Canada's Eastern & Western 9/11 Petition Drive and Points in Between " Winning!"

"Winning!" Best Describes Eastern, Western
and points in between - Canada's 9/11 Petition Drive!

(Hope Beach Volleyball 2011- Click on Images to Enlarge)

We Are Change & Ottawa Truth Seekers gathered under the sunny filled Sky's of Canada's Capital to gather more signatures to add to the petition that calls upon our Government to conduct a public investigation into the events of 9/11. They shared the latest information regarding the events of 9/11 with free material. "Hi everyone, we entered a 911 Truth team in Hope Beach Volleyball - 2011. We had our tent, sign, petition, 911 truth team colors....I just got back. Tyrone had some awesome dives and saves... Good presentation of 911 Truth in front of hundreds of people." best regards from Ottawa, David Long.

Facebook- Canadian Petition for a new 9/11 Investigation

David also reported they added 30 more signatures on the 911 petition yesterday during the Blues Fest in Ottawa. He say's "People were very supportive."

You can participate collecting signatures and adding your City , Town or Community to the growing communities across Canada calling for a "Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation " Learn how- Contact David Long of Ottawa Truth Seekers , or visit the Petition - LINK . In Edmonton and surrounding areas , contact Doug Brinkman by e-mail -

Mean While Back in Edmonton - Western Canada adds more..

July 16 , 2011: Art Walk and Farmer's Market drew 15 more signatures.

Including the 6 added by the fine gentlemen in the picture above bringing the number to 552 signatures collected in Edmonton since Feb. 22, 2011. I was also invited today to present my petition to a local Mosque in Edmonton from a several gentleman who came by Gazebo park today for a Syrian rally . Over the past two months I have received other invitations to attend Mosques here in Edmonton and collect signatures for a petition that calls for a public made in Canada investigation of 9/11. I've graciously accepted their invitations and plan to visit in the month of August.