was moved from the homepage into the blogs section? I have been an active member on this forum for five years and this show is directly related to 9/11 truth.

changes to the NEW & IMPROVED 911blogger...

you were not supposed to notice.

In the name of provability and credibility they're keeping Jon Gold up front top.

Some evidently confuse credibility with popularity...

along with a strange repudiation of asking questions and finding answers using the scientific method. (Thanks, Joe.)

I appreciate the work of Jon Cole and David Chandler and Kevin Ryan and others, who tirelessly perform experiments, and report their results. And I appreciate folks like Abby who communicate so well.

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Just watched a disturbing video...

Where Charlie Veitch advocates "blowing up McDonalds" and is talking about how people must react to violence with more violence. I have completely changed my perspective and now tend to believe that he is perhaps an infiltrator and is trying to disrupt. It doesn't negate the good work from other Love Police chapters around the world which we still respect, but we do not support Mr. Veitch and do NOT condone violence. In our next episode we will clarify this point and issue a correction.

More on Veitch

More on Veitch here

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