LPAC Doing Major Expose on Obama's Continued 9/11 Coverup


LarouchePAC has been doing alot of videos this week regarding Obama's refusal to release the 28 pages of suppressed info in the 9/11 Commission report, which Obama promised the 9/11 Victims' Families he would de-classify in 2009. The suppressed report is alleged to show how deeply involved the Saudi Royal Family was in planning the 9/11 attacks, and is also alleged to detail the involvement of the British government through BAE and the now infamous Al-Yamamah covert slush fund used to carry out covert terrorist attacks throughout the world since the 1990s.

LaRouche is giving a worldwide webcast this Thursday, July 21 at 1 PM EST during which time he is expected to address Obama's reluctance to release the document and demand once again that he de-classify it.


I was one of the few who had suspiscions..

of "inside Job" on day one. I began searching the internet for anything other than the MSMBS. Among the first mentions like that was Lyndon LaRouche making a statement.

The LaRouche people are not as kooky as we are told to believe. They are demonized like anyone, any group who opposes the status quo. Lyndon LaRouche had made enemies with GHW Bush and paid for it.

They are also vocal. Turning their attention to 9/11 is a good thing.

Regarding LaRouche

The LaRouche people frequently appear out of nowhere when we do street actions. They set up a table and large, usually offensive posters as close to us as they can, so that people often mistakenly think we are working together.

They have also shown up outside our events, including the annual film festival that the NorCal 9/11 TA puts on every September.

They claim to know exactly who did 9/11 and, when asked, blame the Queen of England and the City of London.

For those of us who have been politically active and paying attention for more than a few decades, the LaRouche organization bears all the hallmarks of an intelligence operation (one that specializes in sowing distrust and discord wherever possible and whenever they can).

I think anyone familiar with the whole Kennebunkport mess a few years back will easily recognize the obvious elements of a LaRouche - style infiltration and disruption operation.

This blog was posted as it is somewhat newsworthy and its posting should not be viewed as an endorsement of LaRouche or any elements of the LaRouche organization, past, present or future.

Thus, I do not agree that LaRouche turning their attention to 9/11 is a good thing. Indeed, it reinforces my observation that the games are now going to begin in earnest and we all need to be on our toes 24/7/365 as various entities spring up to distract, disrupt and/or derail the great progress the 9/11 truth community has made to date, and to further delay critical mass forming around this most important issue as we approach the 10th anniversary.

The truth shall set us free, but not everyone who claims to be pursuing the truth is.

Love is the only way forward, and love means balancing heart and mind while moving forward.


on, Mr. Wright. Thanks for the reminder.