9-11 Community Petition and Information[ing] "Negotiating Civilly with Respect"

" The Best Things in Life are Negotiable" July 16, 17 Week-end 9-11 Civil Information Actions. Almost one year ago this weekend our small most highly productive group of 9/11 activists were confronted by the Edmonton Police Service, harassed by a alleged agent provocateur enduring his threats, and seriously challenged as a group of activists up-holding their right to freedom of speech, and right to assemble in public places based on CANADA'S guarantees within her BILL OF RIGHTS.

This was not our first confrontation with the police in Edmonton , yet we have managed to stay out of jail and continue with what we do best as activists for 9/11 truth. This YouTube report is titled: Exercising our Democratic Right to Free Speech, Right to Assemble and freedom of the Press ( That's us )

Civil Information Activism- Web Site

The goal of this site is to share examples of what civil information activism is and how it can be used as a effective tool promoting your cause.

Civil information activism combines respect, perseverance and commitment to achieve the goal of bringing an important cause to public awareness. It empowers citizens to become a medium source of Information, facts or data that's sometimes over looked or ignored by corporate media.

Civil information activism is taking part during events in a safe, non confrontational manner, never putting the public or activist at risk. It's foundation is based on respect for all people, property and the rule of law

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