WTC7 expert witness Danny Jowenko dies in car crash


Thanks for letting us know RL McGee - this is very sad.


Very tragic indeed. Danny will forever be remembered as one with courage who boldly spoke the truth, unlike others with similar occupations who sold their morals, and will be forgotten as silent cowards.
Rest in Peace, Danny.

Yes, it is very sad

Danny seemed like an ace of a guy and he never wavered concerning his professional opinion about the destruction of WTC 7.

I really hope this was just an accident. Danny can't be brought back either way but it would be a lot better if it was truly an accident.


Every time I hear of anyone involved with 9/11 Truth dying, I suspect foul play. May or may not be the case here, but I immediately consider it.

Very sorry to hear this. I show Danny's short clip more than any other short 9/11 truth clip; it says SO MUCH is so little time.

Foul play?

You got that one right decimus. It's dangerous to be a truther. I assume this is why so few people who know the truth have come out with the truth about 9/11.


Is this another bizarre coincidence? Head-on crash against a tree? Any witnesses?

I once decided to call Danny on the phone on a sunday evening at around 10. His number was supposedly on his website, and this turned out to be the case. So I called his companynumber, expecting an answeringmachine. I waited a few seconds, then I heard a voice saying "Danny Jowenko". I thought it was the answeringmachine, but it wasn't. It was Danny himself, he had the companyphone switched through to his mobile phone. He told me he was in bed, because he had to get up early the next morning.
So we started a conversation about the towers and 7, he still convinced about WTC7 being an obvious CD, but not the towers. I don't really recall the various arguments that we talked about for that 30 minutes I was on the phone with him that evening. He had to get up early the next morning, so we called it quits, I thanked him for his willingness to talk to me and we said goodnight.
Then the strangest thing happened the next morning. I had just kissed my girlfriend goodbye to work (she had taken the kids with her to the daycarecenter), it was around 06.50 in the morning, when the phone rang. I thought it was my girlfriend (she usually calls me not long after she has left because she's forgotten something) but it wasn't. It was Danny Jowenko. He said he wanted to get even with me because I had called him late the other evening, when he was already in bed. I didn't know what was happening to me at that time.
So we started talking again (me in nothing but my underpants :) ), again for about half an hour, again about the towers. I asked him about if he had to take down the Twintowers, would it be possible and how would he do it? He said it would be possible but very very expensive. I pointed to the near straight down drop of the upper part of WTC1 saying that cannot happen through random fire (for an hour and a half) and local damage. He didn't address that however, which made me wonder if he got my point and didn't want to get into that.
We then ended the conversation again and I thanked him again, and wished him well.

I wrote a pretty long detailed email to his office soon after, in which I tried to explain why WTC1 & 2 could not have been natural collapses (as he said so on the Zembla documentary), but I never got a reply.

I'm part of the Dutch AE911truth group (called Action Group Delft) which tries to generate publicity in the Netherlands for the upcoming 10th anniversary (we also promoted the coming of RG to Rotterdam and Amsterdam a few weeks ago), and our chairman had contacted Danny a few weeks ago. He told him he wanted nothing to do with this, said he has nad enough of it. He has been called many times about his opinion on 9/11 and the destruction of these buildings (Jeffrey Hill (Shure) also called him once), and as far as I know he has always been polite and friendly.

RIP Danny Jowenko.

RIP Mr. Jowenko

"He told him he wanted nothing to do with this, said he has had enough of it."

That implies he was annoyed with it. Why?

Remember Barry Jennings:

"It took him a bit to remember who I was, but as soon as he did, he began complaining about phone calls to his place of employment and that he was in danger of losing his job. He requested to have his interview pulled from Loose Change."

Who pressured or annoyed these guys?

Danny Jowenko

My condolences to Danny's family and friends. He was a brave man, willing to expose his personal life and shed light on a very complex operation that may have endangered his life. We may never know if it was an accident or murder. Those with the expertise to understand the complexity of operations such as the 911 demolitions, bring credibility to the people whom question the 'official lie.' May he rest in peace.

RIP Danny Jowenko.

RIP Danny Jowenko.

A terrible, sickening, tragedy.

While we should be focused on the family and loved ones of Mr. Jowenko I cannot help but feel rage.

Until proven otherwise, I will believe, beyond doubt, that this good, brave man was cruelly murdered, as was Barry Jennings.

To believe otherwise is to believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or Mother Goose.

I am sick.

Rest in peace, Danny Jowenko. Rest in peace.


If you look at the timing - the demise of Danny right after Tony Farrell was fired for saying 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag attacks, it looks fishy. That said, I think Danny should have been left alone after making his brave statements. He already had helped the cause and pursuing him for more comments may have endangered him more.

I didn't really know this

I didn't really know this man.Saw is videos.At least he told the truth about WTC 7.In the eyes of God I'm sure that counts for something. God speed & RIP,Danny & thank you! I really mean that too..That you!

R.I.P. Danny

I completely missed this in the news.