9/11 Family members have asked to meet with the FBI and top members of the Obama administration

Sept. 11 families seek FBI meeting
By: Jennifer Epstein for Politico
July 18, 2011 03:59 PM EDT

Relatives of victims of the September 11 attacks have asked to meet with the FBI and top members of the Obama administration about allegations reporters from one of Rupert Murdoch’s British papers tried to hack the cell phone accounts of victims.

In letters sent Monday to Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, a lawyer representing some victims’ families is asking for meetings to discuss a report that journalists from the now-defunct News of the World asked a New York-based private investigator to help them gather information from victims’ phones.

The FBI has initiated an informal probe into the allegations, which were first reported by the Daily Mirror.

“We commend the FBI for opening a preliminary inquiry into this serious issue and we are requesting a meeting to ascertain the scope, goals and timetable of the inquiry,” the letter to Mueller said, Reuters reported. The FBI’s press office declined to comment.

The lawyer representing the victims’ relatives, Norman Siegel, told the wire service that his “clients are troubled about the allegation of potential hacking and they are particularly upset that there now exists an allegation that a newspaper would seek to illegally obtain information about their loved ones.”

“I tried in the letter not to accuse anyone, especially News Corp, of anything yet because you don’t want a media frenzy accusing someone if the facts aren’t there. We want to find out what the truth is,” he said.



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Some recent developments in the rapidly-evolving
News Corp scandal, now being investigated by the
governments of the UK, US and Australia, under
pressure from News Corp shareholders.

"AP: Whistleblower in News Corp Hacking Scandal Found Dead"

July 18: One of the first voices to blow the whistle on
phone hacking in the UK, former News of the World
journalist, Sean Hoare, was found dead northwest of
London. Police said the death was being treated as
"unexplained." (:52)



"Breaking: News Corp Scandal Grows"

July 15: Rebekah Brooks resigned as Chief Executive of
News Corp.'s British newspaper unit on Friday, and
CEO Rupert Murdoch apologized for "serious wrongdoing"
in an advertisement running in the British press this

NewsTsar reports that a US Citizen has named CNN
presenter, Piers Morgan and the BBC in a phone-hacking
complaint. Morgan denies knowledge of any wrong-doing,
while he was Editor at News Corp's The Daily Mirror,
despite allegations to the contrary from UK's Press
Complaints Commissioner Tina Weaver.

The Nation today reported that Dan Cooper, who worked
under Roger Ailes at News Corp HQ in New York claims
that his phone and those of other Americans were hacked
while he was there. Cooper described an office called
"The Brain Room," which he personally designed and
which housed a black ops counterintelligence unit.

Ailes was a media consultant for Republican presidents
Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.



"Breaking: James and Rupert Murdoch to Testify"

July 14: After initially claiming they were unavailable,
Rupert Murdoch and son, James will testify in British
Parliament Tuesday, July 19.

US Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) West Virginia told CNN
on-camera, "It is really repugnant that one man can
control so many." (3:12)



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Why A Reported Interest Pre-9/11 Victim Phone Account Activity?

Vaguely recall a report of hacker interest in pre-9/11 victim phone activity? If so, why? What information in pre-9/11 victim phone accounts would motivate interests to break the law to obtain it?

In any event, its regrettable that some victim survivors will vigorously pursue mere attempts at invasions of privacy by small interests but not the abundant evidence of massive 9/11 foul play. (this would obviously not include those supporting the NYCCAN and Remember Building 7 efforts)

Hacking 9/11 Victims?

This is a long shot, but I recall someone researching some victim's names and finding inconsistencies with their records a few years back. Could it possibly be Murdock & Company where looking at this possibility and that's why they were hacking phone info/details of 9/11 victims (relatives) phones on dates before the tragedy.

Are you saying that

Murdoch and co. might have been trying to do the right thing, and are actually being smeared by the cover-up artists?

I wouldn't doubt that could possibly be the case.

I'd be surprised

I'd be surprised if any of us here consider hacking to be the right thing to do. What can be done to others can be done (and maybe has been done) to us. Supposing that Murdoch really were dissatisfied with the official 9/11 story, he's got the media outlets to give a full airing to all the information that shows how flawed the official account is, but instead uses them to promote jingoism and Islamophobia and reactionary politics in general. Yes, supporters of the cover-up are looking to gain still more advantage from this. But that still doesn't make me presume that Murdoch was looking to expose official lies about 9/11.

So what were they after with the hacking? I find it puzzling. Would the press ever be able to make public what it obtained through illegal means...without simultaneously exposing themselves as having resorted to those very illegal means?

Do the Right Thing?

Under no circumstances would the Murdochs ever do the right thing. Just look what happened to Michael Hoare. The best take on it is here where Ferguson actually says in so many words they had him murdered.

July 19 monologue-


Plot. Thickens.

News of the World Phone-Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead


initial Analysis

When this death was first reported in the Guardian, they said the death was suspicious, and then about an hour later, they changed it to not suspicious, but somehow the fact that the police forensic unit took three hours to arrive on the scene was not suspicious either.

Timing of arrest of Brooks called suspicious here as it gives her wiggle room in the Inquiry now.



some of the "victims" actually survived and the search was for anything else that needed to be covered up.

we may get our answer


LulzSec claims to have obtained trove of News Corp. emails

By Stephen C. Webster
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 -- 10:47 am
Print 33

Online hacking group LulzSec said Monday night it had obtained a large cache of emails from the servers of News International, the News Corp. subsidiary which oversees global media baron Rupert Murdoch's British newspapers.

Along with the emails, LulzSec said it had unearthed the email logins and passwords for News International executives, including former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, who was arrested recently in connection to the paper's phone hacking schemes.

A Twitter account connected with the hackers said they planned to release the emails online tomorrow.

hearings live

Whistleblower Dead: The latest on the Murdoch scandal

Whistleblower Dead: The latest on the Murdoch scandal

murdoch ties/dealings

Came across this old article/book? by Christopher
Bollyn, at From the Wilderness ('08). extensive, interesting, perhaps 9/11 implications. Chapter VIII: "Mass Media and the 9/11 Cover-up."

Another tidbit: "One such project,The Lone Gunmen
, produced by Milchan's "best friend" Rupert Murdoch in 2000 and aired by Fox in March '01,, had an uncanny resemblance to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center.Was this Milchan's influence? The Milchan-Murdoch partnership in television production may be key to understanding the genesis of the plot of the pilot episode of this short-lived television series. In the first episode a passenger airliner is hijacked by remote control and flown toward the World Trade Center. Disaster is averted at the last minute by over-riding the computer program that has hijacked the plane."

(This is the capability reported by Indira Singh via Ptech software, formerly described by FTW and Crossing the Rubicon author Mike Ruppert as Promis. "P-Tech was in basement of FAA for two years prior to 9/11." (Singh, 9/11 Citizen Commission Hearings, 2004)

for anyone who has not seen it...

excerpted from "The Lone Gunman" pilot episode