New 9/11 curriculum released for teachers on how to educate students

JERSEY CITY — New Jersey teachers have a new set of tools for teaching about the 9/11 terror attacks.

New K-12 curriculum providing lessons on 9/11, its causes and context, were formally released this morning at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

Written by a volunteer group called 4 Action Initiative — which is made of Families of September 11, Liberty Science Center and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education — the collection of 58 lessons delves into themes such as the historical context of terrorism, human behavior, and remembrance and public memory.

The classes are not mandated for use in New Jersey schools, but Acting State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf, who was also present at the formal launch, said the state supports its use. "The program is so strong, I assume many, many schools will use it," Cerf said.

The curriculum is available on the Department of Education website.

The lesson guidelines were completed in time for the upcoming 10th anniversary of the terror attacks, but organizers said the hope is that the lessons will be used throughout the year to teach topics such as "the power of hurtful words" and "what is terrorism?"

Dozens of New Jersey teachers helped write and pilot the lessons, and many attended the formal launch. Also present at the event was the co-founder of Families of September 11, MaryEllen Salamone, whose husband, John, was killed on 9/11; she and her three children, Alex, 15; Aidan, 14; and Anna, 12, spoke about the importance of the curriculum.

"It shows teachers they can talk about it," said Aidan.

New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education

Liberty Science Center

4 Action Initiative Sept. 11 Curriculum

Back to School- These caught my eye....

These New K-12 curriculum lessons on 9/11 caught my attention...

Middle School Lesson Plans & Themes Unit I: Human Behavior
4- Who Is Looking Through the Eye of the Camera? – examine ways in which media influence public opinion; developing skills to make own judgments; propaganda negative & positive, Hitler, G. Bush- Grades 7+
( My first thoughts : Jonathan Kay author of " Among The Truthers" and managing editor of Canada's National Post came to mind)

5- The Pyramid of Hate – examine examples of stereotyping, scape-goating prejudice, etc. using the Pyramid of Hate; willingness or unwillingness to intervene; Grades 6-8
( My first thoughts : a re-newed willingness of Zero Tolerance to antisemitism, racism and Hate by the 9/11 Truth Movement for the next decade of 9/11 truth seeking and exposing answers surrounding the events of 9/11 )

Unit III: Historical Context of Terrorism
9. Terrorism: Government Sponsored? – handouts, photos, etc. to investigate type of terrorism (lone, group, government sponsored), use of children – Grades 7+
( My first thoughts : enter Operation Northwoods )

Unit V: Post 9/11: Consequences and Challenges
19. Civil Rights in the Age of Terrorism – examine civil rights found in Constitution; purpose of Patriot Act -analyze question of security vs. rights – Grades 7-8

22. The 9/11 Commission: Our Country Gets a Report Card – group work to examine recommendations of final report, chart of summary grades, categories of grades for government groups, use of Internet to video, suggest ways to improve grades for present and future Grades 7+
( My first thoughts : 9/11 Commission got a report card from the 9/11 truth community around the world )

High School Lesson Plans & Themes
Unit I – Human Behavior
6. American View of the Muslim World – draw implications and conclusions about Muslim views of America and Americans through interpretation of cartoons and consider ways to influence, perhaps change, those views.
( My first thoughts : I'd start with exposing the demonetization of the world's Muslim community by major news corporations in the West - " Class can anyone say Rupert Murdoch?" )

Unit VII: Building Better Futures: Narrative, Recovery and Responsibility
55. Crossing Boundaries: Truth and Reconciliation in a Difficult Time – investigate several examples of existing models in practice and successes/failures they experience; purpose and function of reconciliation groups/council, etc and the tradition or lack of tradition of such purposes. Complete readings and viewing of some videos on various organizations and the dire human conditions.

( My first thoughts : Truth and Reconciliation in a Difficult Time - Dennis Kucinich's YouTube speech , September 11, 2010 comes to mind )

“We will never be able to recover from the tremendous blow which struck this Nation on 9/11 if we do not unfold the truth for the American People.

The truth is, in the name of retaliation for 9/11, we attacked a Nation which did not attack us. The truth is the war against Iraq was based on lies. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, had no capability or intention of attacking the United States, had nothing to do with Al-Quaeda as well as 9/11.

The truth most me known. And those who led the United States at that time, who took us on the path of continuous destruction, must be held accountable if we are to ever have this terrible burden of 9/11 transformed to a place where America can regain its role as a Nation among Nations.

We separated ourselves from the World’s community in the name of security. We invaded and occupied Afghanistan, a country who’s government is hopelessly corrupt that we think the only way we can prop it up is to participate in the corruption.

That is not what America is about. We need the truth to be told about Iraq and about Afghanistan. We have a right to defend our Nation. But it’s the truth which is a defense and the truth which sets us free.

We must reclaim our willingness to stand for what’s right in America and not be fearful to challenge those who have a totally different agenda that has nothing to do with the truth.

Truth and reconciliation. This is time for us to start this process that can bring us together, that can reclaim the unity which is a powerful force in America, that can reclaim the love which we have for each other, that can make it possible for us to reconnect with the world community. Not based on the force of our arms but based on the power of our integrity. “

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, September 11, 2010